Featured Star: Sage Daniels

Sage DanielsWe have some sad news for fans of hot Latin stud Sage Daniels. Just recently, he announced that he’s retiring from porn!

If you’re like us, you’re going to take this news pretty hard. We were in denial at first, telling ourselves that we must have heard incorrectly, but we have it from a reliable source. Unless Sage himself comes forward to deny it, we’re going to believe the news of his retirement is true.

Sage was first known as a stripper in Salt Lake City, Utah until he made a highly noticeable porn debut in Raw JOXXX’s amateur bareback release Breed My Ass! in 2007, when he was about 27 years old. Studios and fans were soon clamoring for more and he filmed scenes in more than 60 titles during the four years he performed, including ones for Red Stag, Factory, Ransom, Spunk, and more.

If it turns out there are no more new Sage movies to follow the newly released Sage’s Raw World, then he will have gone out with a huge bang. You will love seeing this versatile stud topping and bottoming in the hot Dirty Dawg Productions release.

The tattoos tell you Sage is not your average clean-cut guy, but what really sets the Hispanic hottie apart is his great skill as both a top and a bottom.

Sage maintained his performances as a stripper on the west coast while building a library of film titles that any stud would envy. Here are some of our favorites.

Sage's Raw World Breeding Sage Daniels Sage's Bareback Weekend

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