Movie Review: Family Dick 5

“Family Dick 5” is a new installment of the most authentic-feeling gay taboo series around today, from the Bareback Network. These scenes of stepsons learning about sex from their stepfathers will have you feeling so dirty you can’t stand it, but you won’t be able to keep your hands off your cock while you watch.

Mark is stroking his huge dick while watching porn on his phone. We get to watch from different angles as he gradually increases speed and switches hands for a bit of variety. Then his stepdad, Max Sargent, appears in the doorway and we watch over his shoulder as Mark pulls his cock forward and lets it smack against his abs, oblivious to the fact that he has an audience. Max whispers that it’s the third time this week he’s caught the boy masturbating. He enters the room, startling Mark. Max tells Mark that it’s okay to have sexual thoughts, but if he masturbates too much, he’ll get addicted to it. Slyly, Max says that he’s heard that “getting more affection from the men in your life can break the habit.” Mark is uncomfortable and says it’s weird, but eventually, Max convinces his stepson that this is the way to go. Max has Mark spread his legs and hold his legs back so that Max can stimulate his pucker while pulling his pecker. Mark is soon begging to cum, but Max wants him to learn discipline, so he edges him for an agonizingly long time before giving permission. By the time Mark is allowed to cum, the boy’s balls are full of jizz and he unleashes a big load all over himself.

When Mark slacks off and doesn’t study for a big test, he tells his stepdaddy Max that he’s sick and can’t go to school. Max is willing to help the boy get out of having to take the test right now, but in exchange, Mark has to agree to give his stepdad the first crack at his virgin hole. Mark is hesitant once again, but Max is a persistent, persuasive man. Max has a big dick and he doesn’t go easy when pounding the teen’s bubble butt into the mattress. It might have been easier for Mark to have taken the test after all, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable as letting his daddy fuck him bareback.

In the next scene, D. Arclyte is a stepfather who has installed security cameras upon the occasion of his new wife and her son moving into his house. Trust issues notwithstanding, this gives him an excellent opportunity to spy on his new stepson, Brad Payton, a hot young exhibitionist who likes to put on a show for the cameras and tease his new “daddy.” Brad walks in front of the camera with no pants on, stroking his cock and showing off his ass. Finally unable to take the teasing any longer, D. confronts Brad and takes out his months of sexual frustration on him, fucking his face and then his sweet young hole. Brad is left naked in the kitchen with his stepfather’s jizz on his ass.

Arclyte notices that Brad Payton, his attractive young stepson has started shaving, but he doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet. In order to keep the teen from making a mess of the sink, D. decides it’s time for some father/son bonding and hands-on training. The boy has little more than peach fuzz, but he’s just so eager to become a man. D. remembers what it’s like to have all those teen hormones just floating in the air. He gets hard just thinking about helping the boy become a man, and he proceeds to give him a lesson in bareback man sex.

Brad Payton is out on a date while his stepdad, D. Arclyte, sits at home thinking about whether the boy is having a good time and feeling jealous that some young guy might be fucking him. D. has an intense attraction to the boy. When Brad comes home upset about how the date went, D. is quick to mend his broken heart with affection and raw fucking.

“Family Dick 5” is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Bishop Angus   D. Arclyte   Brad Payton   Max Sargent  
Studio Name:   Bareback Network 

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