Movie Review: “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2,” Falcon Studios

earthbound, heaven to hell 2, chi chi larue, falcon, gay porn, Andrew Stark, Trelino, Johnny V., Arad Winwin, Andre Donovan, Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Dean Monroe, Brent Corrigan, Blake Riley, JJ Knight, Gabriel Alanzo, Skyy KnoxFamed director Chi Chi LaRue and Falcon Studios have teamed up for a sequel to one of their greatest previous classics, Heaven to Hell. One of gay porn’s most successful and critically acclaimed movies, Heaven to Hell still has its fans a dozen years after its release, so it was only natural for Chi Chi and Falcon to make a part two. Enter Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, in which an angelic sex slave named Rogue (Skyy Knox) escapes the Underworld for a life of freedom on Earth. If he finds true love then Rogue can sever his ties to the Underworld for good.

Rogue is a slave to the Devil (Dean Monroe, returning from the original movie), who’s extremely possessive. Dazed but drawn to pleasures of the flesh, Rogue makes his way to a nightclub where he is hypnotized by the sight of a beautiful gogo dancer named Lucky (Brett Corrigan) twirling and shaking his ass for the crowd. Rogue swoons and falls to the ground. As the rest of the clubgoers ignore this or shake their heads at what they assume is a tweaker, Lucky carries Rogue to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the Devil discovers that Rogue has escaped to Earth and sends other minions there to track him down. Look for a cameo from the angelic Brad Patton, who appeared in the first Heaven to Hell.

Lord (Andrew Stark) is a bigwig in a different type of underworld on earth, and he’s trying to find out who’s ripping him off. Snitch (Trelino) is living up to his name and has gotten on Lord’s bad side. The “punishment” is one we’d all gladly take, though—he gets his ass eaten, probed, and pounded by the hot crimelord with the eye patch in a scene that deserves repeat viewings.

The Devil is angry and needs to take out his frustration on some of his Dark Angels.  Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, and Gabriel Alanzo do as their dark lord commands in an epic orgy that is as sensual and beautifully filmed as it is raunchy and orgasmic. 

Still unsatisfied with the quest to find out who’s been trying to steal from him, Lord compels his submissive little bottom, the giggling Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to satisfy his need for relief. Alleycat is happy to oblige him and especially relishes the chance to worship Lord’s huge, throbbing cock with his tongue and his greedy mouth before getting his pliable little ass drilled.

Henchman (JJ Knight) is out hunting for Rogue, but there’s always time to fuck a sexy stranger like Biker (Blake Riley). But there’s no time or interest for conversation. Biker pulls out Henchman’s enormous dick and savors the sensation of it in his mouth before he sits on Henchman’s face. Henchman really makes the most of this rimjob and gets his hole really wet and ready to fit his cock all the way inside. Biker cums first and eats his own load off Henchman’s abs, but it’s Henchman’s phenomenal cumshot that pushed us over the edge.

Dark Angel (Andre Donovan) has tracked Rogue to the nightclub and reads the energy that tells him what happened. Before he can head out and track Rogue to Lucky’s home, he gets distracted by the hot, masculine beauty of Barfly (Johnny V), who catches him in the dressing room and demands to know what he’s doing there. Dark Angel has his fun with Barfly, starting with just one kiss and ending with Dark Angel pounding Barfly’s ass until they both shoot huge loads.

Lucky has taken Rogue home, where they have far more than the average casual fuck that a gogo dancer as beautiful as Lucky must be able to have on a nightly basis. It appears to be love at first sight for these two. The passion and chemistry between them are powerful as they kiss, worship each other’s cocks, and take turns giving and receiving deep anal thrusts. Driven to the heights of ecstasy, Lucky is ready to cum when he feels Rogue inside him. He jizzes inside his unearthly lover’s mouth, and after they snowball the load slowly and sensually, Rogue feeds his own cum to Lucky.

By the time Dark Angel finds Rogue, he’s too late to stop the powerful love connection that the escaped sex slave has made with the heavenly Lucky. The passion and the stylish beauty of Earthbound make it a more than worthy successor to Heaven to Hell. Stream it exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Andrew Stark   Trelino   Johnny V.   Andre Donovan   Armond Rizzo   Sean Zevran   Dean Monroe   Brent Corrigan   Blake Riley   Arad   JJ Knight   Gabriel Alanzo   Skyy Knox
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios Group 

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