Movie Review: “Fuck Me, I’m Famous” from Bel Ami

“Fuck Me I’m Famous” brings all of the most popular twinks and twunks of the current Bel Ami era into one movie. The concept is simply a showcase of the guys who have become a whole new kind of porn star, a kind we didn’t really have a name for just a mere few years ago: social media influencers. These guys know exactly how to enchant their online followers with teasing glimpses of their private sex lives, making everyone want to fuck them even more than their scenes alone can do. All of these guys truly have earned the title of “influencer.” After all, they’ve influenced legions of viewers to cum and cum again.

A playful cinematic montage of gorgeous Bel Ami stars opens the movie, showing them hopping into a huge Cadillac convertible and driving along a coastal road, heading for a scenic spot to do a photo shoot. Their phenomenal bodies gleam in the sun as they shoot photos and videos for each other’s social media accounts.

Slovakian hunk Paul Cassidy just chatted for 20 hours, and instead of crashing from exhaustion, he’s ready to finally have sex for real after putting on a show for the audience. (Oh, to be that young and virile again!) He puts the moves on blond Czech newcomer Viggo Sorensen, who’s happy to oblige Paul’s desire to ream his ass. Viggo loves to bottom, especially for a top as hot and talented as Paul.

Afterward, Paul and Viggo have an achingly erotic nude photo shoot together. Being so close to Paul’s naked body gets Viggo worked up that he has to come down and relax. He takes a solo moment for some masturbation and we get to watch.

After a photo shoot that may be too hot for Insta, Slovakian hotties Elio Chalamet and Eluan Jeunet share a raunchy bareback threeway with sultry hunk Jim Durden. The foreplay is hot enough on its own, but don’t miss the spectacle of Elio taking a pounding from both of his fellow models, followed by Eluan turning his attention to topping Jim.

Statuesque Ukrainian top Andrei Karenin takes dark-haired cutie Derek Caravaggio for a ride in a dynamic, sensual scene that starts the show. Derek is newer to the business than Andrei, and he couldn’t ask for a better top to ease his nerves and take charge of his hot ass.

Paul Cassidy comes back to bring his friend, Spanish newcomer Carlos Effort, for a threesome with fun-sized Czech blond Sven Basquiat. The trio of beautiful twunks have their hands full as they spend a long time just fondling each other’s nipples, muscles, asses, and bulges. This threeway is so stimulating that the cumshots are enormous. It’s easy to see why this scene was nominated for Outstanding Cum Shot at the StraightUpGayPorn Awards this year.

“Fuck Me, I’m Famous” from Bel Ami gives us the greatest of the studio’s boner influencers all in one movie. Don’t miss this AEBN VOD exclusive!