Movie Review: “Elder Dudley Chapters 1-4,” Mormon Boyz

elder dudley, mormon boyz, gay, pornElder Dudley is a compassionate, charismatic, cute young guy with a great smile and an ass that looks stunning in his tight suit pants. He’s popular with other missionaries and the brethren alike, so after just a few months of his full-time missionary work, the brethren summon Elder Dudley to the temple for the first of what will become many special sessions. Elder Dudley Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz collects the best of these scenes in one intense, scandalous movie.

In school, Dudley was a good-looking basketball star who got away with anything he wanted. Now that he’s chosen a life of service, he has to live by the rules of the mission. Dudley’s only been there for a few months when President Nelson chooses him for an initiation into a secret order. This is going to change his world and everything he thought he knew about the church. As soon as Dudley enters the office, Nelson orders him to strip. Dudley is hesitant, but decides to pretend that he’s just getting undressed back in the locker room as Nelson feasts his eyes on that tender young flesh being exposed. When Nelson takes off his clothes, Dudley sees that every muscle of the older man’s body is sculpted immaculately. Dudley feels the blood surge to his cock as Nelson feels him up. He submits with ecstasy to the older man’s will and is shocked when President Nelson pulls out his cock and pushes it inside his virgin hole.

Now that Elder Dudley has formally received the calling, it is President Oaks’ turn to wash and anoint him in the temple, a ritual he performs on every boy that the Order selects. This duty is really more of a privilege for Oaks, who loves the feeling of power as the boys give up their bodies to his skilled hands and mature, masculine will. Dudley, like all the boys before him, grows ever more excited as Oaks teases him with his hands. The boy has no idea what’s coming next, but he trusts the older man and feels himself developing an emotional intimacy that he never thought possible. By the time Oaks has Dudley’s bubble butt ready and willing before him, everyone will be just about ready to lose their load.

Afterward, President Oaks puts Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen in a missionary apartment together so they can rest up. Resting is not on their minds, though, as they’re still horny from getting passed around between the older men in the church. Now they have the chance to act on their mutual crushes. Sorensen breaks the ice, asking Dudley if the Order is performing the same erotic rituals with him. Dudley just blushes, prompting Sorensen to start talking about the sex that he’s had. At bedtime, the sight of Dudley in his underwear inspires Sorensen to make the first move. He asks Dudley about when he first felt attracted to a guy. Soon, Sorensen reveals that he thinks Dudley is cute and Dudley reciprocates. Sorensen hops in bed with Dudley and gropes his hard dick through the underwear. Feeling each other through the garments quickly leads the boys to sucking each other off and then flip-fucking.

The next morning, Dudley awakens to discover Sorensen still in his bed. He doesn’t want to be late for today’s session with President Nelson, so the boys shower together, lathering each other up and enjoying the experience. Sorensen pays special attention to Dudley’s butthole, knowing that Nelson is going to be spending the most time there. After they’re clean and clothed, Sorensen walks to the temple with Dudley and gives him a hot goodbye kiss that gets Dudley rock-hard as he enters the temple. In the ordinance room, he’s proud for President Nelson to see the tent he’s making in his underwear. Nelson is gorgeous in his white suit and even more so once he’s naked. In this next step in Dudley’s spiritual-erotic journey, the boy is transported to even greater heights of ecstasy as he takes the older man’s cock into his mouth and his asshole.

Now Elder Dudley is a long way from innocence. Watch his sexual, spiritual journey unfold exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Elder Dudley   Elder Ence   President Nelson   President Oaks
Studio Name:   Mormon Boyz