Movie Review: Family Dick 20

Watch Family Dick 20 on AEBNAlex Meyer is a hot twink and Bill Famsworth is his horny stepfather in “Family Dick 20,” the latest release from Bareback Network’s popular taboo series. The two pervs also have some 3-way fun with the neighbor boy, Landon Matthews.

School has been rough lately for Alex, and Bill can tell exactly what’s going on. He teaches Alex some good wrestling moves to defend himself from the bullies, but during the intimate body-on-body contact, both the dad and the teen can’t help getting aroused. The two of them move in for some kissing, even though they know it’s forbidden. Bill has been feeling attracted to his stepson for a while now, so he’s not about to let this chance slip away, and Alex has to admit that he’s been curious about experimenting with his father figure. After some making out and dry-humping, Alex bends over and enjoys a rim job from Dad. Soon, Bill is drilling his boy’s smooth, tight hole and making him a man.

Later, Bill notices that Alex has started swearing a lot lately. Alex’s potty mouth problem is especially bad when he’s playing video games, and Bill decides that the boy needs a joystick shoved in his mouth and up his butt!

Now that the world of gay sex has opened up to Alex, he’s ready to explore some more with the cute boy next door, Landon Matthews. One day when Landon comes over for some more fun, Bill takes him aside and tells him he knows the boys are up to some shenanigans. But they’re not in trouble—far from it. Bill just wants to indulge his voyeuristic desires while the twinks play! Of course he can’t stop at just watching, and eventually the action turns into a threeway. Daddy Bill gets a blowjob from his son and the boy next door, and then he fucks them raw, side by side.

The final lesson for the boys is for Bill to teach Landon how to top his son. Bill and Landon team up to spit-roast Alex and give him a messy cream pie!

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Stars:   Landon Matthews   Alex Meyer   Bill Famsworth
Studio Name:   Bareback Network

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