Movie Review: Soldiers screw in Battle of the Bottoms 2

battle of the bottoms 2, active duty, gay military pornEvery new Active Duty release brings us a fresh batch of soldiers who need to scratch their itches on the down low. Off come the fatigues and the combat boots as they meet in secret rooms to show off and get off for Dink Flamingo’s camera. Battle of the Bottoms 2 serves up three hungry bottoms competing to show us they’re the piggiest of all.

After a long leave of absence, handsome Sawyer (at left on the box cover) returns to Active Duty for two sizzling scenes. First he’s here for a hot, hungry flip-flopping fuck with the hyper-masculine Niko (at right on the box cover), whose crew cut and V-shaped torso really scream “military.” Dink doesn’t spend much time talking because he can feel the “porn glow” in the room and he knows it means that great things are about to happen. Niko starts out by kissing Sawyer’s chest while stroking his dick. Oral favors are traded, including some lusty ass rimming. Niko slowly inserts his rod into Sawyer’s ready hole and deeply screws him in several positions, kissing him passionately from time to time. Then it’s Sawyer’s turn and he’s just as sweet and hot as you remember from his previous performances. The two studs cum together on Niko’s crotch.

Dink and Sawyer have a brief chat before the returning stud is paired with another versatile Active Duty veteran named Jaxon. This Texan is a dick-sucking pro who regularly breaks in the newcomers who aren’t sure yet if they’re ready to “cross over” into gay porn. But as these two men are no strangers to man-on-man action, it’s exciting to watch them go at each other. Dink leaves them to it and the camera rolls. After a momentary chat with each other, the guys start to kiss. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks for a while. Sawyer takes the first “crack” at licking and fingering Jaxon’s bunghole, but Jaxon is the one who takes charge of the fucking first. It’s hot, but when Sawyer gets on top and rides slowly and deeply, you’ll have a hard time not losing your load then and there. They switch places after several minutes of this sensual ride, and Sawyer fucks Jaxon in doggy and missionary. When Sawyer sees the load Jaxon jerks out onto himself, he pulls out and adds to the creamy mess.

Eric and Mark, both of whom are new recruits with well-sculpted bodies, show us their solo techniques complete with some ass play. We hope to see them in action with other soldiers soon!

Stars:   Mark   Niko   Eric   Sawyer   Jaxon  
Studio Name:   Active Duty