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Series review, “Prison Boys,” Rock Candy Films

jessie colter, ty roderick, gay, porn, prison boys, psychotic cellieThe Prison Boys series from Rock Candy Films features gorgeous men in a familiar power struggle. As more domineering men see new boys walking through those barred doors, they lick their lips like hungry wolves. Shy and uncertain inmates won’t say no when their more seasoned, aggressive cellmates get horny. And when the lawyers and the guards get in on the action, there’s yet another power play for the twinks to experience. They never thought they would get this much action when they got thrown in jail, no matter how well everyone knows that it’s the prettiest boys and hottest men who are in the highest demand! Writer/director Nica Noelle found some of porn’s most attractive men for this quartet of vignettes.

adam russo, cutler x, prison boys, a prisoner's appeal for sex, gay, porn, rock candyPsychotic Cellie stars Ty Roderick and Jessie Colter. Ty is hot as hell and is used to taking any ass he wants. When he lays his eyes on his beautiful, shy cellmate Jessie Coulter for the first time, he knows it will be easy to own his hole. Jessie can’t help being turned on when Ty grabs him and takes charge. Ty likes to fuck rough and hard, dominating his bottom with choking and holds, but as young and fresh as Jessie may appear, he’s not so innocent. These two are both equally aroused and intense as they suck and fuck up against the brick wall and on the prison bed.

In A Prisoner’s Appeal for Sex, gorgeous Cutler X is meeting with his compassionate, handsome lawyer, Adam Russo. Cutler is trying to appeal his case, but he also finds Adam appealing. Adam is working pro bono, but what he’s getting out of this is something that no money can buy: a soulful connection with his client as their rimming and cock sucking lead into Cutler thrusting deep inside Adam’s ass. Their chemistry is utterly volcanic.trenton ducati, jessie colter, prison boys, dominant guard, hung felon, prison sex, rock candy films, porn, gay

Dominant Guard, Hung Felon stars Trenton Ducati as a hot daddy prison guard who has watched Ty take Jessie’s asshole for his own. The fact that Jessie has a big dick also didn’t escape Trenton’s notice! His arousal awakens his competitive streak. He’s sure that he can fuck Jessie even better than Ty did, and he sets out to prove that to himself as well as the gorgeous young inmate.

mike demarko, trenton ducati, prison boys, rock candy films, gay, porn, sadistic guardNow that he has experienced one hot prison boy’s hole, daddy Trenton has awakened his need for dominating the sexy young prisoners. In Sadistic Guard he takes out his more aggressive urges on Mike DeMarko, a cute rich boy who landed himself in prison and doesn’t know the first thing about life behind bars. Trenton gladly shows Mike who is in charge here, and money can’t buy the boy’s way out of becoming the sadistic guard’s bitch.

Packed with stunning men who fuck with passion and intensity, this series is a must see for anyone who gets off on prison porn. The vignettes have just enough of a plot to motivate the fucking… not that any horny man would need much motivation to have sex with these guys! Rock Candy’s new Prison Boys series is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ty Roderick   Jessie Colter    Cutler X   Adam Russo    Trenton Ducati   
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films 
Series:   Prison Boys

Rock Candy Films “Secrets and Lies” Coming October 3, 2016!



Rock Candy Films and AEBN present the new Secrets & Lies series, directed by the renowned Mr. Pam and NakedSword Originals. With its all-star cast, dramatic plot, and sex scenes that are pure fire, this four-part story takes us to the Ridge Family Farm, where everybody’s fucking somebody they “shouldn’t” and they can’t stop because it feels so good.

The story begins with “Father’s Secret,” in which Uncle Frederick (Trenton Ducati) takes his frustration out on a pair of ranch hands (Brian Bonds and Brandon Wilde) when he feels they aren’t doing their fair share of work. After face-fucking them, he yanks their pants down and bangs their tight little holes. Brandon impresses the boss man by warming up his ass with a hoe, and after a hot fuck train, Brian and Brandon earn their pay by swallowing all the cum!

Unbeknownst to Frederick, his son Beckett (Falcon Exclusive Jacob Peterson) saw the whole thing. In episode 2, “Don’t Tell Dad,” he’s still reeling from it when his cousin Ryder (Colton Grey) drags the secret of what he saw out of him. But Ryder, far from shocked or dismayed, seizes the opportunity to put the moves on Beckett right there in the walnut grove. Kissing cousins soon become fucking cousins, and now they have their own secret to keep from the family! Unfortunately, somebody already knows and he’s not above using it to his advantage.

