Movie Review: Men’s Briefs

Falcon Studios gave some of the greatest gay porn stars (Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Leo Forte, and Boomer Banks) the chance to create their own fantasy scenarios and bring them to life as directors with the help of Steve Cruz, the award-winning performer-turned-director who’s been behind the lens of many Falcon classics. “Men’s Briefs” is the stunning result, with five scenes that you’ll soon be adding to your Favorites.

Devin Franco has arranged to meet a stranger for sex at a club. He only knows to look for a guy with a big package wearing a red cap. He sees Eric Rey in a hat by that description and thinks this is his hookup, but what he doesn’t know is that Eric only just found the hat and decided to wear it. Without any explanation, Devin goes to town on Eric’s ass in a secluded spot, and Eric isn’t about to complain when such a hot jock is all over him. Eric feasts on Devin’s fat cock, then bends over and enjoys a raw ramming. Devin puts his back into fucking that bubble butt, especially when he lifts Eric and bounces him up and down on his dick while standing. Eric braces himself against the wall for the epic cum-clusion. Even with a mistaken identity, all’s well that ends well with a hot, sweaty, cum-splashing fuck like this.

Every time porn newbie Shae Reynolds sees superstar Cade Maddox on a billboard, the thirsty twink grows even more obsessed. When Cade somehow ends up in Shae’s apartment, Shae wonders if this is just a dream, but he doesn’t hesitate to act. Cade’s dick isn’t gonna suck itself, and Shae doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. Shae goes down on Cade, who responds by actively fucking the twink’s face. When Cade gets worked up from the sucking, he gets Shae’s hole ready with a hot, hungry rimjob. Shae still can’t believe this is happening as the famous hunk penetrates his ass and he feels the smacking of Cade’s balls against him. In the end, after cumming hard and getting to experience Cade cumming on him, Shae wakes up to realize it was a wet dream after all—but the best wet dream ever.

Muscular and gorgeous Reign walks to his pet sitting gig, where he finds an adorable “puppy” in the form of young, cute bottom Adrian Hart, who’s dressed for play in a doggy costume. Adrian wants nothing more than to be a puppy for this Daddy. He’s a naughty boy at first, earning a scolding from Adrian, but soon he slips into a dream about becoming a human boy so that he can suck Reign’s big dick and take it for a ride. It’s the best dream any puppy ever had, especially when Reign gives him a spanking while raw dogging his greedy hole. After Adrian cums on himself, Reign pulls out and adds to the creamy mess.

Colton Reece hits up a club in search of something that could lead to more than a one-time fuck. He finds Luke Truong at the bar, and they really hit it off. Seizing the moment, Colton takes Luke to a back room, peels his clothes off, and feeds the Asian twink his meaty cock. Using a conveniently located stripper pole for leverage, Luke gives his greedy ass up to Colton in an array of positions that allow maximum depth. After some power-fucking that makes Luke holler, Colton pulls out and stuffs his dick back into the twink’s mouth. Colton finally plasters Luke’s face with cum and watches Luke jerk himself to completion.

For Christmas, Tristan Hunter wants to fix the family heirloom watch that his boyfriend Shane Cook owns. Tristan doesn’t have enough money, so he ends up doing cam shows with huge dildos for a client (Max Konnor) who turns out to be Shane’s boss. One day Shane comes home furious and embarrassed after finding out what Tristan’s been doing. When Tristan admits that he was trying to fix Shane’s watch, Shane reveals that he’s pawned the watch to help Tristan get out of debt. This “Gift of the Magi” inspired tale takes a turn for the XXX as the boyfriends show each other gratitude. Shane bares Tristan’s butt and eats him out, then Tristan slides his spit-lubed ass down on Shane’s raging erection. Shane’s thrusting and his own masturbation produce a big cumshot from Tristan, and the spectacle inspires Shane to frost his boyfriend’s hole in turn. The love and holiday spirit send these lovers to greater heights of sexual bliss that has them singing carols.

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