Nick Moretti

Nick MorettiBrooklyn, New York native Nick Moretti has that sexy, furry-chested Italian appeal that can be such a huge turn-on. He was 44 years old when he got into porn in 2007, making him a perfect fantasy DILF. In several dozen movies, Nick proves that he’s the kind of man who wears maturity extremely well.

Nick’s toned abs and fine, hard ass give you an outstanding view from both sides. His cock is thick and mouth-watering, especially when you see the way he fucks some lucky guy’s mouth or asshole with it. Nick also seems to enjoy teasing a bottom with it by slapping that shaft against the guy’s ass before plunging inside.

He’s stunning in BarebackRT’s Pulling Out Is For Porn 4, one of several movies that he’s also directed. Watch him dominate a young private fresh out of basic training in KinkMen’s Bound Gods: Nick Moretti And Jeof Pierson — he was a frequent star of their productions and although he’s no longer working for the company, it’s plain to see that fetish comes naturally to him.

Coming up for Nick is Damaged Goods, a fetish movie he directed and performed in for Treasure Island Media that he calls the highlight of his porn career. Don’t know about you, but that sounds hot and it’s great that Nick is so happy about it!

Here are some of the hottest Nick Moretti movies in our theater right now.

Nick Moretti Drunk on Cum 6 Rough Raw Real

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