In episode 3, “Family Pact,” we see the tensions start to boil over. Pious family patriarch Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) tries to settle everybody by saying a prayer before dinner. Afterward, Frederick and Ryder are on dish duty. Cocky young Ryder tries to get under his uncle’s skin, bragging that he knows about Frederick’s threeway with the ranch hands. Not to be outdone, Frederick throws it back at Ryder: he saw Ryder and Beckett fucking. Ryder, knowing he’s been beaten at his own game, sucks Uncle Frederick’s big dick and then bends over the kitchen counter to give up his little pink hole.

Sound travels well in the farmhouse. In the final episode, “Forgive Me Father,” Duke walks in on his son, Ryder and his brother-in-law, Frederick after hearing the commotion. Frederick flees but Duke chases him to the barn. Duke goes off on Frederick before turning on Beckett, chewing each of them out for fucking Ryder. Beckett admits that the one he really wanted to fuck was his Uncle Duke, and then kisses him. Duke believes it’s wrong, but that only arouses him more. Seizing his chance, Beckett goes to work on his uncle’s giant man-meat, eyes watering as he deep throats. Duke proceeds to give Beckett the ride that the lad has been craving all along, and then uncle and nephew make a cummy mess.

On the Ridge Family Farm, no one is left out of the forbidden fun.

Secrets & Lies is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD. “Father’s Secret” will go live next Monday, October 3. Look for each new episode every Monday through October 24.



Series Review: Rock Candy Films’ “Straight Boys”

straight boys, rock candy films, gay, porn, seduced straight patient, marcus ruhl, connor maguireFor the third straight week, Rock Candy Films has released a new scene in its Straight Boys series. These vignettes feature some of the sexiest men in the gay adult industry. If you like your porn with extra chemistry and emotional impact, you won’t want to miss a single moment.

This week’s release, Seduced Straight Patient, stars hot ginger stud Connor Maguire and the luscious Marcus Ruhl. While getting his injured wrist checked out, Connor recognizes his doctor, Marcus, from high school. They meet for a friendly drink, where Connor admits that his marriage to the beautiful girl he dated in high school is failing. He envies what he perceives as Marcus’ ability to hook up with any girl, and confesses that he picked on Marcus in school because he was jealous of his intelligence and good grades. Marcus says he got tired of being seen as only a nerd and that’s why he started working out. When Marcus mentions that he’s gay, Connor is surprised but non-judgmental. Connor says that his wife wants to watch him with another man, and eventually works up the nerve to ask Marcus if he’ll help out with that. He doesn’t have any trouble convincing Marcus, who admits that he was always attracted to Connor. The only condition Marcus sets is that they need to have sex alone first to see if Connor can handle it before bringing his wife into the mix.

The electricity between the men is powerful. Lying on the bed with his shirt open, Connor breathes heavily as Marcus kisses his lower abs. When Marcus pulls down Connor’s jeans, the erection that pops out says it all. Marcus slowly sucks Connor’s cock and buries it all the way down his throat. When the moment is right, Connor pulls Marcus up onto the bed with him and they kiss as Connor unzips Marcus’ jeans and takes out his cock. Connor sucks like a natural.

Marcus leads Connor through their extremely hot and intense copulation like a considerate partner should, but Connor knows what he wants more than he probably even realized. In one of my favorite moments, as they’re about to fuck, Marcus holds both their cocks together and strokes them. They kiss like straight boys, straight husband, gay roommate, j.r. bronson, lance hart, rock candy films, gay, pornlovers throughout the scene. These two men are an explosive pair! I’ve watched this scene more than once already and it’s been added to the favorites list.

Past releases in this series have proven to be among our viewers’ favorite str8-bait titles of the year.

Straight Husband, Gay Roommate stars the gorgeous Lance Hart as a married homeowner whose wife goes out of town just as their new lodger, J.R. Bronson, is moving in. Lance is feeling deprived of male companionship and horny in the absence of his wife. That night, as he bonds with J.R. over pizza, they find themselves drawn to each other. J.R. is definitely up for the chance to introduce a bi-curious hottie like Lance to the pleasures of man-on-man action, and Lance couldn’t find a sexier guy to be his first gay sexual experience.

straight boys, gay quarterback, straight trainer, tyler, damon archer, porn, gay, rock candy filmsIn Gay Quarterback, Straight Trainer, Damon Archer is a cute teenage football hero who’s concerned that he and his hot trainer, Tyler, will lose their special bond. Tyler knows that Damon looks up to him and he hates to see the young star quarterback lose confidence in himself. As they open up to each other emotionally, they discover and then act on Tyler’s latent bi-curiosity and Damon’s secret attraction.

