Series Review: Rock Candy Films’ “Straight Boys”

straight boys, rock candy films, gay, porn, seduced straight patient, marcus ruhl, connor maguireFor the third straight week, Rock Candy Films has released a new scene in its Straight Boys series. These vignettes feature some of the sexiest men in the gay adult industry. If you like your porn with extra chemistry and emotional impact, you won’t want to miss a single moment.

This week’s release, Seduced Straight Patient, stars hot ginger stud Connor Maguire and the luscious Marcus Ruhl. While getting his injured wrist checked out, Connor recognizes his doctor, Marcus, from high school. They meet for a friendly drink, where Connor admits that his marriage to the beautiful girl he dated in high school is failing. He envies what he perceives as Marcus’ ability to hook up with any girl, and confesses that he picked on Marcus in school because he was jealous of his intelligence and good grades. Marcus says he got tired of being seen as only a nerd and that’s why he started working out. When Marcus mentions that he’s gay, Connor is surprised but non-judgmental. Connor says that his wife wants to watch him with another man, and eventually works up the nerve to ask Marcus if he’ll help out with that. He doesn’t have any trouble convincing Marcus, who admits that he was always attracted to Connor. The only condition Marcus sets is that they need to have sex alone first to see if Connor can handle it before bringing his wife into the mix.

The electricity between the men is powerful. Lying on the bed with his shirt open, Connor breathes heavily as Marcus kisses his lower abs. When Marcus pulls down Connor’s jeans, the erection that pops out says it all. Marcus slowly sucks Connor’s cock and buries it all the way down his throat. When the moment is right, Connor pulls Marcus up onto the bed with him and they kiss as Connor unzips Marcus’ jeans and takes out his cock. Connor sucks like a natural.

Marcus leads Connor through their extremely hot and intense copulation like a considerate partner should, but Connor knows what he wants more than he probably even realized. In one of my favorite moments, as they’re about to fuck, Marcus holds both their cocks together and strokes them. They kiss like straight boys, straight husband, gay roommate, j.r. bronson, lance hart, rock candy films, gay, pornlovers throughout the scene. These two men are an explosive pair! I’ve watched this scene more than once already and it’s been added to the favorites list.

Past releases in this series have proven to be among our viewers’ favorite str8-bait titles of the year.

Straight Husband, Gay Roommate stars the gorgeous Lance Hart as a married homeowner whose wife goes out of town just as their new lodger, J.R. Bronson, is moving in. Lance is feeling deprived of male companionship and horny in the absence of his wife. That night, as he bonds with J.R. over pizza, they find themselves drawn to each other. J.R. is definitely up for the chance to introduce a bi-curious hottie like Lance to the pleasures of man-on-man action, and Lance couldn’t find a sexier guy to be his first gay sexual experience.

straight boys, gay quarterback, straight trainer, tyler, damon archer, porn, gay, rock candy filmsIn Gay Quarterback, Straight Trainer, Damon Archer is a cute teenage football hero who’s concerned that he and his hot trainer, Tyler, will lose their special bond. Tyler knows that Damon looks up to him and he hates to see the young star quarterback lose confidence in himself. As they open up to each other emotionally, they discover and then act on Tyler’s latent bi-curiosity and Damon’s secret attraction.

Next week, don’t miss The Lazy Construction Worker, the next vignette in the series. Muscular Mike Dozer is tired of seeing lean Travis Irons slack off and get all the attention from the lady who hired them to work on her yard, so he takes it out of the pretty boy’s ass at the end of the day.

The Straight Boys series is erotically potent, emotionally compelling, and worth multiple viewings. It’s exactly the right kind of porn for those viewers who like a little plot to go with all that sex, and if you daydream of seducing a hot straight guy then you won’t find better fantasy fuel than this.

These scenes from Rock Candy are all streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.