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Movie Review: Caged

TitanMen Caged - Titan Media - gay porn, gay fetish porn, fisting, pissing fetish, gay muscles, extreme penetrationTitan Media serves the perfect combination of six gorgeous men and filthy fetish-flavored fucking in Caged, and it’s even hotter than you could imagine.

Titan Media exclusive David Anthony is working overtime in the first two scenes. His awe-inspiring muscle definition is a thing of staggering beauty, and so is his sexual performance. David starts the show in an outrageous oral spectacle with fellow TitanMen Tibor Wolfe and Aymeric DeVille, and gorgeous Gio Forte. Aymeric is locked up and drenched with piss before David face-fucks him through the bars of his cage. It’s not long before all four men are locked in a group suck party and drenching each other in their golden juices. You’d be hard pressed to find a nastier—and hotter—blowbang than this one. David deserves extra special notice for spitting on his own throbbing meat while he throat-fucks Aymeric balls deep. After an utterly draining oral event like this, the only way to ice the cake is with a sticky white climax and that’s just what they do.

David hasn’t had enough of Tibor, even after all that. He leads his hot fuck buddy away for some privacy, where we discover that the oral was only foreplay for these two meat-greedy studs. Ass eating and other anal play lead to more extreme pursuits, and somehow Tibor maintains a ramrod erection throughout a barrage of fucking, and fisting.

In a brick dungeon, slender and furry Mark Bartos gives total control to sculpted and smooth top Billy Berlin. Mark isn’t just a captive, but also captivated on a deep erotic level as Billy owns him completely. The two men take turns sucking each other’s pulsing pricks, and Billy bathes Mark’s face and body in his urine. When Billy fucks Mark’s ass, the pig bottom’s mouth and eyes widen more with every thrust. For the grand finale, Billy fist-fucks Mark so deeply that he looks like a hand puppet. Mark’s wrecked anus is bright red and gaping wide by the end of this aggro session!

Steel bars have got nothing on the hardness of these horny fuckers’ cocks. It’s a prison that none of them want to escape, and any hungry dick pig would beg to be let inside with them.

Stars:   David Anthony   Aymeric Deville   Tibor Wolfe   Mark Bartos   Billy Berlin   Gio Forte
Studio Name:   Titan Media

The Hand That Fists You

The Hand That Fists YouEverybody knows never to bite the hand that feeds you, but as for The Hand That Fists You, the only thing to do is watch as hungry bottoms submit to the deep stretching. Even the most demanding bottom would find the maximum ass-plunging action in this title to his liking. A clenched fist in the gut is really the height of intimacy and these guys are very open to the experience.

Director Tony Buff and the other tops enjoy pushing these hot bottoms as far as they can go, exploring their limits for their mutual pleasure.

With slow sensuality, Tony elevates black stallion Race Cooper onto a higher mental plane using nothing more than his fists. Furry redhead Brian Bonds and sleek Latino Ben Reyes have back-to-back scenes in which they take turns as the top and the bottom. Extreme piggishness abounds as Champ makes extreme bottom Boyhous’ rosebud bloom and bloom.

Enjoy four deep, intoxicating, powerful exhibitions of men finding out how much they’re willing to give and take.

Running Time:   98 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Fisting Central
Director:   Tony Buff
Stars:   Race Cooper   Champ   Boyhous   Brian Bonds   Ben Reyes   Tony Buff
Categories: Fetish   New Release   Muscles   Extreme Penetration   High Definition

Hole Wreckers

Wrecking CrewThe Wrecking Crew from Hot House Entertainment and their Club Inferno label is a sexually aggressive, eternally horny team of blue collar guys whose mission is the purposeful destruction of male assholes. It’s a messy job, but somebody has to somebody’s always extremely happy to do it. Job satisfaction never felt so… fulfilling before — emphasis on the filling.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall as these studs leave gaping holes in their wake with their powerful jackhammers, AKA their meaty fists! You don’t have to wish you could watch, because director Christian Owen has caught all the action on camera at all the best angles. He knows exactly what fisting fans want to see and he gives it to you.

