Movie Review: “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,” Falcon Studios

earthbound, heaven to hell 2, chi chi larue, falcon, gay porn, Andrew Stark, Trelino, Johnny V., Arad Winwin, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Dean Monroe, Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, JJ Knight, Gabriel Alanzo, Skyy KnoxFamed director Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios have teamed up for a sequel to one of their greatest previous classics, Heaven to Hell. One of gay porn’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, Heaven to Hell still has its fans a dozen years after its release, so it was only natural for Chi Chi and Falcon to make a part two. Enter Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, in which an angelic sex slave named Rogue (Skyy Knox) escapes the Underworld for a life of freedom on Earth. If he finds true love then Rogue can sever his ties to the Underworld for good.

Rogue is a slave to the Devil (Dean Monroe, returning from the original movie), who’s extremely possessive. Dazed but drawn to pleasures of the flesh, Rogue makes his way to a nightclub where he is hypnotized by the sight of a beautiful gogo dancer named Lucky (Brett Corrigan) twirling and shaking his ass for the crowd. Rogue swoons and falls to the ground. As the rest of the clubgoers ignore this or shake their heads at what they assume is a tweaker, Lucky carries Rogue to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the Devil discovers that Rogue has escaped to Earth and sends other minions there to track him down. Look for a cameo from the angelic Brad Patton, who appeared in the first Heaven to Hell.

Lord (Andrew Stark) is a bigwig in a different type of underworld on earth, and he’s trying to find out who’s ripping him off. Snitch (Trelino) is living up to his name and has gotten on Lord’s bad side. The “punishment” is one we’d all gladly take, though—he gets his ass eaten, probed, and pounded by the hot crimelord with the eye patch in a scene that deserves repeat viewings. (more…)

Movie Review: Titan Media, “Cauke for President”

cauke for president, titanmen, titan media, senator cauke, porn, satire, parody, gay, matthew bosch, nick prescott, david benjamin, luke adams, adam ramzi, tex davidson, dallas steeleBack in February of this year, Titan Media released the satirical Cauke for President. If you’re looking for some much-needed erotic relief from this oppressive election, we recommend it wholeheartedly.

A young, handsome, telegenic presidential candidate, Senator Cauke is also homophobic and wants to restrict LGBTQ rights. The senator, played by the sexy Matthew Bosch in his gay porn debut, is leading a secret life—just like so many real-life politicians we could name!

Feeling horny, Senator Cauke goes online looking for nearby hookups and finds the hot and hung Nick Prescott. He jogs over to Nick’s house to avoid being conspicuous. As Nick is pounding Cauke in the ass doggy style, he realizes why this guy’s face is so familiar. Cauke doesn’t see Nick reach down for the remote control and turn on his camera. After the pump and dump, Cauke jogs back home and Nick watches the hidden camera footage, overjoyed at the chance to take down this hypocrite.

Campaign manager David Benjamin drops cute young campaign volunteer Luke Adams off in an upscale neighborhood, telling him to knock on doors and do anything it takes to convince people to vote for Cauke. The first potential voter Luke meets is dark-haired, bearded hottie Adam Ramzi, who wants to know what’s in it for him. Luke is so determined to win that vote that he sucks Adam’s cock and rides him till he blows a load on his abs, shortly followed by Adam cumming on his face. Unfortunately it was all for nothing but the pleasure, because Adam is Canadian and can’t even vote.

Nick has sent the video to a journalist, Tex Davidson, who arranges a meeting with the campaign manager. Tex plays with his engorged dick under the desk as he watches the footage again while waiting for David. Soon he’s beating his meat full on, but has to pause the video when David knocks on the door. David’s already impatient and irritable, which turns to anger when Tex mentions he’s been hearing things about Cauke. He threatens to leave unless Tex has something more than rumors, so Tex spins the laptop around and presses play. David is willing to do anything to stop this video from getting out, so Tex presses his advantage. He makes David get on his knees and beg—and while he’s down there, Tex wants him to suck his cock too. Tex skull-fucks the ruthless campaign manager and totally owns his ass. After cumming on David’s face, Tex agrees to delete the video right away, but then “accidentally” sends it out instead.

At home, Cauke is masturbating to gay porn, unaware that some blogs have already picked up the footage of Nick fucking him in the ass. Cauke’s lover/chief of staff, Dallas Steele, walks in and tells him he should be working on debate prep instead, but Cauke is tired of the lies that he has to tell in order to win. Dallas decides that what Cauke really needs to feel better right now is a fuck, not a wank, so he bangs the hell out of him in all sorts of positions until they fall asleep together.

