Movie Review: Stretch Me Out, Daddy

Watch Stretch Me Out, Daddy on AEBN“Stretch Me Out, Daddy” is Cockyboys’ latest release, with four scenes of hungry bottoms giving up their holes to their favorite tops. The guys are hot, and they light up the screen with chemistry. You can feel the lust from where you’re sitting.

Meeting and getting fucked by muscular, swarthy top Sharok is a fantasy come true for young Angel Rivera. Angel is excited to give his jock strap-framed ass to Sharok completely and do whatever Daddy wants, from skull fucking to getting his face pounded into the mattress. His reward for being so eager to do what he’s asked is a body-shaking orgasm of his own and plenty of Sharok’s cum to lick up and swallow.

Austin Wolf is a mountain of a man, standing 6’4” with power radiating from every move. Versatile, beefy Latin hunk Brock Banks doesn’t always bottom, but when he does, it’s for Daddies like Austin. Brock takes the initiative by copping a feel of Austin’s cock. Austin gets rough with Brock and manhandles him, making their 11-inch height difference obvious when he holds Brock up in the air while they kiss passionately. The fucking starts in missionary position, with Brock losing himself in ecstasy as he feels Austin’s large cock thrusting into his hole. As they move through different positions, including some ass-to-mouth blowjob action, Brock always knows exactly what to do for both of them to achieve sexual nirvana.

Quebecois bottom stud Edward Terrant finally gets the kind of sex he was missing during eight months of lockdown in a cathartic scene with Gabriel Clark. Gabriel is quite a giver, whether it’s his sensual seduction technique, his rimming and cock sucking skills, or his sheerly exhilarating way of pounding Edward’s ass. For his part, Edward is also a generous partner who sucks cock eagerly, rides it at all sorts of fun angles that benefit both of them, and milks Gabriel’s load to make it last as long as possible.

Blond jock Johnny Ford is versatile, and when he tops, he loves to dominate a super-cute bottom like the angel-faced Avery Jones. Avery sucks Johnny’s cock hungrily. Things get so intense and exciting that Avery rips open his own underwear instead of taking the time to pull them off, inspiring Johnny to give him an intense dicking that is both passionate and aggressive. Avery is so cum-thirsty that he pushes Johnny back inside him after Johnny pops on the outside.

Cockyboys’ “Stretch Me Out, Daddy” is fun, hot, and a real must see for everyone who loves watching dominant tops with greedy bottoms.

Angel Rivera and SharokAustin Wolf and Brock BanksEdward Tarrant and Gabriel ClarkAvery Jones and Johnny Ford