Movie Review: Don’t Tell My Brother

don't tell my brother, next door buddies, Grayson Lange, Johnny Hill, Chad Piper, Mark Long, Jake Ashford, Max Penn, Arad Winwin, barebackMany of us have dreamed up X-rated fantasies about our brothers’ hot friends, but we aren’t all lucky enough to make them come true. Next Door Buddies brings us a sizzling set of scenes about just that in Don’t Tell My Brother, this week’s featured new release.

Johnny Hill goes to visit his friend Chad Piper but is surprised to find out that it’s his friend’s younger stepbrother, Grayson Lange, who actually sent the text inviting him over while Chad was asleep. Grayson traces his hands down Johnny’s torso to his waist, leaving no doubt as to what he wants. Johnny and Grayson agree to keep this between themselves as Johnny enjoys all the boy’s holes. Grayson is in sheer ecstasy as he does what Johnny wants, climbing on top to ride him and bending whichever way he’s positioned. Johnny pounds and plows that boy hole till he can’t hold back his load another moment, and Grayson gets to swallow it all.

As a straight guy, Mark Long just never thought of his friend’s brother, Jake Ashford, in a sexual way. So when he gets a sexual favor in return for helping Jake, Mark is surprised. He’s never fucked a guy, but any hole is a goal. Jake’s mouth feels so hot, wet, and just generally incredible on Mark’s increasingly hard cock. When Jake offers up his asshole, Mark is throbbing and ready to fuck. Shoving Jake down onto the bed, Mark proceeds to plow him relentlessly in all sorts of positions. Jake’s muscular body and well-sculpted ass look especially fine when he mounts Mark for a cowboy style ride. After a long, vigorous fuck, Mark pulls out and feeds his seed to Jake, getting it all over his face. Jake greedily swallows it all, but you know he would love some more! Maybe there will be more “favors” in the future for this pair.

Max Penn is hanging out at home when his brother brings his best friend, Arad Winwin, home after a workout at the gym. While Max’s brother goes to take a long shower, Max shows his admiration for the effect that Arad’s workouts are having on his body.  Max feels and caresses Arad’s cock through his compression shorts before charming his way into them—or charming Arad out of them, more accurately. Arad is soon rigid inside Max’s mouth and eagerly sucks Max’s cock in return. When Arad starts licking and fingering Max’s hole, it just makes Max want his cock even more. Arad takes control and positions the boy just as he wants to fuck him. It feels so good for Max that it isn’t long before he cums for the first time, but he wants Arad to keep fucking him. Arad is happy to do so, and he turns Max into his own personal fuck toy. The ride is rambunctious and Max’s second orgasm is just as powerful as the first. Arad aims his load for the outside of Max’s ass just in time to avoid Max’s brother walking in on them from the shower.

Sex with Grayson was so good that Johnny comes back later to try and get some more of that sweet ass while Chad is awake and in the next room. Grayson is hesitant because he doesn’t want his stepbrother to know, but Johnny thinks Chad would be into it. Just to prove it, Grayson turns around and sees Chad standing there holding his hard cock, ready to go! The three twunks throw themselves into an energetic threeway, with Grayson proving to be a total dick pig from the moment he takes Chad’s and Johnny’s cocks in his mouth at once. Chad bends his stepbrother over and drives his hard, fat cock into Grayson’s raw hole. Then it’s Johnny’s turn to let Grayson ride him. Finally, Grayson is ready for double penetration from his stepbrother and friend. Soon the dick-on-dick friction inside that hot ass is too much for Johnny to hold back his orgasm. Watching the cum fly inspires Chad to shoot his load on Grayson’s face. Meanwhile, Grayson milks out a big load all over himself as he feels the warm seed of the two fuck buddies.

Don’t Tell My Brother is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Johnny Hill   Grayson Lange   Steven (Corbin Fisher)   Mark Long   Arad Winwin   Max Penn   Jake Ashford
Studio Name:   Next Door Buddies

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