Movie Review – Down on the Farm: The Beginning

Watch Down on the Farm: The Beginning on AEBNThis week, Corbin Fisher is serving four truly classic scenes in “Down on the Farm: The Beginning,” For those who are new to this studio and its stable (pun intended) of gorgeous, sexy, horny college men, this full-length movie is a great place to discover their homegrown hotness. If you’re a Corbin Fisher fan, then you’re going to love the chance to revisit six of the studio’s most popular models in the scenes that put the studio on the map.

CF takes Lucas, Jeff, TJ, Nick, Trevor, and Spencer on a trip to a farm in the Midwestern countryside where they can really spread out and get comfortable having sex in the great outdoors. This now-legendary rural setting has seen a lot of action, and this is how it all started.

Spencer, Nick, and Trevor find a perfect spot in the barn for a circle jerk and some 3-way horseplay. Meanwhile, in a log cabin, Jeff and TJ get even more hot and heavy with a mutual oral session before TJ opens his ass for Jeff. Lucas and Nick take a long walk through the pasture to the barn, where they spread a blanket and Lucas fucks Nick in all sorts of positions for the deepest penetration. In the grand finale, Lucas, Jeff, and TJ wisely lay down a blanket for their threesome in the hayloft, because no scratchy straw is going to get in the way of these college guys’ sexual three-for-all.

That fresh country air really gets these guys going, as does the chance to fuck each other in new and extraordinary places! Don’t miss Corbin Fisher’s “Down on the Farm: The Beginning,” an exclusive look at the origins of the most iconic studio that features gorgeous American college men.

Stars:   Lucas (Corbin Fisher)   Jeff (Corbin Fisher)   TJ (Corbin Fisher)   Spencer (Corbin Fisher)   Nick (Corbin Fisher)   Trevor (Corbin Fisher) 
Series:   Down On The Farm