Movie Review: “A Hard Dick Does the Trick,” Next Door Studios

a hard dick does the trick, next door studios, gay, porn, Markie More, Austin Carter, Jay Austin, Jackson Traynor, Dante Martin, Brandon Moore, Gabriel Cross, Ethan SladeNext Door Studios presents four scenes of hot young guys seizing the moment for spontaneous sex in A Hard Dick Does the Trick. Whether they’re boyfriends, potential stepbrothers, or new roommates, these guys all make time to cum.

Markie More and Austin Carter get wet, soapy, and horny while washing their car. Austin deliberately teases Markie by hosing him down and then disappearing into the house. Markie chases Austin and playfully pushes him down onto the bed for a sensual, luscious, passionate revenge. After getting Austin’s hole wet and warmed up with his tongue and fingers, Markie pushes all seven meaty inches of himself inside. Austin’s pleasured moans reveal just how much he loves it, as does his frantic jerking off while he rides Markie’s cock. When Markie’s ready to cum he sprays Austin with his load, paying him back for the water hose incident earlier.

Jay Austin crawls into bed with his snoozing boyfriend Gabriel Cross. They snuggle in each other’s arms and drift off to sleep.

The next morning Gabriel wakes up first and gets a head start, sucking Jay’s cock and rubbing his chest. Jay wakes up and starts to finger Gabriel’s hole. Horny and impatient, Gabriel wants Jay’s cock in him immediately. Jay isn’t going to argue with that, so he bends Gabriel over and starts slamming that hole while spanking his bubble butt. Gabriel takes a pounding in a couple of positions, loving every second, until he decides that he wants a piece of Jay’s ass too. Jay sucks Gabriel’s dick, getting it slippery with spit, and gets on his back so Gabriel can drive deep into his hole. Gabriel’s relentless hammering of Jay’s ass leads to a hot, messy burst of jizz all over Jay’s torso from both of them. Now they need a nap before they can get out of bed, but they’ll be in a good mood all day!

Brandon Moore thinks his potential stepbrother, Dante Martin, could use some help in the sexual department. At first he thinks Dante is just a nerd dressed in the clothes his mama bought for him, but he can see that there’s a hefty cock in those jeans. Brandon coaxes Dante to fuck him by assuring him that he’ll still be a virgin when it comes to women, and that labels of sexuality don’t matter. When he feels Brandon’s mouth on his cock, Dante is so surprised by how good it feels that he pushes Brandon’s head down on him! Brandon gets Dante to bend over so he can rim his hole. Dante hesitates when Brandon wants a blowjob, but he turns out to be a natural at sucking cock and balls. Soon, the nerdy mama’s boy is unleashing years of pent-up sexual energy on the hot guy who may soon be his stepbrother, and the load he shoots out is huge!

Ethan Slade takes a break from packing and moving to watch some porn on his phone and jerk off. Jackson Traynor has been off getting some moving supplies when he catches Ethan with his pants down, literally, and his hard cock in his hand. Annoyed, Jackson asks why he can’t wait and Ethan shows him what he’s looking at. Jackson agrees that’s a nice ass, and Ethan convinces Jackson that it’s okay to jerk off side by side, that it doesn’t make him gay. When Jackson sees that it’s a man’s ass, he freaks out a little, but Ethan again says that this doesn’t make him gay—a nice ass is a nice ass. But it’ll make Jackson feel better to look at a woman instead, so Ethan finds some straight porn and tells Jackson to pretend the woman is giving him a blowjob as he goes down on Jackson’s hard dick. Jackson reluctantly agrees and is surprised to find that Ethan sucks cock better than any woman he’s been with. Ethan gets Jackson to reciprocate, and it turns out the straight guy is also a natural. Now that they’re both hard and need release, Ethan climbs on in reverse cowboy, giving Jackson the chance to observe that his buddy has a nicer ass than the one in the video. Jackson fucks Ethan until they both cum, with Jackson spraying a particularly big load on Ethan’s face!

A Hard Dick Does the Trick is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Markie More   Austin Carter   Jay Austin   Jackson Traynor   Dante Martin   Brandon Moore   Gabriel Cross   Ethan Slade
Studio Name:   Next Door Studios

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