Movie Review: TIMFuck 6

TIMFuck 6, Treasure Island Media, bareback gay porn, gay gangbang, gay orgyFor truly nasty, awesomely uninhibited sexual excess, there’s nothing like Treasure Island Media’s TIMFuck series. Each volume is splashing over with sweat and seed from the hottest, hardest, horniest men you will ever have the pleasure to see.

TIMFuck 6 stars Jayson Park and all his sluttiest friends in a nonstop barrage of breeding. He’s invited every power bottom and aggro top he knows to join the fun. Following Jayson’s greedy gangbang in scene one, there are plenty of cum-tastic pairings.

Drew Sumrok scene makes his bareback porn debut! He told TIM that he would go raw if they could satisfy his fondest fantasy: to get ass-reamed by the mighty Matt Sizemore. All Drew had to do was ask and Matt was right there to answer the call of booty. He holds nothing back and fucks Drew so hard he might be sitting on ice packs and walking funny for a few days.

Jack Allen and Jeremy East hook up for a no-strings-attached hotel cum dump.

Powerful top Ward Stone is known for his aggressive fucking style, but he’ll reveal a gentler side of himself when he knows that his bottom boy needs some TLC from him. Mind you, Ward’s “gentle” might still be a little hardcore compared to other guys.

When the New York City TIM team goes to film Adam Gunner breeding his buddy Jeremy Thomas, they arrive to find Jeremy’s mouth already stuffed full of Adam’s thick meat. Soon it’s his greedy ass getting filled instead.

Versatile TIM regular Calvin submits his mouth and his asshole to Justin, a powerful black stud.

Luke Cross asks TIM to film his sling-fucking session with his sexy pal Tristen Valen, so the whole world can see.

Kevin Kramer, Brad Slater, and Mark Van Der Vilt ring in swimming pool season with a threeway. Even though Kevin is tardy, Brad and Mark still let him join the fuck party already in progress when he finally arrives.

After seeing what TIM Exclusive Drew Sebastian can do, Danny Blue wrote to TIM asking if they would let him do a scene with Drew. Gutsy Danny told them he was up for anything Drew wanted to do to him, so get ready for a power fuck of epic proportions!

Aaron Xanders invites Joe Rodeo to film a scene with him for TIM. Joe is camera shy until Aaron convinces him that he’ll be so busy enjoying the fuck, he won’t even notice the cameras or the film crew. The result is a breeding session neither stud will ever forget.

Sucking and fucking their way to ecstasy, these dick pigs and breeders produce all the hot sticky loads you can expect from any Treasure Island Media movie. TIMFuck 6 is streaming exclusively on AEBN’s VOD theater.

Stars:   Luke Cross   Mark French   Luke Thomas   Tristen Valen   Jack Allen   Jayson Park   Wade Stone   Aaron Xanders   Rocky DiMarco   Adam Gunner   Drew Sebastian   Danny Blue   Rady Harden   Sam Hudson   Joe Rodeo   Kevin Kramer   Brad Slater   Jeremy East   Tino   Drew Sumrok
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media