Movie Review: Not Thinking Straight

Watch Not Thinking Straight on AEBNWhether you’re into roommates with a sex-only arrangement or a horny little brother putting the moves on his big brother’s hot friend, “Not Thinking Straight” from Next Door Studios has a fantasy to fulfill you and gorgeous men bringing it to life. These scenes are a lot of fun and the guys, as always, are at the peak of porn performance.

Latin stud Anthony Moore goes to pay a visit to this girl he’s been fucking, but when he finds out she’s just left for a class, he decides to have sex with her brother Justin Matthews instead. Why should he limit himself to one sibling when he’s really horny and Justin is raring to go? Anthony even decides to get a little adventurous and let Justin top him. Based on how much fun these guys have together, Justin’s sister might be feeling left out and needing to get a new man pretty soon.

Foxy Jackson Cooper is impatiently awaiting delivery of a package. It’s a big and important one, and he’s not great at waiting around, but the delivery man is the reliable Roman Todd, who is all about providing excellent customer service. Roman knows just where to put his package… right around back. He soon has Jackson forgetting all about the long wait with his long dick in Jackson’s mouth and ass.

Cute Scott Finn wakes up by himself in bed after a party last night where he couldn’t manage to get the guy he wanted all to himself. He might not have gotten laid last night, but he finds his older brother’s hot friend Johnny Hill in the bathroom, and he’s not going to let the chance to get fucked slip away. After first hesitating because he considers his friend’s brother off limits, Johnny is persuaded when Scott promises to keep it a secret. Scott’s tight, smooth is too inviting not to take him then and there!

Gorgeous, muscular Solomon Aspen is feeling super horny one day when his sexy roommate, Dante Colle, is on the phone with his girlfriend. These two hot guys have a special arrangement that Dante’s girlfriend doesn’t need to know about, and it becomes a fun challenge for the two guys to suck and fuck bareback while Dante stays on the phone and keeps as quiet as possible. Dante might be with a girl now, but he’s not gonna let that keep him from getting the big D from his hot roomie! For anyone who’s ever played the game where you try to have sex as quietly as possible, this will be some good inspiration and a reminder of how erotic it can be.

“Not Thinking Straight” from Next Door Studios is brand new and streaming in 4K on AEBN!

Stars:   Anthony Moore   Roman Todd   Justin Matthews   Dante Colle   Jackson Cooper   Scott Finn   Solomon Aspen   Johnny Hill 
Studio Name:   Next Door Studios

Watch Not Thinking Straight on AEBNWatch Not Thinking Straight on AEBNWatch Not Thinking Straight on AEBNWatch Not Thinking Straight on AEBN