A Priest’s Confession

A Priest's ConfessionRock Candy Films’ A Priest’s Confession sizzles with gorgeous men, an engaging story, and intense sex.

Hot Jimmy Fanz plays Father Daniel, a young priest who’s struggling with celibacy. When Stephan (Tommy Defendi) enters the confession booth and admits he masturbates to gay porn behind his fiancée’s back, it reminds Father Daniel of his own troubles. Steven says that he studied for the priesthood and that it’s obvious why he dropped out.

When Father Daniel writes to Father O’Ryan (Boston Miles) for guidance, the older priest sends young Adam (Chase Young) as “a holy offering.” Father Daniel is shocked but can’t resist Adam’s kisses or his oral attention. Leading the way, Adam fucks and then gets fucked. Afterward, Father Daniel feels even guiltier for having sex at all, let alone with a man. Needing to pray and reflect, he decides to visit his family.

When Adam arrives for his next “offering,” he finds Father Daniel gone and Father Ryan is there instead. Father Ryan says Adam failed as an offering and must do penance. In a sequence both disturbing and wildly erotic, Father Ryan disrobes while lifting Adam’s white robe and leading him in prayer. Upon finishing the prayer, he plunges his cock into the young man’s asshole. Father Ryan puts Adam to good use with aggressive thrusts, turning his anger into passion.

Father Daniel discovers that his sister Felicia (Elexis Monroe) is engaged to Stephan, that hot parishioner. Neither man says anything about the confession even when they’re alone the next day, though they skirt around it. Stephan visits a male escort (Rod Daily) who spots his nerves and pegs him for a straight man. Rod says he’s married, but that it’s good to have some secrets. Stephan relaxes and lets Rod suck him off, then rims Rod and fucks him till they’re both spent.

After Father Daniel realizes that being near Stephan is tempting him more, he returns to the church without saying goodbye. Stephan can only reach out by going to confession again and leaving an address where he wants to meet. Father Daniel almost doesn’t go, but when he does, the sexual tension finally explodes as their lips smash together in a kiss. In bed, their eyes lock together as Father Daniel orally worships Stephan’s cock. Their ecstatic moans tell all when Stephan starts to fuck him in several positions all over the bed.

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Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Chase Young   Boston Miles   Mich Masoch   Jimmy Fanz   Elexis Monroe   Rod Daily   Tommy Defendi
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

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