Movie Review: Lukas Ridgeston, “Raw Passion”

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Terry Torson and Marcel Gassion meet outdoors on a patio, naked and hard. Immediately they test each other’s flexibility and stamina with an intense, beautiful series of athletic sexual positions, each of which could be an erotic painting worthy of hanging on your wall. They suck each other’s ready rods, lick each other’s puckers, and fuck without condoms or a care in the world.

On a shady patio, Phillipe Gaudin and Brian Jovovich turn a relaxing day into a dick sucking, bareback fucking session that culminates in thick, creamy loads of jizz.

In a bedroom by a window that lets in the golden sunlight, Pedro Luna and Brian Jovovich have a friendly chat in front of the camera before they get down to the fun part where they kiss and yank off each other’s clothes for a hard-driving condom-free anal drilling.

Clad only in package-hugging shorts, Dario Dolci and Vadim Farrell are both driven wild by the sight of each other’s sculpted torsos. They can’t wait to get their mouths on each other’s stiff dicks! Sucking then leads to intense ass pounding. Dario is still upside down in piledriver position when Vadim fucks the load right out of him, so it sprays Dario’s grinning face.

Cody Clark pulls Florian Nemec away from the laptop because there’s no reason to stare at a screen when you could have your face planted on a hard cock or your dick buried in a tight asshole. Florian soon sees the logic in this and he rewards Cody with a raw ass fucking.

Is there something in the water in Eastern Europe? Somehow, Bel Ami keeps finding an ever hotter and more beautiful supply of stunning young Slavs who are willing to perform for the world. Bless them all with your loads as you watch Raw Passion!

Stars:   Terry Torson   Marcel Gassion   Brian Jovovich   Cody Clark   Dario Dolce   Pedro Luna   Florian Nemec   Vadim Farrell   Phillipe Gaudin   Steve Peyroux
Studio Name:   Bel Ami  Lukas Ridgeston 

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