Movie Review: Surrender

Eight men in underwear lie on a bed in a line, most of them on their backs. One lies on his stomach with his head between the other men's feet. The movie is titled Surrender, produced by Cockyboys.Cockyboys’ latest release is “Surrender,” boasting five scenes of hot bareback gay sex starring some of the studio’s gorgeous exclusive models. Award-winning director Jake Jaxson dreamed up fantasies and made them a reality with this fabulous cast.

Cody Seiya and Kane Fox wake up next to a bunch of hot guys all sharing a room. Their friends decide to go shower together outside, but Cody and Kane decide to stay in bed a bit longer to make the most of their morning wood. Kane enjoys some foot play from Cody, who makes his way below the sheets to suck Kane’s dick. Kane teases Cody’s ass crack with his erection before returning the oral favor. After sixty-nining each other, the guys dive into some rimming and, eventually, Kane is practically begging for Cody to fuck him. There is plenty of ass-to-mouth action, and finally Cody wants the chance to ride Kane. This flip-fuck is enough to melt your screen, and it’s a sign of four other equally hot scenes to follow.

Tristan Hunter and Leo Grand take a break from installing a fence post at Camp Cockyboys on a hot summer day. Something about the erect pole gets these two in the mood, and soon they realize that they’re in a perfect spot for a spontaneous outdoor fuck. They start by kissing and feeling each other up, and Leo expertly pushes Tristan to the brink with a handjob. Tristan teases Leo with some ass play and rimming, then pushes his big dick in while Leo braces himself against a boulder. Later, Tristan lays Leo on the boulder for some deep, powerful missionary pounding. In the grass, the men 69 each other. Tristan finally unleashes his inner Dom, using his belt for some impromptu bondage up against the post. Leo cums hard in this vulnerable position and enjoys guzzling Tristan’s load, then relishes the chance to lick Tristan’s cock clean afterward. No one saw a thing, but from now on, these two men will have a reason to smile every time they see their special fence post.

In a hammock on a lovely afternoon, Greyson Myles naps while Jacob Acosta happily reads a book next to him. Jacob sets the book aside and starts to fondle Greyson, which gets him so worked up he needs to relieve the pressure of his jeans against his raging erection. Greyson responds to the feeling of Jacob’s dick against him with an increasingly hungry blowjob, and soon Jacob is outright fucking Greyson’s face. Jacob lavishes attention on Greyson’s ass with his tongue, getting him ready to be fucked. These two work with the swinging of the hammock to bring more fun to the action, and Greyson especially uses the motion to propel him back against Jacob’s dick. Having shot their huge, creamy loads, the men settle back into the hammock, happier and more relaxed than ever.

Evan Knoxx and Trevor Brooks enjoy some shoulder massage and sensory play on a blissful afternoon outside. Trevor blindfolds Evan, then teases him with a feather and feeds him some fruit. Evan is about to burst with excitement; he removes his blindfold and moves in for a hot kiss. Trevor is equally hot and bothered, but he still wants to prolong the foreplay. Delaying the inevitable will only make it feel better when they finally fuck, after all. Trevor goes from feeding his lover fruit to feeding him his meat, all while Evan’s eyes are closed again. Evan relishes that salty-sweet flavor of cock and pre-cum. They move to a more private spot so they can get comfortable and loud. Evan and Trevor take turns sucking each other off and soon Evan is begging for Trevor’s cock in his ass. Trevor fucks Evan doggy style at first, but soon they’re flip-fucking because they both need to experience as much of each other as possible. Evan cums hard, followed by Trevor unleashing a big load that he pushes into Evan’s ass with his cum-covered cock.

The previous four scenes lead up to an incredible showdown between Jacob Acosta, Trevor Brooks, and Kane Fox. Next to a pool, the three young studs indulge their lust one more time with a threesome that’s hot enough to boil the water next to them.

“Surrender” is a blockbuster of a fuck flick that Cockyboys created to celebrate the studio’s fifteenth anniversary in 2022. You can see this stunning new release on our adult VOD theater starting today!

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