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Movie Review: CockyBoys’ “Let Them Eat Cake”

let them eat cake, cockyboys, gay, porn, carter dane, colby keller, gabriel lenfant, gabriel clark, jj knight, zak bishop, wesley woods, dustin holloway, bubble butt, safe sex, musclesNew CockyBoys exclusive model Carter Dane has a fabulous ass that inspires a man to grab a cheek with each hand and dive in, whether with one’s tongue or one’s cock. Not only that, but he’s also got the muscular body of a Greek god and expressive eyes you can get lost in all day. It’s only right, therefore, that the studio, star, and director Jake Jaxson have brought us a film that’s devoted to those perfectly formed globes. Let Them Eat Cake is a more than impressive introduction to this 23-year-old future superstar, who’s making his debut for the studio.

The movie begins with Carter telling us about himself while we watch sexy tease footage of him stroking his own body and posing in front of huge hotel room windows.

Carter’s first scene is with the incredible Colby Keller, the porn superstar that he’s most wanted to fuck since before he got into the business. We watch Carter jerk off to his favorite porno, one of Colby’s scenes, and he explains in voiceover what he likes so much about it. Once Carter gets into the room with Colby, watch the sparks fly! They lock eyes and then lips. Colby takes charge almost immediately, with stunning results. Their chemistry is explosive as they slowly strip and Colby gets a good look at Carter’s bubble butt. Colby can’t keep his hands and mouth off it, at least not until Carter tells him he’s ready to get fucked. Carter mounts Colby’s big dick like it’s what he was made to do. He slides himself up and down the shaft, burying it in his asshole balls deep. Later he gets on all fours and bites down on Colby’s arm as Colby pounds his ass. When Colby sees Carter shoot out a big, hot load, it makes him cum as hard and voluminously as he ever has before!

Just think: out there somewhere is a hopeful young porn star in the making who is going to jerk off to that scene as often as Carter spanked it to his favorite Colby scene.

We take a break from Carter to join a couple of other CockyBoys newbies. Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway are both hot, handsome young guys who meet for the first time in Montreal. Both of them are so hot they could melt the snow, and that steam in their shower scene could just as easily come from the heat they generate. They tease each other by pressing their cocks against the glass. Hot kisses, blowjobs, and rimjobs lead to an even more intense flip-fuck, with Wesley taking a slightly more aggressive role.

Carter gets lucky once again with an excellent fuck partner, this time gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant. They have a relaxed chat about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes. Carter says he gets off on watching himself in the mirror when he’s getting fucked, which is something Gabriel is definitely going to make happen for him just as soon as he’s enjoyed fondling, kissing, and sucking his flawless body. The average man could orgasm from the intense oral worship that Gabriel bestows upon Carter, but they have a lot more fucking to do before that happens. In front of the mirror they indulge in plenty of oral cock and ass worship, including 69. Gabriel especially enjoys diving in between Carter’s perfect ass cheeks. Now that they’re both teetering on the brink of sexual madness, Gabriel pushes his throbbing cock into Carter’s ass and pounds him. They move between the bed and the mirror, slow and fast, both of which are achingly hot. Watching Carter spray his own chest with his huge load drives Gabriel to do the same, adding his jizz to Carter’s. These two are definitely aroused by each other, driving each other to the kind of passion that goes beyond porn performance.

JJ Knight is also being inducted into the ranks of CockyBoys with the help of Zak Bishop. These two young studs are a perfect match: both sexy as hell (like any CockyBoy, of course), both versatile. Zak prefers to bottom and JJ likes to top, and JJ’s thick, 9.5″ dick helps to ensure that his debut is unforgettable. Not just any bottom could take that kind of ramming from such a huge cock, but Zak is up for it. JJ fucks Zak into delirium, whether they’re pressed against the huge window or on the bed. The two of them are both vocal during this scene and they’re obviously enjoying each other.

