Movie Review: Lovers in the Night 2

Watch Bel Ami's Lovers in the Night 2 exclusively on AEBNBel Ami and director Marty Stevens bring us gorgeously shot, romantic vignettes that will please on an emotional as well as erotic level. Lovers in the Night 2” follows the first volume of the series with even more of the stimulating scenes that thrill us.

Dylan Maguire and Jon Kael meet under the stairs… well, next to them. Most Night Scenes are filmed in Bel Ami’s Bratislava studio, but this room in Budapest makes for a lush setting. The blue lights in the background don’t cool it down one bit, though they enhance every plane and curve and flexing muscle on these two stunning twunks. Jon and Dylan can’t wait to get each other’s clothes off and explore. From the moment they start to kiss through the instant Dylan pushes his bare cock into Jon’s eager asshole, and then the cum-shooting conclusion, this scene is an exciting start to the action.

Adam Archuleta and Helmut Huxley are two of the most popular Bel Ami stars, and the eye candy is particularly delicious when they get together. Their scene has another visually striking backdrop with shadows that appear at times against the wall, but it’s not going to distract you when a naked Adam and Helmut are sucking cock and fucking raw. It’s a special sight for those who love Helmut as a bottom or Adam as a top.

Rhys Jagger and Christian Lundgren are another pair who are known for their romantic performances as well as their physical beauty. They get into bed and start worshipping each other’s firm, smooth bodies right away. You can expect a great close-up as Rhys enters Christian, and great views of Christian’s muscular ass bouncing up and down.

Dark-haired Paul Belonek (aka Bastian Dufy) and a newer model, sandy-haired Jamie Durrell, make the familiar bed their own in a scene full of tenderness and chemistry. Paul/Bastian takes great pleasure in topping Jamie, who’s rarely gotten to bottom for a guy quite like him.

Zac DeHaan gives his massive dick to Tony Conrad’s hot ass in the final scene. We know Tony is loving this because as he takes a ride, Tony’s cock is rigid against his flat, smooth belly. Tony’s fans know what an active bottom he is, and the meeting of his hole with Zac’s prodigious prick is an awesome way to close the show.

“Lovers in the Night 2” from Bel Ami is streaming exclusively on AEBN. You don’t want to miss this amorous action!

Stars:   Dylan Maguire   Zac DeHaan   Rhys Jagger   Jamie Durrell   Helmut Huxley   Christian Lundgren   Jon Kael   Tony Conrad   Adam Archuleta   Paul Belonek
Studio Name:   Bel Ami