Casey Everett

Featured Star: Casey Everett

Fun-sized pup Casey Everett is a hot bottom from the Midwest with big brown eyes, a bright smile, and an irresistible hole. Casey made his debut with some online scenes in 2014, then got into studio porn the following year with movies like “Teach Me, Daddy” (Ducati Studios) and “It All Cums Down to Cock” (Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video).

In “Dad’s Poker Night” from Iconmale, Casey gets in on the action at his stepdad Drew Sebastian’s card game. Drew doesn’t want his boy anywhere near his buddies at first, but the inevitable group fuck happens in the movie’s final scene, with Casey making his slut hole available for dad and his daddy friends! Drew, Link Parker, and Ryan Carter use Casey’s holes for their own pleasure, but the real winner of this game is Casey because he just loves being a pass-around party bottom. This scene was deservingly nominated for Best Group Sex Scene at the 2021 GayVN Awards. (more…)

Movie Review: Failed Inspection

“Failed Inspection” from Disruptive Films features two vignettes that continue the studio’s mission of giving the world gay porn that combines incredible sex with intriguing stories. We’ve come to love these short films not just for their orgasmic satisfaction, but also for the way they disrupt our preconceived notions about what porn should be.

Scene one is a treat for everyone who loves blue collar studs, muscles, and interracial threesomes. Casey Everett is taking a long lunch when his boss, Brian Bonds, finds him and drags him back to work. An inspector is due in an hour, and after they failed the last inspection, their jobs are on the line. Casey, a dark-haired stud with tattoos, lazily tells Brian to blame him if they fail. Brian, a strawberry blond bearded Daddy, assures his employee that this is exactly what will happen. Casey asks Brian if he’d suck a dick in order to pass. At first Brian is shocked, but he admits that he would. Later, Deep Dicc arrives to deliver a package. Brian sees the clipboard, assumes that this is the inspector, and starts rattling off everything they’ve fixed from the last inspection while leading Deep around. (more…)