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Movie Review: “TIMFuck 11,” Treasure Island Media

timfuck 11, group fuckers, treasure island media, bareback, orgies, gangbang, raw, gay, porn, B.J. Slater, Alex Ramos, Bruno Knickerbocker, Nick Nicastro, Kamrun, Matt Sizemore, Blake Daniels, Steven Richards, Seth Fisher, Jessie Balboa, Nick Moretti, Max Sanchez, Ray Dalton, Fabio Stallone, Wade Stone, Logan Stevens, Dayton O'Connor, Jake Austin, Calvin (TIM), Drew Sebastian, Ludo SanderTreasure Island Media’s membership site is known for intimate, filthy, realtime bareback scenes that feel like you’re in the room. They collect the best of these scenes and release them in the TIMFuck series. If you’re looking for some of the most intense and authentic raw sex ever captured on video, then you already know. TIMFuck 11 is the latest in this awesome series.

Seth had a fantasy about being the meat in a Drew Sebastian/Logan Stevens sandwich. TIM heard him loud and clear, so they decided to make it happen. At the beginning of the scene, Seth shows off his long, fat cock for the camera and his scene partners. He, Drew, and Logan stand in a circle, kissing loudly as they jerk themselves slowly. It doesn’t take them long to get hard and excited enough to take things further. The action is fast-paced and relentless, with all three men giving good vocals and face. After Seth’s been thoroughly used, the camera moves in close as he pushes the jizz out of his reddened, stretched asshole. (more…)

Movie Review: “Cum Junkie,” Treasure Island Media

liam cole, cum junkie, treasure island media, tim, orgy, gangbang, gay, bareback, Mario Domenech, Alexx Desley, Balthazar, Antonio Miracle, Gabriel Fisk, Valentino Delta, Freddy Miller, Jessy Karson, Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Drew Sebastian, Nathan Gear, Dolf Dietrich, VladTreasure Island Media has a long-awaited new movie this week, one that has won loads and awards already. Cum Junkie from director Liam Cole features a large, hot cast of British, European, and American men who have a love for cum that could fairly be considered an obsession, even an addiction. Hard cocks and hot loads rule their world.

Canadian top Jessy Karson takes British bottom Nathan Gear out into a junkyard, where the dirtiest thing is the surprise sex that Jessy springs on Nathan. Jessy’s got a one-track mind when it comes to fucking, and Nathan, though he wasn’t expecting this, is eager to open his hungry hole for this hot fucker!

Gorgeous, tattooed, pierced Dutch bottom Alexx Desley is in the basement of a meatpacking plant that can only be described as a sex dungeon. Two tops in ski masks have him where they want him—where he wants to be: on all fours with a cock at each end. Alexx gets totally dick drunk as these two thick fuck sticks ream him and then fill him with hot cum! (more…)

Movie Review, “Cheap Thrills 8,” Treasure Island Media

cheap thrills 8, treasure island media, paul morris, bareback, gay, porn, breeding, raw, andy arcade, pete summers, jimmie slater, jimmy slater, eddie kordova, eli cummings, derrick, timPaul Morris hand-picked some of his favorite inked and big-dicked fuckers for Cheap Thrills 8, a Treasure Island Media release that delivers what it promises.

Clocking in at just over half an hour, this is hard and fast action that packs so much fuck for the buck that you’ll be blowing before you know it, so don’t expect to make it all the way through in one sitting. You’ll get plenty of “uses” out of this hot bareback flick!

Pete Summers is a pig bottom who has previously been known for taking copious amounts of jizz in Viral Loads and Bone Head 2, among others. Here he is with Andy Arcade, who savors his hole with plenty of tongue first. When Pete’s hole is all wet and ready, he mounts Andy’s cock and takes a thrashing ride like some kind of sex cowboy. Andy seeds Pete’s hole with a huge load!

Porn newbie Eli Cummings is thrown in at the deep end for his first bareback fuck, which also ends up being his first jizz injection. With poppers there for his use, Eli takes a hammering from Derrick and vocally enjoys the experience! Eli is practically speaking in tongues as he gets increasingly dick drunk. Derrick delivers the seeding of Eli’s life, just like he’s always wanted.