Next week, don’t miss The Lazy Construction Worker, the next vignette in the series. Muscular Mike Dozer is tired of seeing lean Travis Irons slack off and get all the attention from the lady who hired them to work on her yard, so he takes it out of the pretty boy’s ass at the end of the day.

The Straight Boys series is erotically potent, emotionally compelling, and worth multiple viewings. It’s exactly the right kind of porn for those viewers who like a little plot to go with all that sex, and if you daydream of seducing a hot straight guy then you won’t find better fantasy fuel than this.

These scenes from Rock Candy are all streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail

Office Affairs: Sexual BlackmailRock Candy Films’ Office Affairs series concludes with a hot episode titled Sexual Blackmail. If you haven’t seen the previous scenes, don’t worry. They’re all stand-alone vignettes and you can find them here.

Writer/director Nica Noelle has been making fantastic all-male erotic titles that feature gorgeous men doing deliciously dirty things to each other with emotionally engaging stories. Gay porn with a plot – it’s crazy, right? Well, it really works to get you even more interested in what the men on screen are doing once the fucking starts.

Rod Daily is so far in the closet that he’s married with a kid, and it’s making him uptight. He’s taken to watching gay porn on his laptop at work, which is what he’s doing when his boss brings in new employee Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy will be sharing the office with Rod. When Rod goes to close the movie, he takes a closer look at the young stud. What are the odds? Jimmy is the guy bottoming in the porno that’s paused on his screen.

Devious Rod says nothing, but when he leaves for the day, he slips a note to Jimmy that makes it clear he knows about the porno. If Jimmy doesn’t want his secret exposed, he’ll meet Rod at a hotel that night. Poor Jimmy is trying to get his career started in the field he actually studied for in college and doesn’t want his past to ruin that, so he meets Rod. He’s stuck doing whatever he’s asked to do.

First he has to kneel and suck Rod’s cock for a while, but then Rod wants a taste of Jimmy. He sucks the ex-porn star’s dick while caressing his furry torso. Rod fucks Jimmy doggy style and Jimmy thrusts himself back against him, making his tight ass undulate enticingly. By now it’s obvious that Jimmy likes getting fucked by Rod and he’s even smiling. He enjoys Rod’s hard fuck in several other positions, including an extreme side saddle where they’re forming a T with Jimmy on his back and Rod lying on his side.

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail is streaming exclusively on our theatre network.

Running Time:   25 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Series:   Office Affairs
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Jimmy Fanz
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition

A Priest’s Confession

A Priest's ConfessionRock Candy Films’ A Priest’s Confession sizzles with gorgeous men, an engaging story, and intense sex.

Hot Jimmy Fanz plays Father Daniel, a young priest who’s struggling with celibacy. When Stephan (Tommy Defendi) enters the confession booth and admits he masturbates to gay porn behind his fiancée’s back, it reminds Father Daniel of his own troubles. Steven says that he studied for the priesthood and that it’s obvious why he dropped out.

When Father Daniel writes to Father O’Ryan (Boston Miles) for guidance, the older priest sends young Adam (Chase Young) as “a holy offering.” Father Daniel is shocked but can’t resist Adam’s kisses or his oral attention. Leading the way, Adam fucks and then gets fucked. Afterward, Father Daniel feels even guiltier for having sex at all, let alone with a man. Needing to pray and reflect, he decides to visit his family.

When Adam arrives for his next “offering,” he finds Father Daniel gone and Father Ryan is there instead. Father Ryan says Adam failed as an offering and must do penance. In a sequence both disturbing and wildly erotic, Father Ryan disrobes while lifting Adam’s white robe and leading him in prayer. Upon finishing the prayer, he plunges his cock into the young man’s asshole. Father Ryan puts Adam to good use with aggressive thrusts, turning his anger into passion.

Father Daniel discovers that his sister Felicia (Elexis Monroe) is engaged to Stephan, that hot parishioner. Neither man says anything about the confession even when they’re alone the next day, though they skirt around it. Stephan visits a male escort (Rod Daily) who spots his nerves and pegs him for a straight man. Rod says he’s married, but that it’s good to have some secrets. Stephan relaxes and lets Rod suck him off, then rims Rod and fucks him till they’re both spent.