Though advertised as a vehicle for debut CockyBoys exclusive Carter Dane, Let Them Eat Cake is packed from start to finish with new and veteran performers giving us volcanic scenes. You can see the whole thing exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Carter Dane   Colby Keller   Gabriel Lenfant   JJ Knight
Studio Name:   Cockyboys 

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Movie Review:’s “Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody”

star wars xxx, a gay xxx parody, gay star wars parody,, paddy o'brian, jessy ares, luke adams, dennis west, sean cody, hector de silva, stormtrooper sex, darth vader sex, han solo sex, luke skywalker sex, obi wan sexThe much-awaited, much-discussed erotic adaptation of a massive cultural icon is finally here: Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody from Men. Get ready for some fun light saber battles!

The Republic is at war. Imperial cruisers are invading and enslaving parts of the “gaylaxy” under Vader’s command. While wandering the desert after his home is destroyed, Luke Skywalker (gorgeous Luke Adams) meets Obi-Wan, a wise Jedi (sexy daddy bear Jessy Ares). Obi-Wan tells Luke things he never could have known about his father, whom he never knew, and gives him the light saber that is his birthright. Luke wants Obi-Wan to show him the way. Obi-Wan obliges, penetrating both of the young padawan’s holes in a rowdy fuck that whets Luke’s appetite for further instruction in the ways of the Force.

The Jedi need a pilot and a ship to continue fighting the Empire, but Han Solo (Dennis West) never gives anything away for free. As a payment for his services and vehicle, Han will accept the chance to plow young Luke Skywalker’s hungry ass. Luke, now in full pig bottom mode after experiencing Obi-Wan’s big dick, is eager to be bartered. After Han fucks him in three or four positions, all of them deep, Luke jerks his jizz out onto the floor in reverse cowboy. Spurred on by Luke’s orgasm, Han shoots his load onto the floor as well.

The band of rebels finds their way onto an Imperial cruiser, where they split up. Two Stormtroopers capture Han as he’s trying to hijack a control panel. They take him to an interrogation chamber and stand guard over him until Darth Vader sweeps in to have his way with the scruffy rebel. Han insists that he has nothing to do with the rebels who are loose on the ship, and that he’s only here because he wanted to fuck Luke. He promises to take Vader right to Luke and Obi-Wan. Vader agrees, but first he wants to “interrogate” Han and show him the power of the dark side, which he wields within his own personal “light saber.” Cosplay fans and anyone with a fetish for the Sith Lord will love watching Han test his gag reflex on Vader’s dick. Even better: he strips naked and Vader slaps his hard-on against Han’s pale, muscular ass, fingers his hole, and pounds away at him in doggy style. Later Han sits on Vader’s lap for some reverse cowboy action as the Stormtroopers stroke their own bulging erections. Han finishes Vader off orally and gets a Sith spunk load on his chest.

Obi-Wan and Luke split up while trying to find Han. Luke thinks he’s tracked down where Han is being held, but the two horny Stormtroopers (Paddy O’Brian and Hector De Silva) guarding the room are still feeling horny and Luke is still in dick pig mode, so he’s happy with one piece of meat in his mouth and the other in his ass! Once he’s past the first two guards, he finds a whole room full of Stormtroopers having their merry way with each other. Luke excitedly becomes the centerpiece of a Stormtrooper gangbang, and it leaves us with the impression that this version of the Empire is really just a bunch of horn dogs looking to tap some Jedi ass.

Whether you side with the Jedi or the Sith, everyone can get down with some intergaylactic man sex!