Jimmie Slater is all about plenty of ass eating before he fucks. He seems to love it almost as much as he loves shoving his cock in there, and Eddie Kordova is the beneficiary of this oral-anal fixation in the final scene. Once his pucker is all slick with slobber, Eddie takes Jimmie’s throbbing man meat and gets thoroughly pounded, and then filled with spooge!

Enjoy three short but intense scenes of hot, sweaty, bareback man sex, exclusively on AEBN!

Stars:   Andy Arcade   Pete Summers   Jimmie Slater   Eddie Kordova   Eli Cummings   Derrick (TIM)   Travis Mecarro
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

Movie Review: “We Are Coming for You” from Treasure Island Media

we are coming for you, treasure island media, paul morris, cutler x, wolfie blue, jay brix, max cameron, brad mcguire, mark david, ed hunter, fucktard, ian jay, keer, fyerfli, gay, porn, bareback, interracial
Treasure Island Media head Paul Morris has made We Are Coming for You to be something of a manifesto. The title doesn’t just refer to coming in the orgasmic sense. It’s also a declaration of solidarity with other gay men and a statement against hate and oppression. This is porn with a purpose, but it’s also just as hot as every other TIM video you’ve ever seen.

Sinewy Jay Brix is kissing Max Cameron before they realize the camera is rolling. They laugh when they realize the scene has started and get back to it without missing a beat. Jay is already naked and Max drops his pants to reveal that he’s wearing a jock strap underneath. It frames his well-formed butt cheeks perfectly. Max drops to his knees and wraps his mouth around Jay’s hard-on, and Jay grabs the sides of Max’s head for leverage as he skull-fucks him. Jay bends Max over and spreads his ass open so he can lick and stick him with that big dick of his. Max takes Jay’s fuck in several positions, their connection deepening as they taste, smell, and breathe each other.

Brad McGuire has retired from porn, but Paul has been saving his scene with Mark David for a special occasion. It was Mark’s first scene for the studio. As you might know, Mark started doing gay porn after his wife cuckolded him and had her lover fuck Mark. It turns out Mark isn’t so straight after all, especially when it’s a stud like Brad fucking him. Brad’s ability to turn any bottom into a total slut is legendary and it’s easy to see why Paul was holding onto this scene until now.

After we watch Ed Hunter induct another newbie into his personal collection of totally owned conquests, we see the return of “The Fucktard.” This legendary dick-drunk bottom has had his fill of just about every top who shoots for TIM. (His legendary antics can also be seen in Bad Seed.) TIM viewers will love seeing him get bred once again when he meets Calvin for a scene that leaves his greedy hole gaping!

Eager to work with cum slut Ian Jay again, Paul gave him his pick of tops. Ian chose Keer, whose dick is almost as thick as a twink’s wrist. In this filthy-hot scene, Ian uses Keer as a living, breathing dildo and takes his seed up his well-bred ass.

Johnny is a rich boy from one of California’s most prominent old-money families, but he aims to misbehave… just a bit. He puts on a mask and somehow his ass manages to accommodate Fyerfli’s fat dick. It’s so tight we’re amazed that such a snug grip didn’t milk Fyerfli’s cock almost immediately.

The legendary Cutler X is here to dominate young white twink Wolfie Blue with his enormous black cock and all the muscle-driven power that he brings to every scene. Wolfie didn’t know he was in for a fuck that would leave him limping for days! Cutler X totally owns that sweet young ass in a way that Wolfie is never going to forget.

We Are Coming for You starts and ends on sky-high notes, and everything in between is also great. It’s easy to see why Paul Morris believes in the raw power and even the soul connections that are possible in the best gay porn. This TIM instant classic is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Max Cameron   Jay Brix   Brad McGuire   Johnny   Fyerfli   Ian Jay   Cutler X   Mark David   Keer (TIM)   Calvin (TIM)   Ed Hunter   Wolfie Blue   Fucktard
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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Cheap Thrills 3

Cheap Thrills 3Treasure Island Media presents a trio of slamming, steaming, sensational raw scenes in Cheap Thrills 3. Honey, just because it’s cheap doesn’t change the fact that this movie is worth twice its weight in spunk!

