Movie Review: Family Dick 18

Watch Family Dick 18 on AEBNBareback Network’s ever-popular taboo series continues with another set of scenes that are salacious but deeply satisfying. “Family Dick 18” is our featured new release this week, and we know that fans of twinks having sex with their stepdads—and other father figures—will really lose it over these scenes.

When his stepfather is late picking him up from baseball practice, Justin Stone accepts a ride home from Ethan Thompson, his good-looking coach. Justin might have entertained a few fleeting thoughts about how muscular and handsome his athletic mentor is, but he never expected what happens when he gets into the car: Coach Thompson starts telling him how special he is, and then he shows it by placing the boy’s hand on the hard bulge in his crotch. Excited and curious, Justin soon gets his mouth on Coach Thompson’s big black cock, and then sticks his ass out for a bareback pounding. This special attention from a hot older man could be a real confidence builder for the sweet twink.

Following this smoking hot interracial scene, Justin’s stepfather, Greg Is the Werd (we’ll just call him Daddy Greg, or Greg for short) is late to pick his son up from practice once again. When Daddy Greg finally shows up just as Coach is about to give Justin another ride, he can’t help noticing there’s some kind of spark between his son and the coach. Once Greg and Justin are alone, Greg coaxes a little more information out of Justin, who admits that he’s got certain feelings but doesn’t let on that he’s just given his virginity to his coach. Far from upset to learn that his boy is growing up fast, Greg is now titillated and wants to deepen his own relationship with Justin, so to speak. He lets Justin know that it’s healthy and natural for him to be sexually curious and experimental, and then he offers to train him up in all the best blowjob techniques (with plenty of tongue-swirling action) and bottoming.

Justin and Coach Thompson continue their sexual fling, and one day, Justin comes home with a hickey. Daddy Greg isn’t mad about it, but he’s jealous and wants a threeway with the teen and the sexy jock. In an intense, thrilling interracial threesome, Justin gets passed around like a living sex toy between the men. With Coach’s BBC and Greg’s daddy dick entering both of his holes at the same time, Justin is learning about gay sex fast and enjoying every second of it. After the men swap places and use their favorite twink’s holes some more, they dump big, creamy loads on his smooth body. This concludes the saga of Justin, Coach, and Daddy Greg.

The last scene is all about a new boy getting a pleasant punishment from his stepfather. Joey has neglected to return some books to the library. When his stepdad, Mr. Maus finds out, he decides that it’s time to teach the boy some lessons about responsibility that will make a bigger impression than some late fee ever could. Turning Joey over his knee, Mr. Maus delivers a spanking that gets both of them all heated up and in need of some release. For Mr. Maus, the twink’s smooth, pink cheeks are enough to have his dick straining the seams of his pants. Joey can’t hide his excitement either, even though he feels a little ashamed that his dad has given him an erection. Mr. Maus orders Joey to suck his dick, which the boy does happily. While the teen rides his stepdad’s cock, he jerks his own girthy dick till he cums everywhere. Watching his stepson blow a load drives Mr. Maus wild and makes him cum even harder.

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Stars:   Sherman Maus   Justin Stone   Ethan Thompson   Lucas Ryder   Greg Is The Werd
Studio Name:   Bareback Network 

Watch Family Dick 18 on AEBNWatch Family Dick 18 on AEBN