When these men punch the clock, the next step is to punch some ass. They like to use their fists, but when the circumstances call for an enormous dildo, they’ll use that too! Anything goes when it comes to turning pig bottom ass into a wet, sloppy, gaping maw!

For truly extreme penetration, leave it to these professional hole-wreckers. They’re on the job night and day and they’re very proud of the work they do.

Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Hot House Entertainment  Club Inferno
Director:   Christian Owen
Stars:   Jimmy Durano   Tyson James   Anthony London   Tyler Saint   Adam Russo   Rex Roddick   Jackson Lawless   Evan Matthews
Categories: Fetish   Cumshot   New Release   Masturbation   Muscles   Dildo   Extreme Penetration   Blue Collar

Fist Animals

Fist AnimalsFist Animals is just what you might think from the title, and from knowing that it’s a Dark Alley Media movie: an intense spectacle full of seriously sexy hardcore gay fisting.

These pig bottoms have insatiable holes that need to be filled with another man’s greased-up fist, and that hunger for extreme penetration turns them into savage creatures. By the time they’ve assumed the position, these guys are nothing but sexual instinct and a hole to feed.

If you’re looking for a great fisting porno, then look no further!

Stars:   Johnny Deep   Bud Rose   Mike James   Matthias Von Fistenberg
Categories: Fetish   New Release   Masturbation   Leather   Muscles   Extreme Penetration   Pigs   High Definition
Running Time:   58 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media
Director:   Matthias Von Fistenberg

Hot Holes

Hot HolesHot Holes has the feel of real sexual encounters instead of scenes from a porno. It’s just good old-fashioned sucking and fucking with an extreme penetration twist. There’s really no need for such extras as excessive dialogue and even set-up shots that show you any kind of story behind what could be casual hookups, for all we need to know.

The bondage sex in scene one is hot. Our masked bottom boy is put in ankle cuffs and we watch from a low angle as he gets fucked with his feet in the air. Next he gets his asshole filled with an enormous black rubber dong as he slowly jerks off. After an extended sequence of this exciting extreme penetration, his top is back to fucking him with his real cock again. The scene alternates between these two kinds of penetration, and we have to say it might be more stimulating watching the bottom’s asshole swallow up the bulbous end of the dong and get invaded by the top of a bowling pin. It’s a good time either way!

Scene two begins with the same masked bottom making out with a new guy and then deep-throating him. They masturbate together for a minute and then it’s back to the sensual sword-swallowing exercises. While he spends a long time orally pleasuring his partner, the bottom is rocking a big, see-through butt plug. You can see clear up into his guts when the camera focuses on it for long moments, especially when it zooms in tight. Of course, “tight” is really not the word for the asshole itself, especially not after that plug is removed so the top can start pounding away at him and eventually give him a creampie.

Satyr Films’ Hot Holes is hardcore amateur bareback porn at its best.

Stars:   Rock Bottom   Gabriel   Max   Carmen The Dude
Categories: Amateur   Fetish   New Release   Bareback   Anal   Hardcore   Extreme Penetration
Running Time:   53 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Satyr Films
Director:   Chad Ryan  Nick Cutts

Movie Review: Raw Perverts 3

Raw Perverts 3The pigs who have been cast in Raw Perverts 3 are some of Germany’s finest. In this film they give us five hot scenes for your cock-pounding enjoyment, each one an astonishing example of the dirty, kinky way of fucking for which the series is well known.

Scene one offers a bit of ass-smacking as a warm-up before the top inserts a metal toy through a convenient zipper panel in the ass of his bottom’s black latex bodysuit. He takes a swig of beer and spits it onto that upturned bubble butt, then repeats the sloppy process several times on the bottom’s ass and face. Pulling the toy from the bottom’s asshole, the top replaces it with a giant dong. Other kinky action in this scene includes a golden shower, piss drinking, self-piss drinking, and of course bareback fucking. The top pulls out and pisses on the bottom’s freshly fucked ass before thrusting into it again.

