Movie Review: “Size Matters 6,” Bel Ami

Twink porn fans everywhere have long been infatuated with the Bel Ami boys, those delectable young men who are equally at home on catwalks and porn sets. Those who appear in movies released by the studio’s Lukas Ridgeston label are every bit as exquisite, with the extra distinction of appearing under the name of Bel Ami’s most iconic performer ever.

“Size Matters 6” brings us another batch of Lukas Ridgeston/Bel Ami beauties who are the crème de la crème of XL-sized porn stars, and it’s one of our favorite editions of the series so far.

The film begins with intense Czech Scorpio stud Peter Annaud and Czech twink Jeremy Robbins having a chat about the scene they’re about to film. Jeremy topped Peter in a previous scene, but this will be the first time he takes Peter’s famously fat cock in his ass. It’s one of those defining moments in a guy’s porn career, and you don’t want to miss seeing how Jeremy handles the challenge.

Slender, dark-eyed Hungarian hunk Joel Birkin is one of the studio’s most loved performers, and he makes an oral-only scene with cutie Oliver Coogan a real event. The long, sensual cock sucking leads to an extended sequence of Joel driving Oliver wild with a rim job.

Dark blond Slovak hunk Eluan Jeunet has the great pleasure of bottoming for Joel Birkin and another longtime Bel Ami favorite, Czech hottie Adam Archuleta, in a threesome (scene three). When we see Eluan take on Joel and Adam, we just want to be the meat in that sandwich.

Raphael Nyon is a Hungarian stud with an incredible body that he loves to work on in the gym. He takes some time out from his bodybuilding routine for a hot one-on-one with devastatingly gorgeous Helmut Huxley, another one of the most popular Bel Ami boys.

The movie ends on a hot flip-fucking scene with dark blond Czech hunk Roald Ekberg and dark-haired Raf Koons, two of the less prolific (but no less sexy!) Bel Ami performers.

Lukas Ridgeston and Bel Ami’s “Size Matters 6” is an AEBN exclusive. Don’t miss these perfect male specimens doing what comes naturally and looking incredible!