Trey Turner

Movie Review: “Logan Moore Gang Bang,” Raw Fuck Club

Logan Moore, Scott De Marco, Jay Alexander, Timarrie Baker, Trey Turner, Sean Duran, Jace Chambers, Devin Totter, Owen Powers, gang bang, dark alley media, raw fuck club, bareback, gay, pornRaw Fuck Club/Dark Alley Media have an awesome group sex flick for us this week in the form of Logan Moore Gang Bang. The title star is a furry bottom with a tan-lined bubble butt who loves nothing more than the feeling of one cock after another plunging into his hole!

The Ramrod Bar is a great place to find some dick, as Logan Moore is well aware. He’s looking for a breeding and he’s going to get all he can take. Logan is chilling at the bar with a beer when Timarrie Baker saunters in, a slim black otter wearing a harness, shorts, and boots. They size each other up, Timarrie rubbing his dick as Logan watches. Without exchanging a word, Timarrie moves over to the pool table. Logan sets his beer down and joins Timarrie.

Their hot kisses are a symphony of smacking lips and tongue action, so if you love to hear guys sucking face it’s going to get you excited. Timarrie and Logan progress quickly from this foreplay to sucking each other’s cocks, and Timarrie’s is enormous. (more…)

Featured star: Versatile Trey Turner

trey turnerLatin stud Trey Turner is a greedy bottom, but he’s also an aggressive top. His versatility is a definite asset, but we confess that we find it hotter when he bottoms. There are few views nicer than the sight of Trey from behind when he’s sitting on a big dick. We can never get enough of the small of his back leading into the curve of his muscular, round ass cheeks. That gorgeous ass practically begs any top to grab him by the hips and plunge right inside!

This week we got to see him bottom in When Big Daddy Is Gone: The Roman Man from Alpha One Media. He’s awesome to watch as a horny boy cheating on Big Daddy Tyler Reed with his former fuck buddy, Michael Roman. On the other hand, he’s incredible to see in action when he’s topping some lucky bottom, especially in earlier movies like Black Balled 8 from All Worlds Video/Channel One Releasing.

Trey’s horny as hell and will also take a real pounding from a fuck machine, as seenin Butt Machine Boys: Trey Turner from Kink Men. On his lunch break, he doesn’t want to eat, but he’s got a different hungry hole to feed! Away from the noise and crowds of the warehouse where he works, Trey breaks out his favorite sex toys and warms up his ass until he can (more…)

Series Review: “When Big Daddy Is Gone,” Alpha One

the morning fuck, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, aarin asker, barebackAlpha One and Big Daddy’s Big Media have newly released a trilogy full of hot, raw bear-on-bear action in a series called When Big Daddy Is Gone. Tyler Reed stars as Big Daddy in all three of these raunchy bareback scenes, which are all streaming exclusively on AEBN.

The Morning Fuck

When Aarin Asker wakes up one morning next to his daddy Tyler Reed, his dick is throbbing with need for a breeding. The only thing that will satisfy him is his daddy’s seed inside him! Unfortunately for Aarin, Tyler has to get to the set on time. Not one to wait for gratification, Aarin calls on Brian Bonds, one of his previous daddies. Aarin knows that Brian can stretch his hole and fill it up just right. Brian doesn’t feel sure about being Aarin’s side piece, but he remembers how good that hole felt to fuck and he heads over to relive the good memories. After he has pounded Aarin’s ass and dumped his load, Brian leaves just a moment before Tyler gets home. He forgot something and had to come back, but since he’s there, Aarin begs him for his load, pretending he didn’t just get seeded a few minutes before!

when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, the roughneck, jacob durham, barebackThe Roughneck

Tyler is in the kitchen with Jacob Durham trying to decide what they want to make for dinner, or at least that’s how it started. They have their shirts off and they can’t keep their hands off each other. When Tyler gets a call telling him he needs to go pick up a petulant model at the airport, Jacob is so sexually frustrated that he makes a booty call to Adam Ryker, a former fuck buddy. Adam is also horny and he doesn’t mind fucking on the down low. Jacob’s raw hole feels as good as Adam remembered when he shoves his thick dick up inside. But they’ve got to make it quick, and Jacob is sloppy seconds for Big Daddy when he gets home hungry for more than dinner!

