Series Review: “When Big Daddy Is Gone,” Alpha One

the morning fuck, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, aarin asker, barebackAlpha One and Big Daddy’s Big Media have newly released a trilogy full of hot, raw bear-on-bear action in a series called When Big Daddy Is Gone. Tyler Reed stars as Big Daddy in all three of these raunchy bareback scenes, which are all streaming exclusively on AEBN.

The Morning Fuck

When Aarin Asker wakes up one morning next to his daddy Tyler Reed, his dick is throbbing with need for a breeding. The only thing that will satisfy him is his daddy’s seed inside him! Unfortunately for Aarin, Tyler has to get to the set on time. Not one to wait for gratification, Aarin calls on Brian Bonds, one of his previous daddies. Aarin knows that Brian can stretch his hole and fill it up just right. Brian doesn’t feel sure about being Aarin’s side piece, but he remembers how good that hole felt to fuck and he heads over to relive the good memories. After he has pounded Aarin’s ass and dumped his load, Brian leaves just a moment before Tyler gets home. He forgot something and had to come back, but since he’s there, Aarin begs him for his load, pretending he didn’t just get seeded a few minutes before!

when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, big daddy, tyler reed, the roughneck, jacob durham, barebackThe Roughneck

Tyler is in the kitchen with Jacob Durham trying to decide what they want to make for dinner, or at least that’s how it started. They have their shirts off and they can’t keep their hands off each other. When Tyler gets a call telling him he needs to go pick up a petulant model at the airport, Jacob is so sexually frustrated that he makes a booty call to Adam Ryker, a former fuck buddy. Adam is also horny and he doesn’t mind fucking on the down low. Jacob’s raw hole feels as good as Adam remembered when he shoves his thick dick up inside. But they’ve got to make it quick, and Jacob is sloppy seconds for Big Daddy when he gets home hungry for more than dinner!

the roman man, when big daddy is gone, alpha one, big daddy's big media, bareback, big daddy, tyler reed, trey turnerThe Roman Man

While Trey Turner takes a shower, Big Daddy is shaving before he heads off to the film set. Trey can’t stop thinking about the guy he talked to on Scruff last night, Michael Roman. After Tyler leaves for work, Michael will be coming over to fuck him. Tyler is out and Trey calls Michael right away. Michael is used to fucking boys while their daddies are off at work, so he wastes no time in wetting his dick in Trey’s mouth before plunging into his hungry hole. Not long after Michael bails, Tyler comes home to find Trey on the bed, still ready to take another seeding!

If you’re already a fan of Tyler Reed, then you will definitely want to get into this series. And if you’re not a fan of his yet, you will be after watching the way he fucks his cheating boys.

You can only watch these three scorching, condomless scenes on AEBN’s VOD theaters.

Stars:   Brian Bonds   Aarin Asker   Tyler Reed   Jacob Durham   Adam Ryker   Trey Turner   Michael Roman
Studio Name:   Alpha One Media  Big Daddy’s Big Media 

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