Movie Review: Fantasy of an Open Relationship

Next Door Raw, fantasy of an open relationship, bareback, Mark Long, Scott Finn, Trevor Jones, Danny Gunn, Ryan JordanIn Next Door Raw’s brand new release, “Fantasy of an Open Relationship,” sexy couples explore their lusty thoughts about sex outside their pairing.

It’s the morning after a long night out for Mark Long, a muscular hunk. Trevor Jones, his good-looking boyfriend, is in the kitchen and playfully calls Mark a slut for hooking up with some other guy whose name he can’t remember. Mark assures Trevor that he’s still his one true passion, and that he fantasizes about the two of them having a threeway with the stranger. The boyfriends get so turned on that Mark takes Trevor to bed to suck and fuck the load right out of him. Mark ends the morning session by adding his own jizz to the mess all over Trevor.

Sometime later, Mark is about to get into his SUV when Scott Finn, a cute twink, approaches him to let him know the guy he’s been hooking up with has a boyfriend, namely himself. Scott is curious about Mark’s open relationship and asks all kinds of questions. He ends up seeking out Trevor to talk more about that “playing with other guys” part, clearly interested in a taste of these older men with their exciting openness. Scott convinces Trevor that it was Mark’s idea for him to come over so they could “get to know each other” before they have a threeway.

Later, Mark comes home to find Scott sucking Trevor’s cock. Immediately it’s obvious that Mark didn’t actually suggest this, but he’s into it and he makes Scott stick around for some fun. Mark, Trevor, and Scott take turns enjoying each other’s throbbing cocks. Scott can’t believe his luck as Mark and Trevor spit-roast him. After a series of increasingly hotter positions, Scott asks for both of these hot, tattooed older men to cum on his face while he jacks off.

Scott gets home and has a talk with Danny Gunn, his boyfriend. Danny admits that he likes sex with random men, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Scott. It turns him on that Scott just came home from getting fucked by two other men, and he doesn’t even want Scott to shower—he’s into the sloppy thirds! Sharing can wait, but right now Danny just wants Scott’s freshly fucked hole all to himself. Danny puts Scott on the bed and kisses his way down to his tasty cock, blowing and licking, before flipping him up on his shoulders, ass in the air, so he can taste those other men. After a long rimming session, it’s Scott’s turn to service Danny’s cock and balls. Danny pushes his hard cock inside Scott’s ass and gives it the second workout of the day, fucking him in a few positions including piledriver.

Ryan Jordan gets home to find Scott Finn in his apartment, cleaning. He wants to know who Scott is, why he’s in his house, and whether he can have a piece of that fine ass. It turns out that Ryan’s parents hired Scott to clean up as a nice thing for him, but they forgot to mention it. There’s one extra service they didn’t pay for, but Scott is happy to provide it at no extra charge. Ryan takes Scott to bed. Scott is intimidated when he sees Ryan’s length and girth, but he’s happy to take on the challenge. As for Ryan, he’s excited to find that his new housecleaner has such a tight hole and a big dick, too: perfect for flip fucking!

Next Door Raw’s “Fantasy of an Open Relationship” is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Mark Long   Scott Finn   Trevor Jones   Danny Gunn   Ryan Jordan
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

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