the roman man, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, bareback, big daddy, tyler reed, trey turnerThe Roman Man

While Trey Turner takes a shower, Big Daddy is shaving before he heads off to the film set. Trey can’t stop thinking about the guy he talked to on Scruff last night, Michael Roman. After Tyler leaves for work, Michael will be coming over to fuck him. Tyler is out and Trey calls Michael right away. Michael is used to fucking boys while their daddies are off at work, so he wastes no time in wetting his dick in Trey’s mouth before plunging into his hungry hole. Not long after Michael bails, Tyler comes home to find Trey on the bed, still ready to take another seeding!

If you’re already a fan of Tyler Reed, then you will definitely want to get into this series. And if you’re not a fan of his yet, you will be after watching the way he fucks his cheating boys.

You can only watch these three scorching, condomless scenes on AEBN’s VOD theaters.

Stars:   Brian Bonds   Aarin Asker   Tyler Reed   Jacob Durham   Adam Ryker   Trey Turner   Michael Roman
Studio Name:   Alpha One Media  Big Daddy’s Big Media 

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Movie Review: Couples

CouplesThese sexy Couples keep the flame burning with hot, spontaneous sex at home. Luckily, we have a front-row seat to their passionate lovemaking!

Falcon Studios Man of the Year Landon Conrad awakes to his partner, dark stud Trey Turner, licking his nipple. After exchanging blowjobs with a little 69, Landon buries his face in Trey’s firm bubble butt and flickers his tongue around that hole. Trey’s tight asshole totally engulfs Landon’s cock, and the way he moans in pleasure as he rides it might just push you over the edge. With his legs wide open to receive Landon’s ramming thrusts, Trey finally spurts all over himself. Landon soon adds to the creamy mess.

When his boyfriend Angelo Marconi walks in and starts kissing him, Topher DiMaggio forgets about finishing the dishes. Cock-loving Angelo kneels and starts deep-throating Topher’s impressive dick. Topher knows that Angelo can’t resist his rimming skills, and whenever Topher pauses for breath, Angelo fingers himself to prepare for Topher’s cock. Up on the kitchen counter, Angelo positions himself in standing sidesaddle and missionary for the best angles to receive the maximum effect of Topher’s fuck. Topher delivers it deep and hard till Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which inspires Topher to spray cum all over the counter.

Bryce Star is showering before a night out with his boyfriend, Boston Miles. The water glints in the light, showing every muscle to great effect. Boston can’t resist joining Bryce in the shower. Bryce gets on his knees to polish Boston’s beautiful knob and it makes him rock hard. You will love the sight of his veiny monster cock pulsing with need! Boston sees Bryce’s erection and leaps at the chance to suck it, then licks Bryce’s hole. Seeing the way that orifice twitches, Boston penetrates Bryce at last and gives him a pounding. Bryce takes a more active ride in reverse cowboy, giving us a fantastic view of his bouncing cock. Boston finishes Bryce off in missionary, cumming on his boyfriend only after Bryce has cum first.

Hot black stud Micah Brandt interrupts his gorgeous boyfriend Dylan McLovin’s reading by kissing all the way up his body. Putting the book aside, Dylan enjoys the feel of Micah’s full lips on his, and wrapped around his shaft. Micah’s mouth and throat are well used before it’s his turn to be sucked. Dylan savors Micah’s cock and asshole. Micah feels inspired to lick Dylan’s ass, giving us a hot rimjob 69 sequence. On the couch, a very ready Micah lies back and takes an ass-stretching drilling from Dylan. Fucked into a trancelike state, Micah moans and yells for Dylan to give it to him even harder. Finally at his exploding point, Micah bellows in ecstasy and blows a huge load on himself. Soon Dylan pulls out to further coat his boyfriend in spunk.

Every couple in the movie shows a real connection and attraction. When these boyfriends give in to desire, they fuck as hard as horny strangers hooking up for the first time.

