Flood My Guts

 Flood My GutsPlenty of bareback fans really love to see a movie end with a creamy climax. Flood My Guts, in case the title doesn’t give it away, is just that kind of movie.

Two skinny young guys make out and suck cock on a bed. The skinnier, hairier of the two takes his sweet time savoring the taste of his hairier friend. Then the smoother one tops his hairy-legged friend for a while and gushes his seed up inside that furry hole.

You’ll get to see a skinny skater boy with an impressive eight inches turn your expectations on their heads by fucking his meatier friend instead of bottoming. Watching him cram that big dick into his buddy’s ass until he pulls out just as he’s shooting his load is a huge thrill. After mixing his seed with his friend’s, Skater Boy slides his cummy cock back in there.

A skinny, bearded young guy in dark jeans kisses the denim-clad crotch of his beefier friend before moving up to kiss his mouth instead. They suck face for a minute, and then Beard kisses his friend’s nipples while undoing the fly of his jeans. Beard enjoys sucking his friend’s cock for a while, but then it’s his friend’s turn to rim Beard’s asshole and get it ready for fucking. That skinny bearded boy sure can take a deep dicking! Watch him spread those spindly legs wide and moan in pleasure till his friend fills him up.

Two studs in black tank tops and blue jeans bring the movie to a close. The tattooed and crew-cutted one mouth-fucks his friend, who’s working kind of a James Dean thing – it’s that truly dreamy pair of blue eyes. As Crew-Cut blows Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes pulls down Crew-Cut’s jeans and jerks his cock, mixing in some ball-and-taint massage before he starts fingering. Crew-Cut takes Blue Eyes’ cock in his ass next, in several positions. Blue Eyes pulls out, jerks off onto Crew-Cut’s winking hole, and then pushes the cum inside him with his dick.

Director Leon Greco has created four scenes full of hot, young studs who love the ass-breeding action.

Flood My Guts
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Stars:   Troy Seagles   J.R.   Buck   Sean Dean   Mark Price   Drew Stiles   Tate Michaels   Andrew Orchard
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Big Dick   Bareback   Anal
Running Time:   113 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Factory Video Productions  Threshhold Media
Director:   Leo Greco

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