The Horseman

The HorsemanAfter a hugely successful debut release, writer/director Nica Noelle’s Rock Candy Films returns with The Horseman. Joe Loughlin (Logan Vaughn) and his beautiful wife Terri (Samantha Ryan) move away from the city and its stressors to save their marriage. They buy a ranch, where a ranch hand named Jake (Tommy Defendi) immediately resurrects Joe’s gay fantasies that he hoped to leave behind.

When Joe meets Jake, there’s a mutual attraction. Later, Joe sees Jake taking a hot young guy (Duncan Black) into the barn. From a few stalls away, Joe watches them for a while. Jake pinches Duncan’s nipples as Duncan strokes Jake’s cock. While bobbing for balls, Duncan looks up to see the effects of his sucking prowess. Jake swirls his tongue around Duncan’s asshole and takes the plunge. Jake fucks Duncan in doggy and missionary, and after Duncan cums on himself, Jake adds his load to it.

Later, in bed, Joe remembers his first encounter with an attractive fellow lawyer in the city (Jason Phoenix).

On the day Terri goes to get her sister Tracy (Dana DeArmond) from the airport, Joe declines to join her. Joe doesn’t even want her visiting. At dinner, Tracy hits on Jake so hard Joe gets testy. His remarks lead to a fight with Terri at bedtime. Outside, Jake eavesdrops.

A few days later, Tracy notices how Joe and Jake interact. After she hits on Jake harder than ever and gets rejected, Tracy suggests to Terri that there’s something going on between Joe and Jake. Tracy calls her friend Ted (Boston Miles) and asks how his boyfriend (Dylan Houser) realized he was gay after nearly marrying a woman. Boston starts telling her and it switches to flashback.

Dylan’s fiancée kicked him out in the middle of the night again, so he goes to Ted’s place – again. Ted jokes that Dylan might have to move in, hitting a nerve. Dylan almost leaves, but Ted pulls him back and kisses him. Their lips crush together as they fall into Ted’s bed. They spend a long time orally pleasuring each other, sometimes in sixty-nine. Dylan eventually rides Ted’s cock and consummates the attraction that had been building inside them both, judging by their intense energy. They both jerk off onto Ted’s chest and shoot huge loads.

Jake has a “date” at his place with a hot guy (Chase Young). After Chase and Jake spend a while sucking each other, Chase slowly impales himself on Jake’s fat cock. Jake fucks that bubble butt in several ways, ending in a huge cumshot for both of them on Chase’s lean torso.

While Terri takes Tracy back to the airport, Jake drops in to tell Joe he’s taking time off in a few days. Joe’s angered by the short notice, but Jack puts that intensity to better use. Their kisses by the front door lead to a shameless fuck in Joe’s marital bed. Jack lies on Joe and kisses him all over. With his jeans off, we see that Joe was hiding a sexy body under clothes all along. On his wife’s side of the bed, Joe engulfs Jack’s cock with his mouth. While Joe gets blown, he can’t keep his hand off Jack’s dick. Then, finally, Jack slides into Joe’s muscular ass and builds a steady, sensual rhythm. They fuck in doggy and missionary before they can’t hold back their cum any longer.

This is perfect for when you want gay erotica where the characters truly connect instead of just fucking each other’s brains out. There aren’t many gay pornos with a story, but the drama adds to the excitement.

Running Time:   139 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Tommy Defendi   Boston Miles   Logan Vaughn   Jason Phoenix   Duncan Black   Dylan Hauser   Chase Young   Samantha Ryan   Dana DeArmond
Categories: New Release   Feature   Muscles   Cowboy   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

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