Rock Candy Films’ “Secrets and Lies” Coming October 3, 2016!




Rock Candy Films and AEBN present the new Secrets & Lies series, directed by the renowned Mr. Pam and NakedSword Originals. With its all-star cast, dramatic plot, and sex scenes that are pure fire, this four-part story takes us to the Ridge Family Farm, where everybody’s fucking somebody they “shouldn’t” and they can’t stop because it feels so good.

The story begins with “Father’s Secret,” in which Uncle Frederick (Trenton Ducati) takes his frustration out on a pair of ranch hands (Brian Bonds and Brandon Wilde) when he feels they aren’t doing their fair share of work. After face-fucking them, he yanks their pants down and bangs their tight little holes. Brandon impresses the boss man by warming up his ass with a hoe, and after a hot fuck train, Brian and Brandon earn their pay by swallowing all the cum!

Unbeknownst to Frederick, his son Beckett (Falcon Exclusive Jacob Peterson) saw the whole thing. In episode 2, “Don’t Tell Dad,” he’s still reeling from it when his cousin Ryder (Colton Grey) drags the secret of what he saw out of him. But Ryder, far from shocked or dismayed, seizes the opportunity to put the moves on Beckett right there in the walnut grove. Kissing cousins soon become fucking cousins, and now they have their own secret to keep from the family! Unfortunately, somebody already knows and he’s not above using it to his advantage.

In episode 3, “Family Pact,” we see the tensions start to boil over. Pious family patriarch Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) tries to settle everybody by saying a prayer before dinner. Afterward, Frederick and Ryder are on dish duty. Cocky young Ryder tries to get under his uncle’s skin, bragging that he knows about Frederick’s threeway with the ranch hands. Not to be outdone, Frederick throws it back at Ryder: he saw Ryder and Beckett fucking. Ryder, knowing he’s been beaten at his own game, sucks Uncle Frederick’s big dick and then bends over the kitchen counter to give up his little pink hole.

Sound travels well in the farmhouse. In the final episode, “Forgive Me Father,” Duke walks in on his son, Ryder and his brother-in-law, Frederick after hearing the commotion. Frederick flees but Duke chases him to the barn. Duke goes off on Frederick before turning on Beckett, chewing each of them out for fucking Ryder. Beckett admits that the one he really wanted to fuck was his Uncle Duke, and then kisses him. Duke believes it’s wrong, but that only arouses him more. Seizing his chance, Beckett goes to work on his uncle’s giant man-meat, eyes watering as he deep throats. Duke proceeds to give Beckett the ride that the lad has been craving all along, and then uncle and nephew make a cummy mess.

On the Ridge Family Farm, no one is left out of the forbidden fun.

Secrets & Lies is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD. “Father’s Secret” will go live next Monday, October 3. Look for each new episode every Monday through October 24.