Movie Review: The Last Course

Watch The Last Course on AEBNDisruptive Films is a brand-new studio that specializes in cinematic gay porn movies by award-winning directors starring the sexiest, most talented performers. Director Bree Mills, with an artist’s eye and a writer’s mind, is here to serve up some delectable delights with the studio’s debut release, “The Last Course.”

Whatever would you do at a dinner party where you’ve got all your sexual partners, past and present, in one room? How big would the table be, and would everyone be able to sit next to each other without someone throwing a drink in another man’s face? This movie tells just such a story, but with a truly suspenseful twist.

The reclusive and mysterious James Montgomery (played by the charismatic Johnny Ford in the present day and in flashback by Johnny Hunter) gathers six men, each of whom he once called lover. Not one of them has a clue who has invited them to this mansion for an overnight stay.

Brad (played by bedroom-eyed hunk Michael Delray) is the first to arrive, and we later see his character also in flashback (played by newcomer Trevor Harris) with younger James. Toby (muscle bottom Michael Boston) and his boyfriend are the next to arrive, and they all try to figure out whose house it is and why they’re here. We also meet Kenny (cute bottom Dakota Payne), a party boy who has a past with Toby as well as James. The cast also includes the sensational XBIZ Performer of the Year Dante Colle, tattooed stud Chris Damned, and two newer performers, Jim Fit and Cameron Dalile).

Mills has said that she wants the plot to be a surprise, and we’re going to honor her wishes. What we can say, and we don’t think this will be a spoiler, is that viewers are in for an incredible ride with all of the hot men on screen, especially the dramatic conclusion with its fantastic orgy.

“The Last Course” excites us for what Disruptive Films will do next. Don’t miss this epic bareback feature!
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