Movie Review: The Sixth Man

“The Sixth Man” is the fifth release from Disruptive Films, a studio whose stories of forbidden, yet irresistible sexual encounters between gorgeous men have become must-see events for gay porn fans.

Wade (Ryan Jordan) is a young homeless man who shows up at a soup kitchen. Micah (Romeo Davis), the volunteer on duty, tells him they’re closed, but he can take Wade home and feed him. Wade asks why Micah would do that and Micah says it’s what he would’ve wanted when he was in the same situation.

As Micah heats a can of soup, he asks Wade how he ended up like this. Wade tells Micah that his parents kicked him out for being gay several years ago, and Micah confides in Wade that his own parents had the same attitude, but what really got him kicked out was his struggle with substances and crime.

Micah takes the bowl from Wade before he’s finished eating and pulls him away for an apartment tour. Wade sees a line of framed photos of good-looking guys. Micah explains that these are other men he’s helped and they’re all special to him. The sixth frame is empty, and Micah explains that it might be for Wade. Wade quickly moves in and plants a kiss on Micah, but immediately withdraws and apologizes. Knowing he’s got Wade where he wants him, Micah roughly pulls Wade in by the neck as they suck face. Wade asks to see the bedroom. “You asked for it,” Micah says with a sly grin.

Micah pulls off his shirt and wraps it around Wade’s throat as they kiss some more. Wade gasps in pleasure as Micah takes control, licking his armpits, fucking his face, and pushing him face-down on the bed. Micah licks his way from Wade’s ass up to the base of his neck, but mostly he concentrates on getting that hole wet with his spit. Wade moans and hollers as Micah pushes his big dick in balls deep and pounds him into the mattress. After a frighteningly intense fuck in which Micah commands Wade to say he’ll be with him forever, it’s clear that Wade is in over his head… the sixth man to fall prey to this deceitful soup kitchen volunteer.

Dr. Ludlow (Jax Thirio) is a therapist with an unconventional way of treating his patients who are dealing with sex addiction. Max (Drew Dixon) sensually fondles and plays with objects in the therapist’s office as he tells his story in his sexy English accent. He started out as a compulsive masturbator, but then figured out that he could suck his own cock. When that wasn’t enough, he added butt plugs. He escalated to bigger and bigger ones before finally seeking Dr. Ludlow’s help.

After hearing Max out, Dr. Ludlow suggests that what will help Max is exposure therapy. First, he asks if Max is an exhibitionist. When Max says no, Dr. Ludlow says that Max needs to be uncomfortable while overstimulating himself and hands him a large dildo. Reluctantly, Max takes the toy and starts sucking it with gusto, looking into the therapist’s eyes as he deep throats it. He gags himself on the dildo while Dr. Ludlow watches intently. Max keeps going for a long time, and eventually drops his jeans and starts finger-fucking his own ass while continuing to fellate the rubber cock.

Occasionally Dr. Ludlow makes notes, but after a while he’s ready to escalate his patient’s discomfort. He presents himself for Max to suck instead. Max sucks Dr. Ludlow to full hardness while continuing to finger himself. Later, Dr. Ludlow grabs the back of Max’s head and skull-fucks him.

The final stages of the treatment are for Dr. Ludlow to fuck Max, first with his own cock and then with an enormous dildo. After making the patient cum, Dr. Ludlow is encouraged by their progress, but both men agree that this is going to take more than one session.

Good thing for Max that he has the phone number of more than one sex therapist.

Disruptive Films delivers an intense erotic drama with gorgeous men in hardcore sex scenes with “The Sixth Man,” now streaming in 4K on our adult VOD theater.