A text message sent to both of their phones wakes them up, telling them that the sex tape is all over the news. “Looks like you don’t have to lie anymore,” Dallas wryly observes. As it turns out, this could be the best thing that ever happened for Cauke, even if it means the end of his political career. The truth shall set you free, as the saying goes.

Directed by Jasun Mark, Cauke For President is an AEBN exclusive. The men are seriously hot and so is the action. It’s just the catharsis that so many of us need right now.

Stars:   Matthew Bosch   Adam Ramzi   Luke Adams   David Benjamin   Nick Prescott   Dallas Steele   Tex Davidson
Studio Name:   Titan Media

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Series Review: Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers: The Banker (episode one), Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Cockyboys, gay alt pornGorgeously shot man-on-man porn that wins awards as well as countless loads? We’re here for it!

Cockyboys’ Answered Prayers series, streaming exclusively on AEBN, is a miniseries of artistically erotic short films based on archetypal characters. These plot-driven vignettes are packed with gorgeous pleasures.

The Banker stars ridiculously hot Ricky Roman as the title character. Drowning in financial crises and personal troubles, he meets the mysterious, beautiful Jinks (Jake Bass). Jinks treats Ricky to many sensual, kinky delights. Ricky has to watch himself in a mirror while Jinks blows him, for example, and Jinks cuts Ricky’s clothes off with a pair of old-fashioned scissors that he keeps tucked into an armband like a steampunk barber. It’s highly stylized, with a cool erotic edge.

Although he looks like a tattooed twink, Jinks is actually an ancient demigod. He and his evilly inclined brother Moloch (Max Carter) are playing a high-stakes game with humanity.

As the title character of The Healer, Diesel Washington pushes back against his abusive employer, a malevolent politician (Chris Harder) called The Pundit. Diesel’s repressed resentment erupts into hot carnal aggression. After some of the most intense deep-throating ever filmed, Diesel feasts on the politician’s asshole with gusto, and finally releases all that anger with balls-deep power fucking.

The next pawn in Jinks and Moloch’s game is The Bully (Sebastian Caine), a TV preacher who’s been spewing vitriol in public while screwing his personal male massage therapist in private. While Moloch feeds on Caine’s fear and hate, Jinks grows weaker. Jinks calls on the Sons of Chaos—Puck, Luck, and Abel—to tempt the kinky Caine and publicly expose his hypocrisy. Moloch loses this round of the game.

The Ascension of the Lamb introduces a mysterious orphan simply called The Lamb (Max Ryder). Moloch takes him in and sends him to boarding school, where three classmates torment him so much he runs away. But Moloch captures The Lamb and locks him in an attic, where the bullies find him and make him their fuck toy. Answered Prayers: The Redeemer, Cockyboys, gay alt porn, Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, Max CarterThis climactic group fuck features Max, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, and Frankie Valentine at their sexiest.

Moloch sends The Lamb to his father Seth in The Assumption of the Lamb. Seth grooms The Lamb for greatness, but no matter how powerful The Lamb becomes, it can’t undo the fears inside him nor stop his old bullies from resurfacing. But The Lamb triumphs over all who cross him, whether they’re mortal foes or even demigods themselves. The Lamb seduces, manipulates, and fucks to get anything he wants. Max Ryder (The Lamb) gives the performance of his career, as do Max Carter (Moloch) and the legendary Dean Monroe (Seth).

The Redeemer will bend your mind as it drains your balls. Jinks’ son Puck (Levi Karter) is summoned to inherit his unwanted legacy: he’s been chosen to guard the Tree of Knowledge. Before he can confront The Lamb, who murdered his father, Puck consults the banished Seth for guidance and they end up falling in deeply in lust. As their bond grows, so do their appetites for each other’s godly bodies.

In January 2015, Cockyboys released The Music Teacher as a bonus scene. The Son of Chaos named Cain (Duncan Black) gets a hot liaison with a music teacher (Saxon West) that fleshes out his back story. Jealous Cain studies the teacher’s movements, teaching methods, and sexuality in order to steal his talents.

Answered Prayers is the artistic and erotic achievement of director Jake Jaxson’s career so far, nominated for 10 Grabby Awards and winner of Cybersocket Movie of the Year 2015. You can stream it exclusively on AEBN, and look for the erotically and dramatically compelling conclusion, The Actor, soon!

The Psycho

The PsychoIn Rock Candy Films’ newly released The Psycho, Rod Daily is Dominic, a good-looking guy who sociopathically seduces older women to get at their young, hot sons.

