Naked Sword Originals

Since 1999, San Francisco-based Naked Sword has been known as one of the world’s best gay porn websites, with more movies than you could watch in a lifetime. It has built a reputation for featuring the freshest movies from the best studios, including exclusive content, and always featuring the sexiest men in the business.


When Naked Sword began producing its own movies starting with the Golden Gate original series in 2011, porn fans couldn’t help taking notice. It’s been wildly popular at the Naked Sword site and AEBN VOD theatres. Starting with episode one, Naked Sword’s Golden Gate has been telling us the erotic saga of dreamers and lost souls in the City by the Bay with plenty of hot sex, a star-studded cast, and beautiful locations. Each Golden Gate episode is a single scene lasting about 20-30 minutes, with the exception of a solo compilation at the end of every season that lasts about an hour or more.


One of our favorite Golden Gate installments is season one’s fifth episode, “Rock Show,” featuring tattooed young stud Chris Porter as a rock musician who encounters someone from his past just as he’s on his way up the ladder of success. Then again, it’s hard to overlook yoga enthusiasts Shane Frost and Johnny Torque in season three’s fourth episode, “Downward Dog.” Golden Gate is still going strong with its fourth season, most recently in the brand-new fourth episode, “The Phenix Nest,” starring tattooed and pierced Phenix Saint (hence the spelling of the title) and well-hung Tommy Defendi. You can follow the whole series from start to finish or jump around, but either way we recommend them all!

Naked Sword has just issued its first original movie outside of the Golden Gate series. Boyfriends, running just over two hours, is the studio’s only full-length movie to date, not counting the solo compilations. The company conquers this challenging new territory with more of the beautiful man-on-man action viewers have come to expect from Naked Sword. In scene two, entitled “He Just Does Something to Me,” we see real-life boyfriends Tony Hunter and Christian Wilde (who says the line that gives the scene its name) having make-up sex after a fight. Christian really manhandles Tony in this aggressive, white-knuckling scene. After pouring water on his hole and stuffing Tony’s underpants in his mouth, Christian uses various kitchen implements to warm up and spank that ass before finally giving Tony a fuck he’ll always remember. It’s a surprisingly effective (and free) form of couples’ therapy.


All of Naked Sword’s original movies and scenes are available exclusively at or on AEBN’s VOD theatres in high definition.

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