Teen Surfer PrestonWe’re excited to be offering scenes from through Bladewire Media. If you’re new to the SleepingMen phenomenon and you’re into sleep creeps then you’re in for a fantastic treat.

What if you were able to play around with a hot guy in his sleep and not get caught? Here’s your fantasy made real. For those bi-curious guys out there who fantasize about getting off passively through the sexual attentions of other guys – who jack off to the thought of being milked, even in their sleep – SleepingMen is totally perfect.

Right now there are five scenes from SleepingMen available for you in our VOD theater.

We started out with Mean Marine Erik, a 20-minute episode that features a stunningly muscled, heavily tattooed jarhead. Erik is an intimidating character, a sleeping giant. He gets fondled, sucked, and jacked off till he pops, all while he snoozes!

The newest addition, 18-Year-Old Stock Boy Rex, stars a hot teen who slumbers peacefully as a hand reaches out to feel up his lean body, pull his nice cock out of his underwear, and stroke it until it spurts cream!

These and three other sleep creep scenes from SleepingMen are waiting for you in our theater.

Mean Marine Erik 18-Year-Old Stock Boy Rex High School Jock Kent

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