Favela Fuckers

Life in the favelas (ghettos) of Rio de Janeiro is very hard and not usually in the good way, at least not until Dark Alley Media exclusive performers Matthias von Fistenberg and St. Davide took a trip down there for some raw fucking on video. The result is the non-stop action of “Favela Fuckers.” This new release is full of well-hung, muscular bad boys and hustlers you’ve probably never seen before and may never see again, but anybody who’s seen Brazilian men knows they are some of the hottest in the world so it’s best to enjoy them every chance you get!

The first scene takes place in a very plain bedroom, where St. Davide is first to plow the tight, smooth ass of a cute-faced bottom with scruffy facial hair. That would be plenty for most guys to handle, but this Brazilian spunk decides to sneak into Matthias’ bed and wake him up by teasing his cock with that freshly fucked ass. Never one to pass up such an invitation, Matthias takes his turn pounding him while St. Davide fills the bottom’s hungry mouth with his reinvigorated erection. Nothing like a 3-way to start the day, eh boys?

Next we have a pair of “Favela Fuckers” going at it on some kind of outdoor terrace. After an extended blowjob sequence, the receiver of the oral favor decides to rim the cocksucker’s little ass for quite a while, getting it nice and lubed up for his cock. Following that is another threesome scene of two guys from the favela getting it on with Matthias, one of them black, both of them bald. The heavy breathing and insertion shots ratchet up the temperature on this one! In the fourth and final scene, Matthias and the dark-skinned, heavily tattooed favela boy with bleached tips who’s on the box cover get frisky in a shower before moving to the steam room for a freaky, frenzied sucking and fisting session that sees the two of them spitting in each other’s mouths. It’s best for those with high blood pressure to avoid getting all exciting in a sauna – good thing these are strapping young men in their prime!

The bareback action in “Favela Fuckers” is filmed in a homemade fashion, giving you an intimate look at how life in a turbulent world can sometimes be hard in a very good way.

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