Movie Review: Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament

Watch Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament on AEBNIn “Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament” from Bareback Network, we see the shocking acts of altar boys submitting to powerful priests. Whether they’re fucking in the church office or using the confessional as a glory hole, these twinks and older men believe that sex is the quickest way to heaven on Earth.

After being caught giggling during mass, Mason finds himself being disciplined in Father Fiore’s office. Father Fiore bends the boy over his knee. Mason braces himself for the stinging impact of the priest’s open palm on his tender cheeks. When he feels the shock of contact, Mason is surprised to find his cock stirring to life. With each smack, the boy’s erection grows. By the time Father Fiore pulls out a dildo to get Mason’s hole ready for fucking, Mason is throbbing and ready to do anything the priest orders him to do. When Father Fiore is satisfied that the boy’s hole is loose enough, he removes the dildo only to shove his own raw, fat cock up inside. As he feels the priest punishing his ass with deep, powerful thrusts, Mason frantically masturbates. When he feels Father Fiore’s hot, priestly spunk on his ass cheeks, Mason knows that he should never act up during mass again… unless he wants more of the same, and harder next time.

Father Romeo sees a lot of himself in young Marcus Rivers, who’s fast becoming his favorite. When he was the same age as Marcus, Father Romeo struggled with his identity and his secrets. He became a priest in order to dedicate his life to service, pushing his desires deep down inside, but also skirting the issue of why he never dated women. Now, Father Romeo sees a kindred spirit in Marcus, but he still has to punish the boy after learning that he stole some of the altar wine. If Marcus wants to redeem himself and become an altar boy, he has to submit to Father Romeo for a spanking and so much more. After his cheeks are red and warm from the smacks on the behind, Marcus must receive punishment in the form of deep throating a dildo, getting his tight hole stretched with it, and giving up his virginity to the priest. Hearing the desperate vocalizations coming from the boy as he feels his first cock in the ass is enough to get Father Romeo close to orgasm, but he must hold back and make sure he fucks some sense into his young charge. Finally, after he plasters Marcus with his cum, Romeo spits on him for good measure.

Marcus might never forget this lesson, but he’s not done being a plaything for the priests of St. Patrick’s. Next, it’s Father Oaks’ turn to initiate and train the new altar boy. Marcus undresses the silver daddy priest reverently, not wanting to put a foot wrong. On Father Oaks’ command, Marcus takes off his own clothes and literally puts himself in the older man’s hands. Father Oaks makes no effort to hide his enjoyment as he inspects and penetrates Marcus, fucking his mouth and then his tight ass. After he’s used the boy to his heart’s content, Father Marcus cums on that smooth, pale, toned belly.

Dakota Lovell is confused about the conflict between the sex he’s been having in private with the priests who have seduced him and the chastity that they’ve preached to him in public. It always feels good in the moment, but afterward, Dakota feels guilty and afraid for his soul. Dakota enters the confessional and pours his heart out to Father Fiore, trusting that this sacred, private place will be the safest place to admit he’s been a slut and will continue to be one. Meanwhile, on the other side of the partition, the dirty priest begins to pleasure himself and finally sticks his uncut dick through the window, turning the confessional into a holy glory hole. Dakota is thrilled when Father Fiore tells him to suck him off, and even gets to put his own erect cock through the hole and get a priestly blowjob. Eventually, Father Fiore can’t delay his ecstasy any longer. He enters the boy’s booth and fucks him right there, letting Dakota sit on his holy rod. Father Fiore blesses Dakota with a cream pie.

The priesthood at St. Patrick’s might be men of God, but there’s plenty of sinful desire in their loins as they kiss, fondle, finger, and fuck the students and altar boys. Enjoy “Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament from Bareback Network exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Mason Anderson   Father Fiore   Dakota Lovell
Studio Name:   Bareback Network 

Watch Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament on AEBNWatch Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament on AEBNWatch Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament on AEBNWatch Yes, Father 2: Blessed Sacrament on AEBN