Stars:   Paddy O’Brian   Jessy Ares   Luke Adams   Dennis (Sean Cody)   Hector De Silva
Studio Name:   Men

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Movie Review: Lucas Kazan Productions’ “Strangers and Lovers”

strangers and lovers, lucas kazan, gay, porn, european, italian, sicilian, spanish, logan moore, leo domenico, gabriel vanderloo, darius ferdynand, denis vega, robbie rojo, raffaele, carmelo, condoms, safe sexThe award-winning gay porn studio Lucas Kazan Productions has been putting out some of the world’s most beautiful all-male erotica since 1998, when Lucas Kazan founded the company as its main director/producer. Like many European studios, it casts men who are so fine you’ll want to book a vacation immediately. Strangers and Lovers, directed by Ettore Tosi, more than lives up to the Kazan standard. You can see that the attractive location shoots in Sicily and Madrid have invigorated the cast and film crew alike.

Hungarian superstar Darius Ferdynand is a writer who’s working on a new erotic short story. His crush on the gorgeous stranger he sees around Madrid every day has inspired this new piece. The mystery man is Spanish stud Denis Vega, a muse we can all appreciate. As Darius narrates we see Denis in the shower, locking eyes with us through the camera as he caresses his wet chest and dips his hand below the level of the camera’s vision. The fantasy builds into Denis smashing his thick lips against Darius’, pulling him off his feet and holding him close as they make out. Their hungry kisses lead to Darius orally servicing Denis and climbing on to get his hole eaten. Darius stands on a table and face fucks Denis for a long time. Then Darius’ fantasy turns to Denis kissing him slowly as he lays him on a table and fucks him missionary style. Darius daydreams of them jerking out their loads side by side. Narrating the scene again, Darius declares that today they’ll finally meet and his fantasies will come true.

Raffaele is Sicilian, 24 years old, and a newcomer to porn. Something tells us he won’t need to keep his bartending job, based on the way he looks and performs during his stunning solo in scene two. His body is sculpted to perfection, his cock makes your mouth water, and he loves showing how he can handle it! Raffaele says that a guy once paid him handsomely for a chance to suck that cock, which is pierced on the shaft just under the head. We certainly can’t blame the guy.

Dutch stud Logan Moore and gorgeous Cypriot Leo Domenico are the gorgeous couple on the box cover… or at least they were a couple. In the midst of their devastating breakup, Logan can’t stop remembering how they met, how they loved, and how they fucked. In scene three we watch a memory of their powerful sexual chemistry, their luscious cock sucking giving way to Leo tonguing Logan’s bunghole and Logan bouncing on Leo’s dick. Later they embrace in a sensual 69 and cum together. It’s so bittersweet to watch a loving couple having such deep, soulful, and just plain hot sex knowing that they aren’t together anymore. Lucas Kazan has given us a beautiful portrait of love and loss with this scene.

Next, we get to know more about Logan during an interview with cut scenes of him working out and masturbating—plunging his fingers into his own ass as he pumps his meat. It’s easy to get lost in Logan’s gorgeous blue eyes and easygoing smile while listening to him talk about his turn-ons and his biggest fantasy (to be a bottom in a gangbang).

Darius narrates another scene based on his erotic writings. Spanish cutie Robbie Rojo is a hot young tourist who gets lost in Madrid. Fellow Spaniard Gabriel Vanderloo helps him find his way—to bed, that is. Gabriel’s bearded masculinity is a great contrast to Robbie’s twinkish, caramel-skinned smoothness as they fuck deeply. Robbie is happy to let Gabriel take control of his ass. This scene is full of intense, tongue-swirling kisses and hungry cock sucking.

Carmelo is another stunning Italian who makes his debut in this film. It’s hard to overstate how beautiful he is—Michelangelo would have paid handsomely for his services as a model. Carmelo is 20 years old with a body that’s the result of many hours spent in the gym or on an athletic field. As he shows off his gleaming torso he talks about his bisexual experiences and his enjoyment of giving and receiving rimjobs. Carmelo models for the camera, shows off his ass, takes a piss, and strokes his curved cock. Late in the scene another stud joins him to compare cocks, but this is a masturbation-only scene. It will be great to see what this beauty has in store for us next.

