Top Picks for the Weekend 09/30/10

Summer Heat (Falcon Studios)

Seafoam caresses the sand while seabirds reel overhead as the murmuring waves lull tight and tanned beach denizens into a dreamy mirage of mist and reflected rays of light. Amidst all this splendor, eight rippling lusty men indulge in a spray of sun-soaked sensuality. Follow their footprints in the sand as these hot and horny studs meet up and surrender to the pounding rhythm of Eros. Dive in as they explore the salty depths of desire. Join Roman Heart, Benjamin Bradley, Cameron Adams plus newcomers Parker London, Tucker Vaughn, Tommy Deluca, Devon Hunter and Lucas Knowles in the swelling tide of an unfathomable sea of sexual yearning and satisfaction … give in to Summer Heat today

Stars: Parker London Devon Hunter Tucker Vaughn Tommy DeLuca Roman Heart Benjamin Bradley Cameron Adams Lucas Knowles

Raw Underground: Paris (Treasure Island Media)

Get it raw from the underground world in Paris. The biggest cocks and wildest raw fucking from men in Paris!

Review excerpt: “Eric both shoots porn and stars in it himself and “Raw Underground: Paris” is the self-documented sexploits of this hungry French cumpig. Don’t go expecting the usual Treasure Island standard of production though, the summary material makes it perfectly clear that this is genuinely amateur video, and the camerawork and lighting aren’t up there with their catalogue of features. That said, many still do prefer a less streamlined production, especially when it comes to bareback porn. You will definitely get that kind of mood from it here”

Stars:   Eric Paris Handsome Tommy Hellboy Rudy Dimitri

Direct Orders 2 (Active Duty)
Follow orders, no questions asked. There’s no exceptions made, so when dicks get hard ass must be fucked.
Review excerpt: “It’s a clich√©, but you really can’t go wrong with Active Duty and resident director Dink Flamingo. It’s rare to experience one of their titles that you won’t find incredibly boner-inducing. Naturally, it has a lot to do with the military gents that he lines up for each of the scenes. “Direct Orders 2″ is yet another stud- heavy feature. Its tattooed muscle hotties hit all the right places and will easily satisfy fans of Active Duty favorites like Kaden Saylor.”

Stars: Brian Kaden Ransom Austin (Pink Bird Media)

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