The Devil Is in the Details

the devil is in the details, gay, porn, white collar, iconmale, icon male, adam russo, andy banks, nick capra, billy santoro, vittorio naxos, jay johnsonDirector Dana Vespoli joins Icon Male for her first gay feature, The Devil Is in the Details. This loose adaptation of The Devil’s Advocate is the story of newbie attorney Andrew Starbuck (cute Andy Banks), who’s been recruited to a powerful entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. He and his wife, Penny (Penny Pax), learn the hard way that their Tennessee way of life never prepared them for this.

Alex Pierce (bearded daddy Adam Russo) takes Andrew to his office and sizes him up like a delicious steak. Though grateful to be recruited, Andrew doesn’t know why they plucked him from obscurity. Alex says he’s been keeping an eye on the young lawyer and wants to use his fresh idealism to the firm’s advantage. Andrew will be set up with unimaginable perks, but it’s obvious that these goodies will come at a price. Almost immediately Andrew starts snubbing Penny for his new life.

Late one night at work, Andrew has just hung up on a tense phone call with Penny when he happens to look across the hall and see his boss, Alex, pulling William (Billy Santoro) in for a kiss. Alex pushes the bearish Billy to his knees and shoves his face down onto his thick dick. Billy happily assumes the submissive role and takes a deep fuck in doggy style, cowboy position, missionary, and more. With growls and grunts, the men jerk out their loads. Andrew ducks back into his office, but Alex knows he watched the whole thing.

The next day, Andrew and handsome older attorney Nick Capra are the first ones at work. After a sociopathic monologue about greed, Nick smashes his mouth and body against Andrew’s, turning the young lawyer into his fuck toy. Andrew doesn’t protest as this gorgeous, rock-solid older man sweeps him up in a rush of testosterone. With his expensive suit on the floor, Andrew is surprisingly muscular and cute as hell—just barely out of twinkhood, he’s a potent contrast to Nick’s commanding daddy appeal. For someone so apparently naïve, Andrew sure doesn’t seem unfamiliar with having a dick in his holes. Nick jerks out a frothy load with Andrew’s cock in his mouth, after which Andrew shoots his own cum onto Nick’s dick. Andrew wakes up with a jolt. It was only a dream.

Alex invites Andrew to his house after a successful case. Angry that her husband is snubbing her on his first night free since who knows when, Penny follows him. She sneaks into the room, but flees in horror when she finds her husband and his boss watching a pair of stunning naked men (Vittorio Naxos and Jay Johnson) whose wings were cut off, leaving feathery scars. These fallen angels put on a live sex show for their audience in Alex’s living room, displaying their gorgeous bodies like art as they suck, fuck, and masturbate to completion.

Andrew claims he’s not gay, but Alex has been watching him his whole life. He knows the innocent country boy image is an act. Alex offers Andrew all the power and glory that come with life as a hotshot celebrity attorney, but it’s going to cost him. They seal the pact with much more than a kiss—Alex strips Andrew naked and pushes his mouth down to suck his huge dick, then pounds him into the white leather couch. This time it’s not a dream and Andrew proves to be one hungry dick pig. You can’t blame him. Devil or no devil, Alex is hot as hell!

Stars:   Nick Capra   Adam Russo   Andy Banks   Billy Santoro   Vittorio Naxos   Jay Johnson
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Iconmale

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