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Stars:   Micah Brandt   Bryce Star   Boston Miles   Dylan McLovin   Angelo Marconi   Trey Turner   Landon Conrad   Topher DiMaggio
Categories: New Release   Interracial   Muscles   Anal   Boyfriends   Safe Sex
Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Tony DiMarco

Movie Review: Work Loads

Work LoadsGiving new meaning to the term “working stiff,” superstar director Chi Chi LaRue bestows five thrilling workplace sex scenes upon an unsuspecting world with Work Loads. Newly available on VOD, this C1R/Rascal Video title features two stunning new studs and several popular stars.

Newcomer Trace Hunter and beloved hottie Matthew Rush are landscapers taking the edge off a busy day with some sex. Matthew initiates it, kissing Trace, fondling his biceps, and licking his pits and pierced nipples. Trace deeply sniffs Matthew’s crotch and likes the scent, so he whips out that cock and begins worshiping it. Eventually Trace bends Matthew over and gives him a long, luscious rimming. Later he feeds his cock to Matthew and gets his asshole licked. They finish themselves by jerking off onto the lid of a shiny metal trash can.

Trey Turner doesn’t want to get his shirt dirty while painting, so Drake Jaden suggests that he take it off. In fact, Drake thinks it’s a good idea for both of them to strip down to the jockstraps they’re conveniently wearing under their clothes. Soon their stiffening cocks poke out and they can’t help admiring each other’s swimmer-like bodies. Drake feasts on Trey’s cock and our view is excellent, especially when Drake’s big blue eyes look up at Trey. Soon Drake starts playing with Trey’s asshole in preparation to fuck him, and he does just that, but when it’s time to flip-flop, we can see that Trey was the dominant type all along. He gets creative, fucking Drake in reverse piledriver. These guys don’t get much paint on the walls, but Trey sprays Drake’s shaved head a nice off-white and Drake adds a little cream to his abs.

Alex Slater watches Matthew Rush doing the grounds keeping. Soon Matthew looks in the window and sees Alex waving his cock invitingly. Matthew comes in and strips off his shirt, putting on an impromptu muscle show. Alex kisses that thick, hard body and soon it drives Matthew crazy. Pushing Alex gently but forcefully onto the bed, Matthew kisses him assertively. Soon he puts his mouth to other use, mouth-fucking that cock Alex used to lure him inside and then licking Alex’s hairy ass. Alex gets his turn to taste Matthew’s dick and then he rides it. Whereas Matthew and Trace were equally bulky, there’s a sexy contrast between Matthew and the slightly darker, more compactly built Alex. It’s fitting that Matthew is the top, and we think Alex would agree judging by how much he enjoys it! Matthew cums with a mighty bellow.

Drake Jaden is back as an I.T. guy called in to help porn newbie Adam Rogue, a yoked stud with a particularly hard problem. After Drake crawls under the desk and asks for Adam to hand him something, he finds his hand being placed on a denim-covered bulge! Drake is quickly on his knees and sucking Adam while cubicle neighbor Alexander Garrett looks on, masturbating. Soon Alexander joins in, licking Drake’s cute little ass from below while getting a blowjob from Adam. Leather enthusiasts should enjoy the sound Drake’s boots make as he bounces above Alexander’s face. Adam and Alexander then team up on Drake’s cock – lucky man! The scene concludes with a three-way jerk session that leaves Adam’s muscular chest gooey.

Now comes the moment many will have been waiting for: cover model Roman Heart’s Rascal Video debut. Roman finds his employee Jimmy Durano (a C1R exclusive) sleeping on the job and decides to jerk off over him. Jimmy wakes up with that big, beautiful cock in his face and is understandably receptive to getting his mouth fucked – wouldn’t you be, if you found Roman Heart dangling his dick at you? Unsurprisingly, Jimmy savors that tasty meat for a long while, but eventually it’s Roman’s turn to taste. Jimmy lightly slaps his dick against Roman’s face. What a role reversal! It’s exciting to see the boss man eagerly slurp his lazy employee’s cockhead. These men are cut from marble and watching Jimmy fuck the gorgeous Roman will do it for any of you with fantasies about sex with your boss. Their sexual energy bursts through the screen and you’ll want more than anything to be in either of their places as they reach their ecstatic climax.