Strangers and Lovers is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Logan Moore   Leo Domenico   Gabriel Vanderloo   Darius Ferdynand   Denis Vega   Robbie Rojo   Raffaele (Lucas Kazan)   Carmelo (Lucas Kazan)
Studio Name:   Lucas Kazan Productions 

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Movie Review: A Weekend with Danny

a weekend with danny, danny montero, kayden gray, johnny cruz, jonah o'pry, brute club, gay, porn, british, safe sex, twink, international, europeanMexican stud Danny Montero is on a trip to visit a friend in London that takes a much more erotic turn than he planned. Hey, no complaints here. As the star of A Weekend with Danny from Eurocreme, this smooth and handsome young Latino is giving us life!

First Danny visits the gorgeous Kayden Gray, who’s on a photo shoot. Kayden welcomes Danny to England with his big ol’ British beef. After some sizzling foreplay in which they fondle, nuzzle, and slurp each other’s packages, Kayden slides on in to Danny’s ready asshole and fucks him deeply.

After that cum-gushing first encounter with Kayden, Danny heads out to visit the sights and enjoy some of the local cuisine. He especially has a good time topping scruffy, slender bartender Johnny Cruz after closing time. Johnny stands out from his twinky costars with his little ponytail. There are lots of exciting close-ups of their oral action, and they look downright delicious in the cozy darkness of the club as Danny pounds Johnny’s hot ass.

Danny wants to do some more sightseeing before he leaves London, but the locals aren’t going to let him end his trip to the Big Smoke without feeling a little more of their hospitality.

Meanwhile, Kayden and his ruggedly sexy friend Jonah O’pry have some fun while Danny is off on his adventures. Jonah takes Kayden to his well-lit bedroom. He feeds Kayden his fat cock in both his mouth and his endlessly greedy hole. We like Jonah’s floppy hair and short beard.

Bringing his sexual adventures in London to a close (but not for long, we bet), Danny hooks up with a young hottie named Brute Club. A nom de porn like that is something for this twunk to grow into, because we sort of expect a bear when we hear that name. No matter, though, because this pale, sculpted stud gives the best of British to our Mexican traveler.

Part sizzling fuck flick, part travelogue, and part charming interview with a gorgeous stud we’d really like to see more of, A Weekend with Danny commemorates a weekend vacation to remember. It’s streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Danny Montero   Kayden Gray   Brute Club   Jonah O’pry   Johnny Cruz  
Studio Name:   Eurocreme  Eurocreme Group 
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Movie Review: Hot Daddies

hot daddies, icon male, iconmale, josh stone, tony salerno, max sargent, nick capra, rodney steele, nica noelle, gay, porn, feature, dilf, daddies, mature, safe sex, condomThe most wanted daddies in gay porn are here in Iconmale’s Hot Daddies. This quartet of vignettes is a prime example of writer/director Nica Noelle’s signature blend of erotica and drama.

College tutor Rodney Steele comes over to help his depressed student Josh Stone get ready for an exam. Josh was looking forward to getting back to school, but today he seems ready to drop out. He confides in Rodney that his boyfriend left him because he found their relationship too stressful. Rodney thinks he knows how to ease Josh’s heartbreak, and in spite of his pain Josh is into that sexy professor thing Rodney’s got going on. Their kissing gets hotter and more intense, leading to oral and finally to sex, with Josh riding Rodney’s big daddy cock to a sweaty, breathless, beyond satisfying conclusion.

Furry, muscular daddy Nick Capra and young, cute Tommy Regan come in from a long walk and talk out by the lake. Nick is Tommy’s sobriety mentor, and the bonding experience has brought them closer together. Drugs are a ride, Nick tells Tommy, but there are many other rides he could take instead—so Tommy chooses to ride Nick. Their hot clash of lips on lips leads to mouths on cocks. After a long taste of Tommy’s pucker, Nick pushes his hot DILF dick inside that tight hole and fucks him deep.