He meets Catherine (Nina Hartley) in a bar and finds out she has an 18-year-old son. Catherine’s a behavioral psychologist, but Dominic’s sly enough not to reveal his predatory nature. She suspects nothing even when Dominic practically moves in with her.

Catherine goes on a business trip, leaving Dominic with her son, Joey (Joey Cooper). Smirking approvingly, Dominic secretly watches Joey showering before a date. Dominic offers support when Joey comes home early because his girlfriend dumped him. Joey resists when Dominic slides a hand onto his thigh, but he falls for Dominic’s claims that Catherine will understand if they take care of each other’s physical needs. They fall into deep kisses that lead to them sucking and sixty-nining each other. Following their long, lusty oral session, Dominic enters Joey’s young ass and fucks him from behind, below, and above.

After Catherine angrily dumps him by phone, Dominic immediately moves to his next victim, Valerie (Veronica Snow). He’s her personal trainer, and she’s sitting in front of him on a weight bench. Dominic gets Valerie talking about her personal life and finds out her teenage son just came out. Not missing a beat, Dominic asks the single mom out on a date and soon meets her son, Nicholas (Duncan Black). Dominic offers to help Nicholas train for his track meets, which brings them closer.

Valerie’s working late one night. Maybe they’re pumped from training or maybe Nicholas is just horny, but he offers no resistance and eagerly kneels to blow Dominic. After a while, Dominic fucks Nicholas’ mouth and asshole in steady, deep strokes. Nicholas’ young, hard body looks very fit in all positions.

One night, a stranger named Paul (sexy porn legend Matthew Rush) visits Dominic to say he’s a friend of Valerie’s and has noticed Nicholas hasn’t been his usual happy self lately. Furthermore, Paul knows about Catherine and why she dumped Dominic.

Dominic tells Paul to leave, but this isn’t a mere social call from a concerned fellow adult. Paul pins Dominic to the couch, taunting him about picking on someone his own size. In fact, Paul is more powerfully built than Dominic. He’s already claimed Nicholas as his own and Dominic needs to back off, but first Paul wants to know what Nicholas saw in Dominic. At first Dominic resists, but Paul’s kissing and humping change his mind. This time it’s Dominic who submits. He recognizes Paul’s natural dominance and takes that thick cock in his mouth and ass.

The Psycho is much more than satisfying with its smoking mixture of drama, revenge, and sex. It’s streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   106 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Duncan Black   Joey Cooper   Nina Hartley   Veronica Snow   Matthew Rush
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Birthday Boy

Birthday BoyEurocreme and DreamBoy have just released Birthday Boy and it’s everything you want from twink porn: sexy, packed with sweet eye candy, and even romantic.

It’s Drake Law’s birthday, so his flatmate Billy Rubens takes him around town to celebrate. Besides, Drake is feeling a little homesick because he’s just moved to London from the countryside. Billy buys Drake a sex toy and a pint. While Billy’s visiting the loo, Drake manages to get a hot guy’s number and quickly bails on Billy, promising to see him at the flat later. He and the extremely chiseled stud from the pub swap cock-sucking duties before Drake fucks the guy. Afterward, Drake drifts away to wherever the city will take him next.

While Drake’s off hooking up with a stranger, Billy takes his fuck buddy Luke Desmond up on his request of a quickie before Luke’s girlfriend comes home. They suck, use a masturbator, and fuck in a horny frenzy.

The next day, Billy tells his friends Danny Daniels and JP Dubois about his apparently unrequited crush on Drake. He knows that he took off to fuck the stranger from the bar. Danny and JP give Billy the perfect excuse to put the moves on Drake: they’re hosting an orgy that night and they suggest he bring the new boy with him. In the meantime, they warm up for the evening’s festivities with a threeway to “relax” Billy.

Even though he isn’t sure Drake will be interested, Billy brings him along without telling him what’s in store. Drake takes one look at the already-in-progress orgy and pulls Billy aside. In an upstairs room, Drake confesses that he’s more of a one-man kind of guy and he’s wanted to kiss Billy ever since he showed him the flat. It’s downright romantic to watch them kiss and have sex for the first time, but it’s also extremely hot when toned Billy thrusts his big cock into Drake’s eager hole.

When Billy and Drake leave, the other five twinks are all sleeping after a long, hard orgy. The movie rewinds so we get to see what they did to exhaust them, of course. JP, Danny, and their closest fuck-friends enjoy an epic sex party that ends in a sweaty, cum-splashed heap of young bodies.

The life of a twink in London is full of sex and sometimes love. You can expect to finish the movie with your own balls drained!

