Featured Star: Brent Corrigan

Controversial gay porn star Brent Corrigan’s sordid past has not deterred him from becoming one of the most popular stars in the industry.


Born on Halloween 1986 in Lewiston, Idaho, Brent already possessed plenty of that seductive Scorpio energy even when he was just a cute little twink getting his start in the business. Brent lived in Seattle, Washington with his stepfather for much of his childhood and moved to San Diego, California to live with his mother in 2003. He was already interested in the movie industry, specifically in directing, which gave him all the reason he needed to move to Southern California in spite of difficulties with his mother.


Not long after Brent arrived in San Diego his mother basically left him to fend for himself, which led him to start seeking the attention of older men. Brent later admitted that he was involved in an unhealthy social scene, but at the time it’s what he thought gay men did.


With a thick 7 1/2 inch cock, a tight young body, and raw sexual energy, Brent had no problem attracting men of all ages right from the start of his career. He could maintain a rock-hard rod even when impaling his guts on a monster cock, and that cocky little smile was and is just too much to resist.

Following a highly dramatic first few years in the industry, including the 2007 murder of the owner of his first employer, Cobra Video, Brent amazingly managed to stick with his chosen career. (Rival porn producers were later found guilty of the murder.) Some of Brent’s most notable moments from the early Cobra Video years include flip-flop fucking with fellow young hottie Connor Ashton in Cream BBoys and bottoming for his “daddy” Carson Rhodes Take It Like a Bad Boy. These are still among his most popular movies.


After his time with Cobra Video was no more, Brent’s high profile allowed him to move on to bigger things. He appeared in two of the Porne movies from Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures: the original 2008 hit The Porne Ultimatum (costarring fellow twink superstar Kaden Saylor) and the 2009 sequel The Porne Identity. Brent also formed his own production company and has directed at least seven movies.


Recently, Cobra Video has issued a compilation of never-before-seen Brent Corrigan scenes that are sure to have any fan’s cock hardening at the mere thought of them. The Brent Corrigan Sex Tapes will show those who don’t already know (and remind those of you who have forgotten) what made Brent “the twink superidol coverboy.”

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