Rodney Steele visits his old military comrade Max Sargent after more than twenty years, because he never got the chance to thank him for saving his life. Max, who’s been out of the closet for a while, comes out to Rodney. Far from being uncomfortable, Rodney has his own surprising confession. As he presents Max with the old canteen that held the water that kept Rodney from going into shock, Rodney proclaims his love for Max. The feeling is mutual, and their reunion becomes a sexual union. It’s hot and emotional in a way that few companies besides Iconmale are doing right now. Watching these two gorgeous daddies act on long-suppressed love and passion is a change of pace from the two previous scenes, and anyone with a yearning for DILFs shouldn’t miss it.

Tony Salerno and Max Sargent are having a drink and a chat to unwind after work. Both men are willing to risk getting fired for acting on their mutual attraction. Some feelings are stronger than the possibility of losing your job, as these daddies agree. They press their hungry mouths together, followed by their muscular bodies. Clothes are tossed on the floor, cocks are sucked, holes are licked, and finally Max slides into Tony’s ready ass. It’s safe to say that if either one of these men gets the pink slip, they’ll still be fucking.

Hot Daddies is brand new from Iconmale and will give you DILF aficionados quite a lot of fantasy fuel!

Stars:   Josh Stone   Tony Salerno   Max Sargent   Nick Capra   Rodney Steele
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale

Movie Review: Ringside Humping

ringside humping, holiday hump'n, philly, young buck, bam bam, jocks, safe sex, yusaf mack, boxer gay pornDawgpound USA’s Ringside Humping has generated a huge amount of buzz because one of its stars, Philly, is actually a boxer named Yusaf Mack. If you haven’t heard the story by now, the condensed version is that Yusaf, a well-known boxer from Philadelphia, took the money to do a gay porn scene when he was down on his luck. The scene was released almost a year ago, but it took more than ten months for somebody to notice who he was and spread the word on Twitter. At first, Philly claimed that he was drugged and didn’t remember doing the scene. He came out as bisexual at first, and then finally came out as gay earlier this month.

Now that you know the back story, how’s the video? You’ll be happy to know it’s hot as hell and will melt snow! Originally released as Holiday Hump’n around Christmas 2014, it’s all about sucking on huge candy canes and stuffing other men’s stockings.

Bam Bam (in the middle of the box cover) watches Philly (on the right of the box cover) doing some pull-ups. Understandably, the sight of flexing muscles in motions gets Bam Bam’s masculine urges all fired up, and he starts fondling Philly, who appreciates the attention. Young Buck (at left on the box cover) shows up, fresh from a long shower, and kisses Bam Bam. Philly rejoins them from somewhere off screen as they’re making out, and the three men gradually get naked in the midst of kissing and fondling each other. On his knees between Bam Bam and Young Buck, Philly sucks both of their dicks hungrily. The camera zooms in tight as he takes both cockheads in his mouth at the same time.

Amid the tongue lapping, ball sucking, and cock gulping, there’s a hot moment when the guys form a triangle: two kissing, one rimming. After that, the fucking begins. Bam Bam thrusts into Young Buck from behind. He lasts a long time and works up a sweat that makes his mocha skin and toned muscles glow.

When it’s Philly’s turn, he lies on his front and gets his bubble butt pounded into the mattress. There are some great close-ups of Bam Bam’s dick drilling Philly’s furry hole. Philly has flipped over onto his back and you can see that his hole is tight, but he takes Bam Bam’s dick like a champ. It makes sense, though—boxers really do take a pounding, and Philly knows that better than anyone.

Later, Philly is the one dishing out the dick to Young Buck while tickling Bam Bam’s balls. Bam Bam nuts on Young Buck’s back. Soon Philly is adding his load to the mix. Young Buck is the last to cum, and he does it all over Philly’s six pack.

We know people hate celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, but we think you’ll want to let the holidays come early this year and watch this scene, streaming exclusively on AEBN!

Stars:   Young Buck   Bam Bam   Philly

Studio Name:   Dawgpound USA