Gay Movie Review: Madison Cum

Sexy, twenty-something dark-haired cutie Bray Love travels to Madison, Wisconsin for the filming of Madison Cum because he heard it was a nice college town. Where better to find lots of amateur dick to suck than in a place with lots of college-aged guys?


In different secret rooms, with a series of attractive and anonymous college guys, Bray sets out on a mission to drain as much cum from as many sets of Madisonian balls as possible, using only his mouth and sometimes his hands. Bray is quite skilled at sucking and can also deep throat.


Some of the guys are as lean as Bray, while others are a little huskier and built like football players. Some of Bray’s sessions even involve sucking a pair or a trio of guys, though not at the same time. These nice Midwestern guys are willing to wait their turn while Bray trades off between them. Dark or blonde, white or black, these guys all enjoy Bray’s expert cock-sucking skills and when it comes to making their appreciation known they believe in “spray it, don’t say it.”


Factory Video Productions and Blue Alley Studios are great at this kind of flick, full of unknown talent doing the kinds of things that make you imagine a whole nation full of perverts living out their sex lives just behind every locked door, getting freaky with strangers.

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