After Father Daniel realizes that being near Stephan is tempting him more, he returns to the church without saying goodbye. Stephan can only reach out by going to confession again and leaving an address where he wants to meet. Father Daniel almost doesn’t go, but when he does, the sexual tension finally explodes as their lips smash together in a kiss. In bed, their eyes lock together as Father Daniel orally worships Stephan’s cock. Their ecstatic moans tell all when Stephan starts to fuck him in several positions all over the bed.

A Priest’s Confession is streaming exclusively on our theater network.

Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Chase Young   Boston Miles   Mich Masoch   Jimmy Fanz   Elexis Monroe   Rod Daily   Tommy Defendi
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

The Horseman

The HorsemanAfter a hugely successful debut release, writer/director Nica Noelle’s Rock Candy Films returns with The Horseman. Joe Loughlin (Logan Vaughn) and his beautiful wife Terri (Samantha Ryan) move away from the city and its stressors to save their marriage. They buy a ranch, where a ranch hand named Jake (Tommy Defendi) immediately resurrects Joe’s gay fantasies that he hoped to leave behind.

When Joe meets Jake, there’s a mutual attraction. Later, Joe sees Jake taking a hot young guy (Duncan Black) into the barn. From a few stalls away, Joe watches them for a while. Jake pinches Duncan’s nipples as Duncan strokes Jake’s cock. While bobbing for balls, Duncan looks up to see the effects of his sucking prowess. Jake swirls his tongue around Duncan’s asshole and takes the plunge. Jake fucks Duncan in doggy and missionary, and after Duncan cums on himself, Jake adds his load to it.

Later, in bed, Joe remembers his first encounter with an attractive fellow lawyer in the city (Jason Phoenix).

On the day Terri goes to get her sister Tracy (Dana DeArmond) from the airport, Joe declines to join her. Joe doesn’t even want her visiting. At dinner, Tracy hits on Jake so hard Joe gets testy. His remarks lead to a fight with Terri at bedtime. Outside, Jake eavesdrops.

A few days later, Tracy notices how Joe and Jake interact. After she hits on Jake harder than ever and gets rejected, Tracy suggests to Terri that there’s something going on between Joe and Jake. Tracy calls her friend Ted (Boston Miles) and asks how his boyfriend (Dylan Houser) realized he was gay after nearly marrying a woman. Boston starts telling her and it switches to flashback.

Dylan’s fiancée kicked him out in the middle of the night again, so he goes to Ted’s place – again. Ted jokes that Dylan might have to move in, hitting a nerve. Dylan almost leaves, but Ted pulls him back and kisses him. Their lips crush together as they fall into Ted’s bed. They spend a long time orally pleasuring each other, sometimes in sixty-nine. Dylan eventually rides Ted’s cock and consummates the attraction that had been building inside them both, judging by their intense energy. They both jerk off onto Ted’s chest and shoot huge loads.

Jake has a “date” at his place with a hot guy (Chase Young). After Chase and Jake spend a while sucking each other, Chase slowly impales himself on Jake’s fat cock. Jake fucks that bubble butt in several ways, ending in a huge cumshot for both of them on Chase’s lean torso.

While Terri takes Tracy back to the airport, Jake drops in to tell Joe he’s taking time off in a few days. Joe’s angered by the short notice, but Jack puts that intensity to better use. Their kisses by the front door lead to a shameless fuck in Joe’s marital bed. Jack lies on Joe and kisses him all over. With his jeans off, we see that Joe was hiding a sexy body under clothes all along. On his wife’s side of the bed, Joe engulfs Jack’s cock with his mouth. While Joe gets blown, he can’t keep his hand off Jack’s dick. Then, finally, Jack slides into Joe’s muscular ass and builds a steady, sensual rhythm. They fuck in doggy and missionary before they can’t hold back their cum any longer.

This is perfect for when you want gay erotica where the characters truly connect instead of just fucking each other’s brains out. There aren’t many gay pornos with a story, but the drama adds to the excitement.

Running Time:   139 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Tommy Defendi   Boston Miles   Logan Vaughn   Jason Phoenix   Duncan Black   Dylan Hauser   Chase Young   Samantha Ryan   Dana DeArmond
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Cowboy   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition