Rod Daily

Kings of New York: Season 1

Kings Of New York: Season 1In New York, there are eight million people who will stop at nothing to fight their way to the top of the heap. It doesn’t matter what particular heap it is. Ambition for fame, control, money, sex, and any other kind of power will lead to dirty deeds in even the purest of hearts. The thing is that Kings of New York: Season 1 isn’t exactly populated with pure-hearted souls. Lucas Entertainment merges mainstream entertainment with the adult world for a new series that’s as edgy as it is sexy.

Those who are at the top of the heap have already sold their souls and they don’t want to give up their kingly thrones. Performer Jessy Ares rises to the top by impressing his boss, club owner Landon Conrad. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Vito Gallo is a chef who cooks up something hot with fellow culinary artist Rod Daily. Mitchell Rock breaks in Sebastian Rossi, a gorgeous newcomer from the Manhattan world of modeling. Radio host Dr. Adam Killian works out his new patient D.O. Trenton Ducati shows Brice Banyan the ropes in the NYC social scene.

The movie is packed with celebrity cameos: Andy Dick, Lady Bunny, Michael Lucas, Martin Samuel, Derek Saathoff, newly announced RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Bianca Del Rio, Busted, Richie Rich, Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and Acid Betty.

Running Time:   182 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Stars:   Rod Daily   Adam Killian   Landon Conrad   Mitchell Rock   D.O.   Trenton Ducati   Vito Gallo   Jessy Ares   Sebastian Rossi   Brice Banyan   Bianca Del Rio   Michael Lucas   Andy Dick   Richie Rich   Epiphany (o)
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The Psycho

The PsychoIn Rock Candy Films’ newly released The Psycho, Rod Daily is Dominic, a good-looking guy who sociopathically seduces older women to get at their young, hot sons.

He meets Catherine (Nina Hartley) in a bar and finds out she has an 18-year-old son. Catherine’s a behavioral psychologist, but Dominic’s sly enough not to reveal his predatory nature. She suspects nothing even when Dominic practically moves in with her.

Catherine goes on a business trip, leaving Dominic with her son, Joey (Joey Cooper). Smirking approvingly, Dominic secretly watches Joey showering before a date. Dominic offers support when Joey comes home early because his girlfriend dumped him. Joey resists when Dominic slides a hand onto his thigh, but he falls for Dominic’s claims that Catherine will understand if they take care of each other’s physical needs. They fall into deep kisses that lead to them sucking and sixty-nining each other. Following their long, lusty oral session, Dominic enters Joey’s young ass and fucks him from behind, below, and above.

After Catherine angrily dumps him by phone, Dominic immediately moves to his next victim, Valerie (Veronica Snow). He’s her personal trainer, and she’s sitting in front of him on a weight bench. Dominic gets Valerie talking about her personal life and finds out her teenage son just came out. Not missing a beat, Dominic asks the single mom out on a date and soon meets her son, Nicholas (Duncan Black). Dominic offers to help Nicholas train for his track meets, which brings them closer.

Valerie’s working late one night. Maybe they’re pumped from training or maybe Nicholas is just horny, but he offers no resistance and eagerly kneels to blow Dominic. After a while, Dominic fucks Nicholas’ mouth and asshole in steady, deep strokes. Nicholas’ young, hard body looks very fit in all positions.

One night, a stranger named Paul (sexy porn legend Matthew Rush) visits Dominic to say he’s a friend of Valerie’s and has noticed Nicholas hasn’t been his usual happy self lately. Furthermore, Paul knows about Catherine and why she dumped Dominic.

Dominic tells Paul to leave, but this isn’t a mere social call from a concerned fellow adult. Paul pins Dominic to the couch, taunting him about picking on someone his own size. In fact, Paul is more powerfully built than Dominic. He’s already claimed Nicholas as his own and Dominic needs to back off, but first Paul wants to know what Nicholas saw in Dominic. At first Dominic resists, but Paul’s kissing and humping change his mind. This time it’s Dominic who submits. He recognizes Paul’s natural dominance and takes that thick cock in his mouth and ass.

The Psycho is much more than satisfying with its smoking mixture of drama, revenge, and sex. It’s streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   106 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Duncan Black   Joey Cooper   Nina Hartley   Veronica Snow   Matthew Rush
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Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail

Office Affairs: Sexual BlackmailRock Candy Films’ Office Affairs series concludes with a hot episode titled Sexual Blackmail. If you haven’t seen the previous scenes, don’t worry. They’re all stand-alone vignettes and you can find them here.

Writer/director Nica Noelle has been making fantastic all-male erotic titles that feature gorgeous men doing deliciously dirty things to each other with emotionally engaging stories. Gay porn with a plot – it’s crazy, right? Well, it really works to get you even more interested in what the men on screen are doing once the fucking starts.

Rod Daily is so far in the closet that he’s married with a kid, and it’s making him uptight. He’s taken to watching gay porn on his laptop at work, which is what he’s doing when his boss brings in new employee Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy will be sharing the office with Rod. When Rod goes to close the movie, he takes a closer look at the young stud. What are the odds? Jimmy is the guy bottoming in the porno that’s paused on his screen.