Chad Brock and Blake Daniels are a couple of shameless sluts who indulge in a wanton threeway with sexy Matt Sizemore. All that sucking and fucking leads to copious amounts of spooge!

Next, legendary monster-dicked top Jerry Stearns takes on the muscular bottom Mark Dixon. Jerry’s ten and a half inches are almost too much, even for an experienced and healthy stud such as Mark, but in the end (har) Mark loves the way that black fuck god fills and drills his hungry hole!

Treasure Island’s own Keer just gives and gives to Lucca Mazza in the last of the three scenes. Their chemistry is just pure magic as they lock lips and eyes throughout a gorgeous fuck. Keer’s thick nine inches give Lucca everything he needs and leave him ecstatic.

Stars:   Keer (TIM)   Lucca Mazza   Matt Sizemore   Blake Daniels   Jerry Stearns   Chad Brock   Mark Dixon
Categories: Muscles   Bareback   Anal   High Definition
Running Time:   47 minutes
Released:   01/2012
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Series:   Cheap Thrills
Director:   Paul Morris

Cheap Thrills 3
Watch Full HD movie now in AEBN

The Year’s Most Watched Gay Porn: TimFuck 2

In our recap of last year’s most popular gay porn titles, we’ve noticed a definite trend toward bareback fucking. It doesn’t get rawer than the always condom-free adventures put forth by Treasure Island Media. TIMFuck 2, the second installment to the website and accompanying series, features more cream pies than you would find at a bake sale that takes place on an old-fashioned slapstick movie set.


Directed by Paul Morris, this release features a style that will be familiar to fans of other work from the stripped back and action-focused condomless porn champions.


But to top the release of volume one, Morris gives us 139 minutes of hardcore gut-breeding as opposed to the original’s 90-minute, 10 scene mix of hardcore orgies to intimate, raw one-on-ones.


It would be difficult to top Calvin and George in scene two of this film. Fans of truly rough, masculine guys are going to be rewatching the fierce chemistry between this horny pair over and over.


But if there’s just one scene that can claim the title of ultimate bareback interaction, it’d be the film’s concluding threeway. You just can’t beat a fuck train among a trio of gorgeous lads.


Suffice to say there are all the trademarks of another great Treasure Island Media release here. The men are great — including a few new faces and asses — and the gritty, raw mood permeates every scene. It’s no wonder these breeders have captured the attention of so many AEBN viewers this year!

Movie Review: What I Can’t See 3

What I Can't See 3Treasure Island Media is back with What I Can’t See 3 and director Paul Morris is at the helm once more. The incredibly popular What I Can’t See series is so called because of the blindfolding of each scene’s bottom to the activities of the ruthless top, and it adds that extra bit of kink to the already very dirty bareback studio.

Daddy/Son pairing fans are in for a real treat being with the opening one-on-one featuring a blindfolded young Alex put at the mercy of big-dicked super daddy B.J. Slater. Slater gets that talented tongue going on the horny young thing’s ass early and his vocals in response are just fantastic.

But you haven’t heard anything yet — just wait until that daddy top slides his massive tool into that unsuspecting ass and pounds into it without mercy. What a steamy intergenerational couple this is.

Older/younger fans should also make sure they check out scene five with TIM veteran Keer topping the very cute bottom Michael.

Undoubtedly one of my favorite scenes is the gangbang shot by Liam Cole that comes after this one-on-one. Scene two has a whole swag of Euro hotties that many will remember from a not dissimilar orgy scene in Full Tilt, though there were no blindfolds in that one. Whereas hot young thing Ed Gunn was the cum slut in that film, this time it’s Jack Lewis set upon by a whole lot of raw manly cock (including Gunn, who’s back to play top). After Lewis is laid out for a room full of strangers he can’t see, they enter and roughfuck the skinny lad and drain themselves deep inside his guts, one after another. There’s so much cum it’s literally leaking out of him.

John Sullivan’s tag-teaming by well-hung hotties Jerry Stearns and Lito Cruz in scene seven is another ensemble effort I wouldn’t go past. The interracial tag team take turns on the blindfolded piggy and really wreck his ass.