Movie Review – Fun-Size Boys: Austin

Watch Fun-Size Boys: AustinFor many porn fans, there’s just something exciting about a tiny bottom paired up with a massive top. Twink lovers and anyone who loves the size difference between a pocket-sized guy like Austin Young and tall, well-hung men won’t want to miss “Fun-Size Boys: Austin” (Fun-Size Boys and Carnal Media).

Austin is 18 years old and has always been the smallest in his class or friend group. This young guy is infamous for his way of tempting and seducing older men just by simply being in front of them. They can’t resist his sweet face, smooth skin, 5’2” stature, and 26” waist. He’s built to be manhandled and fucked hard. You can always tell that it’s literally a stretch for him to take a long, girthy cock in his tight hole, and that’s what puts the fun in “fun-size.”

On the other side of this sexual equation are the King-Size Men,” in this case Dr. Jonathan Wolf. This medical professional is older and bigger than Austin, with real daddy appeal.

When Dr. Wolf examines Austin, he observes that the one thing that’s growing is the boy’s cock as he gets measured and manhandled in the office. After Austin makes it clear that he’d love to explore their size differences more intimately, the good doctor decides that this examination needs to be a lot more thorough. Austin hops up on the exam table to suck the doctor’s dick. Dr. Wolf is fighting the urge to pop from the boy’s hot mouth wrapped around his shaft, but he holds out and turns the twink over on his back for deep bareback penetration. Austin is a great patient, and his reward is a hot anal creampie.

Dr. Wolf and Austin decide that this sexual relationship needs to be explored even further. At home, Dr. Wolf lavishes attention and toys on his beloved twink fuck toy, and Austin is ecstatic to have a new Daddy. He loves to nap naked in the doctor’s bed, hugging his teddy bear and waiting to be fucked raw. When Dr. Wolf gets home, he enjoys using the boy’s ass. Austin looks even tinier than usual, and Dr. Wolf looks like a giant.

This 4K action is as delightfully dirty. You’ll feel like you’re being a dirty old man, and guess what? You probably are, but “Fun-Size Boys: Austin” is made to please. Watch it exclusively on our adult VOD theater.

Stars:   Austin Young   Dr. Wolf   Jonathan Wolf
Studio Name:   Carnal Media  Fun Size Boys