Devious Rod says nothing, but when he leaves for the day, he slips a note to Jimmy that makes it clear he knows about the porno. If Jimmy doesn’t want his secret exposed, he’ll meet Rod at a hotel that night. Poor Jimmy is trying to get his career started in the field he actually studied for in college and doesn’t want his past to ruin that, so he meets Rod. He’s stuck doing whatever he’s asked to do.

First he has to kneel and suck Rod’s cock for a while, but then Rod wants a taste of Jimmy. He sucks the ex-porn star’s dick while caressing his furry torso. Rod fucks Jimmy doggy style and Jimmy thrusts himself back against him, making his tight ass undulate enticingly. By now it’s obvious that Jimmy likes getting fucked by Rod and he’s even smiling. He enjoys Rod’s hard fuck in several other positions, including an extreme side saddle where they’re forming a T with Jimmy on his back and Rod lying on his side.

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail is streaming exclusively on our theatre network.

Running Time:   25 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Series:   Office Affairs
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Jimmy Fanz
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition

Featured Star: Rod Daily

Rod DailyBisexual stud Rod Daily is our featured star of the week. This handsome Texan performer has distinctive star tattoos that match his radiant onscreen star power, but that curved, eight-inch cock is his greatest claim to fame. He’s about 5’11” and has some of the prettiest blue eyes you’ll ever see.

Rod has been in the porn biz since sometime in 2005, working for studios such as Channel 1 Releasing, Hothouse Entertainment, Devil’s Film, and Next Door Studios. With more than 50 movies to his name, Rod’s got something to offer for everybody’s taste.

One of Rod’s earliest movies was Carnal Choices from Studio 2000, a boyfriends-themed movie. It really showed his promise as a performer in a way that got you standing at attention.

Soon, Rod went on to star in Falcon Studios’ instant classic Best Men series. Some of his other standout performances from the early years of his career include Lucas Entertainment’s Kings of New York and Hot House Entertainment’s Reckless series.

Next Door is the studio that Rod has called home for most of his career. Hittin’ Rod Bottom and the Rod Daily miniseries are among the best ways to enjoy his erotic expertise.

His most recent movie is A Priest’s Confession from Rock Candy Films, in which he plays a male escort who “entertains” closeted stud Stephan, played by the gorgeous Tommy Defendi.

Juicy booties, leather, and spanking are huge turn-ons for Rod. Sports and fitness are his greatest passions other than sex, and it really shows in his muscular body. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Here are three smokin’ Rod Daily movies that will show you why he’s been such a fan favorite.

Hittin' Rod Bottom The Dude Show: Reality Sucks 2 Rod Daily

A Priest’s Confession

A Priest's ConfessionRock Candy Films’ A Priest’s Confession sizzles with gorgeous men, an engaging story, and intense sex.

Hot Jimmy Fanz plays Father Daniel, a young priest who’s struggling with celibacy. When Stephan (Tommy Defendi) enters the confession booth and admits he masturbates to gay porn behind his fiancée’s back, it reminds Father Daniel of his own troubles. Steven says that he studied for the priesthood and that it’s obvious why he dropped out.

When Father Daniel writes to Father O’Ryan (Boston Miles) for guidance, the older priest sends young Adam (Chase Young) as “a holy offering.” Father Daniel is shocked but can’t resist Adam’s kisses or his oral attention. Leading the way, Adam fucks and then gets fucked. Afterward, Father Daniel feels even guiltier for having sex at all, let alone with a man. Needing to pray and reflect, he decides to visit his family.

When Adam arrives for his next “offering,” he finds Father Daniel gone and Father Ryan is there instead. Father Ryan says Adam failed as an offering and must do penance. In a sequence both disturbing and wildly erotic, Father Ryan disrobes while lifting Adam’s white robe and leading him in prayer. Upon finishing the prayer, he plunges his cock into the young man’s asshole. Father Ryan puts Adam to good use with aggressive thrusts, turning his anger into passion.

Father Daniel discovers that his sister Felicia (Elexis Monroe) is engaged to Stephan, that hot parishioner. Neither man says anything about the confession even when they’re alone the next day, though they skirt around it. Stephan visits a male escort (Rod Daily) who spots his nerves and pegs him for a straight man. Rod says he’s married, but that it’s good to have some secrets. Stephan relaxes and lets Rod suck him off, then rims Rod and fucks him till they’re both spent.

After Father Daniel realizes that being near Stephan is tempting him more, he returns to the church without saying goodbye. Stephan can only reach out by going to confession again and leaving an address where he wants to meet. Father Daniel almost doesn’t go, but when he does, the sexual tension finally explodes as their lips smash together in a kiss. In bed, their eyes lock together as Father Daniel orally worships Stephan’s cock. Their ecstatic moans tell all when Stephan starts to fuck him in several positions all over the bed.

A Priest’s Confession is streaming exclusively on our theater network.

Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Chase Young   Boston Miles   Mich Masoch   Jimmy Fanz   Elexis Monroe   Rod Daily   Tommy Defendi
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition