Movie Review: Failed Inspection

“Failed Inspection” from Disruptive Films features two vignettes that continue the studio’s mission of giving the world gay porn that combines incredible sex with intriguing stories. We’ve come to love these short films not just for their orgasmic satisfaction, but also for the way they disrupt our preconceived notions about what porn should be.

Scene one is a treat for everyone who loves blue collar studs, muscles, and interracial threesomes. Casey Everett is taking a long lunch when his boss, Brian Bonds, finds him and drags him back to work. An inspector is due in an hour, and after they failed the last inspection, their jobs are on the line. Casey, a dark-haired stud with tattoos, lazily tells Brian to blame him if they fail. Brian, a strawberry blond bearded Daddy, assures his employee that this is exactly what will happen. Casey asks Brian if he’d suck a dick in order to pass. At first Brian is shocked, but he admits that he would. Later, Deep Dicc arrives to deliver a package. Brian sees the clipboard, assumes that this is the inspector, and starts rattling off everything they’ve fixed from the last inspection while leading Deep around. Casey follows, licking his lips as he checks Deep out from behind, bumping into him on purpose and grabbing his thigh at one point. Every time Deep tries to interrupt and say he’s a courier, either Brian or Casey talks over him. Finally, when Casey plainly offers to suck his dick for a passing inspection, Deep decides to go with it. It’s obvious that Casey has done this before and he’s the one calling the shots as he guides his boss through what appears to be his first time sucking cock. The hardhats take turns blowing Deep’s enormous, uncut Black cock and sucking his big balls, spending a long time making sure he’s happy. Later, Casey bends over and offers his hungry hole for Deep to rim as Brian keeps sucking. Deep penetrates Casey first and steadily pumps his raw cock in and out. Eventually, Brian stands beside Casey and Deep alternately fucks both men. Brian is shy, but even he can’t help playing with himself as he watches Deep Dicc fuck Casey on his back and waits to get fucked again. After the men are all ready to bust, the construction workers get on their knees and take a facial from the “inspector.” Wait ‘til they find out the real inspection has yet to begin.

Greg McKeon has lost his job, wife, home, and even his dog, so his stepsister agrees to let him stay for free in the basement of her nice house until he recovers. There’s no such thing as free rent for Greg, though, because his stepsister’s judgmental son, Troye Jacobs, is home from college and spends hours on the phone telling his friends about his disgusting step-uncle who lives in the basement, stares at him, smells bad, and doesn’t have a car. Finally, Greg has had enough of the mean twink’s attitude. Troye tries to apologize and make up for hurting Greg’s feelings, so Greg says Troye has to suck his dick if he wants to make it right. Greg has heard his step-nephew bragging about his blowjob skills on the phone, which reminds Greg of how long it’s been since anyone touched him, since he’s felt wanted or desired. Troye is shocked at this taboo proposition, but Greg asserts that they aren’t related and barely know each other. He feels that Troye could make him feel like a man again. Greg leads Troye to his bedroom in the basement, where Troye quickly shows that he really is as great at sucking dick as he says. Soon both of the guys are deep into it, forgetting their argument earlier as the younger man treats the older man to a lusty blowjob and rimjob. Troye lies back so his step-uncle can worship his young cock and eat his ass. Greg pulls Troye up and fucks him doggy style. The older man pounds the twink into the mattress. There are multiple positions that satisfy both of their hungry urges. After they’ve both shot their loads, Troye might never look at his step-uncle Greg the same way again.  

Don’t miss “Failed Inspection,” another emotionally and sexually thrilling new release from Disruptive Films!