Dallas Cum

Dallas CumCan you remember the last time you saw a porn film that based itself simply on the act of blowjobs? Suffice to say that “Dallas Cum” came as quite a pleasant surprise due to the nature of its subject matter. Yes, the art of fellatio is back – relegated to the ranks of foreplay for so long, you can now enjoy the subtle art of oral pleasure in this new Twink title.

Hunter Hanley is the cum whore in question. He’s a twink with a serious protein deficiancy, looking to get his mouth loaded with as much juice from his willing throat fuckers as he possibly can over his seven scenes of oral seduction.

Factory Video Productions and Blue Alley Studios are the studios responsible for this little blow bang feature. Factory in particular is known for its more extreme on-screen adventures, but seems to be branching into these specific sexual areas recently with films like this and “Eat My Hole” – which, as you might imagine, follows a whole other area of fixation.

Cum facial fans are, of course going to have a field day with this film. There’s so much of the stuff flying around, you’d imagine Hanley was full for months. The blow bang in scene five is certain to get the most attention, but don’t miss more intimate encounters such as scenes three and seven, which have just as much merit.

Hunter Hanley proves himself star material – and one hell of a cocksucker. Blonde twink fans will take to him particularly well. No doubt many will want to see him in all sorts of other positions too. Rest assured there’s more material with him other than oral, like his role in Factory’s “Smack My Ass.”

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