The next scene presents a more athletic take on fetish, with the bottom in a jock strap. If deep throating is really your thing, then don’t pass it up. The lack of a gag reflex on display here is stunning to behold.

In scene three the visuals will thrill those of you who are into leather. There’s some foreskin play and pissing, but the main attraction here for most will be some particularly extreme fisting. The top lubes up and fits his arm up past the halfway point between his wrist and elbow. He switches arms and gives the bottom a blowjob while turning him into a human ass puppet, but then things turn downright astonishing. Moving back to his left arm, the top gets in all the way to the elbow.

Next up is a kinky interracial threeway with bondage, pissing, and lots of sweaty, energetic bareback fucking.

Bringing up the rear (pun intended) is a one-on-one scene with lots of ass eating and extreme penetration with huge dildos as a prelude to the raw man sex and fisting in a sling. This bottom is extremely vocal, but he takes everything that’s dished out to him!

Dark Alley Media and Wurstfilm show once again that Germans like it rough and nasty. Not that we had any doubt, but we always like to see it proved again.

Raw Perverts 3
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Stars:   Rod Painter   Fredrick Berlin   K.I.D.   Walter Frank   Paul Stag   Michael Francke   Jayson Park   Matthieu Paris   Marc   Rich Wrangler   Chase Roberts
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Pissing   Bareback   Anal   Extreme Penetration   Pigs
Running Time:   116 minutes
Released:   01/2011
Studio Name:   Wurstfilm  Dark Alley Media
Series:   Raw Perverts

Top Picks for the Weekend May 25-27, 2012

End your week with hot man-on-man action! We’ve got twinks getting their pie holes filled with cream, recovered “lost tapes” of horny Euro pigs fisting and breeding each other, and gorgeous Czech twinks going skin-on-skin!


Cum Suckers 19

Years ago, Factory Video Productions and Cum Suckers came out with a compilation of the hottest men in the Bay Area taking gaping loads in their spunk-hungry maws. It’s great to know that there are still plenty of amateur studs who want to gulp down cum for our enjoyment. Cum Suckers has been imitated, but never duplicated.


Categories: Amateur   Blowjob   Cumshot   New Release   Twink   Compilation   High Definition

Running Time:   98 minutes

Released:   04/2012

Studio Name:   Factory Video Productions

Series:   Cum Suckers



Berlin Fist Fuckers

After Dick Wadd recovered some tapes that German Customs had seized, the company lovingly reconstructed the footage into the raw, stunning movie you see here. A dozen sex-crazed Euro pigs attack each other’s asses with their fists and big uncut cocks. Add in some hot streams of man piss, and you have another classic fetish video from Dick Wadd!


Stars:   Axel Ryder   Matthieu Paris   Jason Banks   David Novak   Korben David   Jorge Ballantinos   Mike Butt   Jacques Fister   Kike Garces   Christian Herzog   David More   Skin Head Bull

Categories: Fetish   New Release   Euro   Orgies   Pissing   International   Bareback   Anal   Extreme Penetration   Pigs

Running Time:   103 minutes

Released:   05/2012

Studio Name:   Dick Wadd



Skin on Skin 3

Gorgeous young Ariel Vanean headlines BelAmi’s third man-sized serving of skin-on-skin action. Sexed-up newcomers (Harris Hilton, Roger Lambert, and Steve Peyroux) join superstars (Sascha Chaykin, Alex Orioli, Manuel Rios, and pals) for an irresistibly erotic adventure. Man-on-man lovemaking doesn’t get much hotter than this!


Stars:   Ariel Vanean   Ennio Guardi   Florian Nemec   Roger Lambert   Phillipe Gaudin   Harris Hilton   Steve Peyroux   Sascha Chaykin   Alex Orioli   Cody Clark

Categories: Euro   International   Twink   Bareback   Anal   Uncut   Czech

Running Time:   112 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Bel Ami  Lukas Ridgestone

Series:   Skin On Skin

Director:   Marty Stevens  Lukas Ridgeston