Bare Aware

Bare AwareAt first your humble reviewer read the title and thought it was Bare Awake, and was thinking about making a series of terrible jokey remarks about being naked and conscious in this introductory paragraph. Instead, since the actual title is Bare Aware, that just busts open the door for even more terrible jokey remarks about being aware of nakedness. How could anyone fail to notice that these men are bare? (Sorry, couldn’t resist at least one.)

But don’t worry, because then your humble reviewer got distracted by the naked European twinks and can now think of nothing else but the hot, smooth, nubile flesh of young guys doing devilishly delicious things to each other.

Whether it’s the pair of hotties getting it on in piledriver position in scene one, the cute masturbating cowboy in scene four whose dick many of us would gladly jerk for him, the sweaty and messy nightclub orgy in the final scene, or anywhere in between, these are some phenomenal scenes just overflowing with eye candy.

Ray Weil, Jacob Bishop, Neil Cross, Falco White, Julien Heath, and Kamil Fox are probably the best known with more than 20 movies each – more than 50, in Kamil’s case. Quite a few of the guys in this cast also appeared in the studio’s smashing Bare Ravers back in 2010, and several of them have their own starring titles from Staxus. Thomas Birch and Aiden Moore are fresh faces and both are hopefully going to come back for plenty more movies. Staxus and Vlado Iresch sure do know how to cast a porno with the most gorgeous pieces of ass.

Bare Aware
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Stars:   Ray Weil   Jose Scott   John Cer   Jacob Bishop   Neil Cross   Falco White   Carter Hides   Julien Heath   Christopher Kidd   Roney Clark   Sam Long   Ian Samson   Alex Granger   Marty Love   Jay Selman   Thomas Birch   Aiden Moore   Dillion Day   Kamil Fox   Michael Getlin   Tony Rogers
Categories: New Release   Euro   International   Twink   Bareback   Anal   Uncut
Running Time:   97 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Staxus
Director:   Vlado Iresch

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