Running Time:   78 minutes
Released:   09/2013
Studio Name:   Eurocreme  DreamBoy
Series:   Dreamboy Series
Director:   Blacky Mendez
Stars:   J.P. Dubois   Luke Desmond   Danny Daniels   Darius Ferdynand   Drake Law   Billy Rubens   McKensie Cross
Categories: New Release   Euro   Feature   International   Twink   Anal   Safe Sex

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail

Office Affairs: Sexual BlackmailRock Candy Films’ Office Affairs series concludes with a hot episode titled Sexual Blackmail. If you haven’t seen the previous scenes, don’t worry. They’re all stand-alone vignettes and you can find them here.

Writer/director Nica Noelle has been making fantastic all-male erotic titles that feature gorgeous men doing deliciously dirty things to each other with emotionally engaging stories. Gay porn with a plot – it’s crazy, right? Well, it really works to get you even more interested in what the men on screen are doing once the fucking starts.

Rod Daily is so far in the closet that he’s married with a kid, and it’s making him uptight. He’s taken to watching gay porn on his laptop at work, which is what he’s doing when his boss brings in new employee Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy will be sharing the office with Rod. When Rod goes to close the movie, he takes a closer look at the young stud. What are the odds? Jimmy is the guy bottoming in the porno that’s paused on his screen.

Devious Rod says nothing, but when he leaves for the day, he slips a note to Jimmy that makes it clear he knows about the porno. If Jimmy doesn’t want his secret exposed, he’ll meet Rod at a hotel that night. Poor Jimmy is trying to get his career started in the field he actually studied for in college and doesn’t want his past to ruin that, so he meets Rod. He’s stuck doing whatever he’s asked to do.

First he has to kneel and suck Rod’s cock for a while, but then Rod wants a taste of Jimmy. He sucks the ex-porn star’s dick while caressing his furry torso. Rod fucks Jimmy doggy style and Jimmy thrusts himself back against him, making his tight ass undulate enticingly. By now it’s obvious that Jimmy likes getting fucked by Rod and he’s even smiling. He enjoys Rod’s hard fuck in several other positions, including an extreme side saddle where they’re forming a T with Jimmy on his back and Rod lying on his side.

Office Affairs: Sexual Blackmail is streaming exclusively on our theatre network.

Running Time:   25 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Series:   Office Affairs
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rod Daily   Jimmy Fanz
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition

Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2

Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2Porn star and writer Conner Habib scripted this episode of Naked Sword’s massively popular original series, Golden Gate. You’re in for a shock as you watch Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2: The Cover Up.

Anti-sex crusading San Francisco City Supervisor Scott Cox (the gorgeous Dale Cooper) is about to give a speech in Harvey Milk Plaza, but the throngs of pro-nudity protestors are cause for concern. Police officer Caleb Colton takes the politician to a secure location where he can practice his speech one last time. At least he thinks it’s secure. A pro-nudity activist, J.D. Phoenix (on “loan” from Cockyboys), manages to slip into the secret room, looking to confront Cox with cock.

J.D. strips down and waves his mouth-watering dick in the city supervisor’s face while taunting him, asking if he’s afraid. When he can’t seem to get a reaction out of Cox, J.D. starts to leave, but Cox stops him. He wants to defend himself against J.D.’s accusations of homophobia because he’s gay and has a boyfriend. J.D. says that he must be afraid of freedom and the men briefly argue about what freedom for them actually means.

Worked up now, J.D. pulls Cox’s face into his cock and now we see that what the city supervisor feared all along might have been temptation. In spite of the fact that his boyfriend is nearby, contrary to what he plans to say in his speech that day, the closeted Cox gives in to the allure of J.D.’s naked body.

Presented with such a prize piece of meat, Cox can’t help smelling and nuzzling J.D.’s long dick. Soon he’s got his mouth all over the hardening cock, tasting it like he’s been hungry for days and finally has a meal in front of him. Then he plants his face between J.D.’s round, muscular butt cheeks and has a nice, long lick.

Cox ends up fucking this spirited protestor who has come to rattle his cage. Their sex is overheated and supercharged, and Cox looks insanely sexy with his button-down shirt thrown open, fastened only at the neck, his necktie tossed over one shoulder. Later, J.D. strips him naked and we can all ogle that delicious body in full.

Will this change Cox’s mind or will that closet door stay locked? Watch and find out!

Running Time:   21 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Golden Gate
Director:   Mr. Pam
Stars:   Caleb Colton   Dale Cooper   J.D. Phoenix
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition