Will Helm

Will HelmThere’s a reason you can find Will Helm on the box cover for just about every movie he’s ever done that we have on our VOD theatre since getting his start in 2011 – he is one stunning Euro piece of ass! We love that Maori tattoo and of course his fantastically sculpted torso is the perfect canvas for it. Here is a man who knows what his moneymaker is and how to take care of it. Standing 5’9″ and weighing in at about 150 pounds, he is compactly built and packs a beautiful cock.

Will’s popularity has been exploding as of late and one of the biggest reasons is his sizzling performance in The Last Day, an apocalypse-themed erotic thriller from Lucas Entertainment. Apocalyptic movies have been all the rage in Hollywood for a few years now, but give us this sexy deserted island version starring Will, Jonathan Agassi, and Kriss Aston any day.

One of Will’s first movies, Pounded Down from Raging Stallion Studios, was an early demonstration of his great star potential. It was released a little more than a year ago and we couldn’t get that box cover out of our heads in all that time, not that we see why you would want to. You can see it down below. The way he looks in this movie is a leather fetishist’s wet dream. We don’t see how anyone who enjoys seeing hot men fuck would be able to resist watching him in action.

The latest movie starring Will Helm is Dark Room from Dark Alley Media. Watch him open and stretch Alex Wolf’s slutty hole with his greasy fists!

Even though Will doesn’t have a lot of movies to his name yet, everything this French stud does is worthy of your adoration as far as we’re concerned. Here are three of our favorite movies of his to date, and we look forward to enjoying his porn appearances for as long as possible.

Pounded Down Retreat Dark Room

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